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  1. This sounds amazing! Do you think it would work with EET? Should, right?
  2. Thank you, @Grammarsalad! This is perfect!
  3. Never mind. Once again I post the problem after hours of futile hair-pulling only to then find my solution about 30 seconds later. Seems to be an annoying habit... I realized the REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER line had to be inside a .d file, not a .tpa file.
  4. There's a dialogue file that has state 0 trigger of "True()" so it runs every time. I want this NPC to talk to the PC after Sarevok is dead (this is for a mod that let's you stay in BG1 after he's killed). So I need to change the original dialogue trigger so only the 2nd set of dialogues start. I put this in my .tpa file REPLACE_STATE_TRIGGER DENKOD 0 ~!Dead("Sarevok")~ But I get the following error: Help? I just don't see what's wrong...
  5. No, I'm sorry - it's late and I just spent the better part of the day tracking down an impossible bug so was short when I shouldn't have been. My apologies.
  6. Not understand (or caring) what your point is. If you want to start a topic on differences in play style, I'd be happy to chime in.
  7. Oh right! I can work with that. I can research each quest that I have open and if other's identify them as the mod gets used, I'll research and add them one at a time. This works! Thank you!
  8. As part of my mod that will offer choices when transitioning from BG1 in EET, there is a period of time where you're 'between chapters'. Actually, it's a new chapter but I can't officially add a another chapter. It's the clean-up limbo time between killing Sarevok and moving on with the rest of the game. Because it's actually a new unofficial chapter, I'd like to close out quests that can no longer be completed, like 'Investigating the Iron Throne'. If that's still open when Sarevok is killed, well - they've been as investigated as they're going to get. Is there any way I can determine if it's open? I don't want to just go indiscriminately deleting journal entries. If I can't find and close them, I'd rather leave them open in a non-closable state than have them disappear.
  9. When? Ahhh, I so wish I could say 'It was done yesterday', but ... it's in the works. I'm peddling as fast as I can.
  10. It was as simple as reinstalling EET-end. ::groan:: This is going to be tedious, isn't it. LOL Well, at least it works as expected. Even Tazok's 'Noooo' was plainly heard so I'm a happy modder.
  11. There is a mod in the make to enable this. (tagging @Lauriel ) Yes indeed there is!
  12. One of the options in my mod will be to have the surviving cronies in the final battle with Sarevok (BGI portion of EET) flee when Sarevok falls. I want them to say something and teleport out. I'll be changing Tazok to run away in a panic, but for now, he teleports with the others. Tazok works fine. Angelo works fine. However, Semaj totally loses his marbles when I attempt it. He just stands there and casts the wizard teleport spell (from his class (or was it race?) script file) over and over and over and over and over. EDIT: No, he just acted like there was no dialogue file attached. He only lost his mind when I started pulling parts of his brains out. Why would he ignore the attached dialogue file? It's attached when I look at it in NI. Here's what I have: survivors_flee.tpa relevant portion of dialogues.tra: tazok1.d angelo1.d semaj1.d What New0125d.baf should look like (I think): I even tried the following for New0125d.baf Hopefully I've done a simple newb mistake, but for the life of me, I can't get Semaj to work. Side request - How do I get them to NOT say their normal introduction spiels It drowns out the hobgoblin "noooo" and also sort of is inconsistent with them running away like base cowards.
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