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  1. I've managed to solve the issue with lynx's gracious help. I needed to install Python 2.7 (not 3.x), and set the system variables PYTHONHOME to C:\Python27 and PYTHONPATH to C:\Python27\Lib (you may need to change the paths based on where your Python folder is located). System variables are accessible by right-clicking My Computer and going to Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced tab -> Environment Variables.
  2. Update: I've since tried to run the minimal test game instead of BG1, and it produces the same error. I've also tried installing Python 3.8 on my computer, thinking that might solve the problem, but it didn't. I'm still getting the same error.
  3. Hello, I'm trying to run GemRB with the GOG version of BG1 for the first time. I'm on Windows 7, and so far I've installed Visual Studio and GemRB, and I tried to make sure all the paths in the config file are correct. I get this log when I run GemRB, after which it terminates itself: [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Initializing Video Driver... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating display [SDL 1.2 Driver]: SDL_SetVideoMode... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Checking for HardWare Acceleration... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Main Surface... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Back Buffer... [SDL 1.2 Driver]:
  4. I too am interested in the prospect of AI-upscaling all of the in-game graphics in both Baldur's Gate games, though lately I'm considering the appropriate engine to start out from to be GemRB instead of the IE:EE—if for no other reason then at least because of its open-source codebase, which at this point I consider to be an essential feature to the long-term health of these games. Do note that the above opinion is largely unresearched, as I barely know anything about the general state of GemRB.
  5. That's pretty much what I said: Beamdog leadership doesn't keep an eye on community management, even though they should. I know if I had invested a lot of my time, energy and money into a company, I'd certainly try to make sure that its public relations aren't going down a path that is ultimately going to damage my business. But then again, Beamdog's poor public relations are only a drop in the bucket next to all the other poor business decisions that haven't panned out favorably for them.
  6. What I'm saying is, if the leaders of Beamdog were more competent and kept a closer eye on the activities and output of their company, none of this would happen. Not the botched products, nor the botched community management. When they ignore one area of focus, it isn't very surprising that they also ignore the other—it's a pattern that suggests apathy on the highest levels of management. The leadership are the ones who are ultimately responsible, since all of the lower level employees are replaceable, and employees can't do a good job without oversight, as they need work to do and work doesn'
  7. I guess I'm a bit late to this party, but I'll throw in my two cents regardless. I do think the quality of the community management over there has declined rapidly as of late (and it wasn't in a stellar place to begin with), and as a result some of us who are critical of Beamdog's actions have been feeling the general atmosphere towards us—and not just us, all criticism of Beamdog—growing hostile and oppressive. In my eyes, the declining moderation is symptomatic of the general lack of leadership and oversight at Beamdog, which are also responsible for the company's poor content quality c
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