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  1. Is there something in the mod that gives a caster level bonus? My Favored Soul has a +1 caster level (see the bonus using NI) so my 4th level FS has 3 magic missiles. I am in BGEE v2.5.17.0 with TnB v0.9.10. I do have the bonus spell slot option installed. I put what I could of the WeidU log attached. WeiDU.log.txt
  2. @subtledoctorI ran into an issue with the Arcanist with v0.9.6 in BGEE. No matter how many casts per day I have, once I cast one spell I have no more casts left. EX: My second level Arcanist with 18INT and the Evermemory ring on has 6 casts after resting. I then cast a spell and my cast icon goes dark. I wait a minute or so but the cast icon stays dark. I need to rest to get it back, but then after one cast it is dark again. So I only am getting one cast per rest. I attached my WeiDU log in case it helps. EDIT: It seems that it is Larloch Minor Drain that does this. Reflect attack did not black out the cast, but casting Larloch does. WeiDU.log
  3. Hi Subtledoctor, Thanks for your great work! I setup the latest version (0.9.6) on BGEE and started a new game as an Arcanist and here is what I see. 1) The change prepared spell special ability is a blank icon. It works fine. 2) I have the add bonus spell slots for high abilities installed (installed next to last with no spell table changes after it). At character creation (18 INT) I was able to select 4 spells, but after starting only 3 were available to cast. 3) I put on Evermemory and I got one additional spell cast (as was expected) as well as one extra prepared spell (not expected). I'm early in the game so I will post any other observations as I see them. Thanks again for this great mod!
  4. Is there a recommended place in the install order for this?
  5. Odd, the download link says the file was last modified on 14Dec2020, but you say you updated on 14Jan2021.
  6. I tried this in BGEE and when I use the Review Budget ability it causes the gold display to error. It works when you start a game, but once I use Review Budget it displays an Invalid code from that point on.
  7. Merry Christmas! Just wanted to check if there has been any progress on the new kits?
  8. Thanks for all the answers Subtledoctor! One more question. Is the Arcanist allowed to dual-class? If yes, what are his prime stats?
  9. Thanks for how to select the base Cleric! I notice I am allowed to select any weapon instead of just blunt weapons.
  10. I just noticed that the Mana Sorcerer is not showing as an option in the Sorcerers list of specialists. Unfortunately, since I installed the Ability bonus to castings last, it overwrote the log on the install with the Mana Sorcerer. I see the Mana Sorcerer in my Weidu log though as installed.
  11. Raduziel, Is it possible to add the vanilla cleric (non-specialist) and give him a few extra spheres so that I could do a Specialist of some class that duals to the Cleric? At the moment, if I use this mod I can only do vanilla to specialist cleric (using dual to kit mod).
  12. @subtledoctor, is there anything that can be done to address the above two posts on the Arcanist?
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