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  1. At the beginning of the EET install, when asked for the BG1 folder, did you give it the BG1 folder where you have DS installed?
  2. Yeah, in a custom area...but I don't think I'll be doing it that way in the future. So it's probably ok, and if it's not I'll just add the bd_plot check myself if it's required. S'ok.
  3. Current bug - from Github: Because there's no upper limit on bd_plot when Imoen begins a dialogue when not in the group, she will muck up the ending of SoD ... when the PC meets her after leaving the sewer
  4. I like your idea of upping the cost of the ship to Spellhold. What I've done for mods that add a lot of expensive loot in BG1 is to just not sell it even if I'll not use it or not even pick it up in that case. I'd not have thought of upping prices, but that's a really good idea.
  5. I just found this. Sounds great! I'll definitely check it out after I'm finished with this modding/testing run.
  6. Only an old version again. I've been working with this install for quire a while it seems
  7. That would definitely be the safer route.
  8. Ooops! My bad. I'm using v5 pre. Well darn it anyway!
  9. Yes. And I imagine it would affect all PIDs.
  10. No, they don't. This is the SoD campaign in EET.
  11. While browsing BD1000.BCS in NI, I discovered an invalid dialogue file name. Code Block:
  12. I did install it after EET core this time instead of in with BG1. But it said it was EET compatible now. Its trigger includes a check to make sure EndOfBG1 < 2, so it appears to purposely also work in SoD. That would probably be the only fix needed.
  13. The same thing happens to Edwin. After looking at their dialogue files, pretty much no dialogue other than their PID will fire except for those with weights.
  14. Dynaheir gets stuck in a dialogue loop in SoD if Edwin joins the group. She wants to get to the state which says "Thou invite this snake to join us, <CHARNAME>? Hast thou taken leave of thy senses?" but is sidetracked by the state which says "*You find Dynaheir on her own and in a quiet mood; for once, she is not sorting her scrolls or discussing things in a low voice with one of your companions. Perhaps it would be wise to take advantage of the situation and chat with the mysterious Wychlaran.*" I think a weight on the former's trigger is in order.
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