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  1. Is there a recommended place in the install order for this?
  2. Odd, the download link says the file was last modified on 14Dec2020, but you say you updated on 14Jan2021.
  3. I tried this in BGEE and when I use the Review Budget ability it causes the gold display to error. It works when you start a game, but once I use Review Budget it displays an Invalid code from that point on.
  4. Merry Christmas! Just wanted to check if there has been any progress on the new kits?
  5. Thanks for all the answers Subtledoctor! One more question. Is the Arcanist allowed to dual-class? If yes, what are his prime stats?
  6. Thanks for how to select the base Cleric! I notice I am allowed to select any weapon instead of just blunt weapons.
  7. I just noticed that the Mana Sorcerer is not showing as an option in the Sorcerers list of specialists. Unfortunately, since I installed the Ability bonus to castings last, it overwrote the log on the install with the Mana Sorcerer. I see the Mana Sorcerer in my Weidu log though as installed.
  8. Raduziel, Is it possible to add the vanilla cleric (non-specialist) and give him a few extra spheres so that I could do a Specialist of some class that duals to the Cleric? At the moment, if I use this mod I can only do vanilla to specialist cleric (using dual to kit mod).
  9. @subtledoctor, is there anything that can be done to address the above two posts on the Arcanist?
  10. @Raduziel, I can no longer select the Elf FMC for Feywarden of Corellon. I used to prior to the latest fix. Sorry, I needed to pick a half-elf.
  11. Hi @Raduziel, I see you created as the fix. The prior build I was using was Want to make sure the fix was done on the latest work you had?
  12. Thanks! I'll give it a try and let you know. EDIT: It works! Can use and equip spears now. Thank you very much!
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