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  1. LOL - no, I used TriggerOverride even though I didn't specify that in the post. I can be dense sometimes, but not that dense in this case. I seriously think I forgot to compile it...which is dense enough. LOL
  2. Actually, yeah. I moved the script (modified of course), to another NPC and it worked. I have no idea why it didn't work in the area script. I probably did something stupid like forgetting to actually compile the thing. Thank you for prompting me to try the script elsewhere. It turns out I even like it much better where it is now than my previous solution.
  3. What's a universal crossbow? A crossbow that can be used by everyone?
  4. MoveToObjectFollow works great for what I need, but once my NPC starts following the other, I can't get it to stop. Neither NPC is in the PC's party. I put the following into the override script but it didn't fire. I put it in the area script, it wouldn't fire. The override script will fire if I leave the area and come back, so I know it works...except it doesn't when I need it to. How do I get him to stop following? Here's my override script block:
  5. I don't know if this has been caught, but in bd1000.bcs the following block references the non-existent dialogue file "BDIMOENP". You probably fixed it already and I'm using an old version (v5 pre) but thought I should mention it anyway just in case.
  6. Is there a list of oddities like these somewhere, for future reference?
  7. That's what I did, and that's what failed and started this discussion. But as you said, that was because it was a script, not a dialogue. I would be easier for me to use a single method for both, though. So I think I'll stick with Mike and jastey's syntax since it seems to be global. Unless I'm missing something.
  8. That's extremely interesting. And thank you for the regex equivalent, too. For beginners, the syntax for that is: weidu <filename>.BCS but I think the syntax suggested by jastey and Mike is the better way to go. Thanks all!
  9. Nevermind - had to use DialogueInterrupt instead of what is shown when you export the BAF from NI. Problem solved.
  10. I have a line of code to replace and, for the life of me, I can't get WeiDU to do it. Here's the original code block: Here's my tiny bit of code to do the replacement: REPLACE_TEXTUALLY CASE_INSENSITIVE EXACT_MATCH ~ActionOverride("BDGARRIC",DialogInterrupt(FALSE))~ ~ActionOverride("BDGARRIC",DestroySelf()) RemoveMapNote([806.325],%STRREF_GARRICK%)~ Running that produces no changes. But if I use: REPLACE_TEXTUALLY CASE_INSENSITIVE EXACT_MATCH ~SetGlobal("BD_VISITED_BD0109","GLOBAL",1)~ ~ActionOverride("BDGARRIC",DestroySelf()) RemoveMapNote([806.325],%STRREF_GARRICK%)~ I
  11. I don't think I've heard of anything so awful in my life LOL Um...uh...no? Not in my game. Please don't take offense. I will politely now say, gee, what a novel idea. I think I'll try to forget I heard that.
  12. Cool! I'm up for collaborating, if you are. I'd be happy to snag it for my mod that brings in another motivation to go to Spellhold.
  13. You know, for certain, anything I do will be compatible with it since it's on my permanent install list. I only ever came up with the other reason to go to Spellhold BECAUSE of I4E. LOL
  14. I was actually going to do something like this, but not have it really tied to I4E, though it fits there perfectly. It just makes sense that he's done 'bad things' and symptoms of that should surface. I was just going to have it be an "icing on the cake" motivation to go and the real motivation be a completely different mod - one where you don't have to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. Anyway, so yeah, since I had the same idea, of course I think this idea is awesome. LOL
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