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  1. Well, then try the delete and insert macros. Those macros of his will accomplish what you need.
  2. Look at @DavidW's alter_script.tpa library. It has a lot of wonderful macros for altering scripts. I think REPLACE_SCRIPT_BLOCK would do exactly what you need to do.
  3. Sorry, didn't see the multiple lines. I'd not put in the IF for certain. Replace textually doesn't work well with that sort of thing, I've noticed. Make it as small as possible. Like REPLACE_TEXTUALLY ~Allegiance(Myself,NEUTRAL)~ ~!Allegiance(Myself,ENEMY)~
  4. It's the brackets. Use REPLACE_TEXTUALLY EXACT_MATCH edit: add CASE_INSENSITIVE just to be on the safe side.
  5. Version 3 bug...I know - old version but I don't want to forget to let you know about this in case it wasn't caught before... Last code block in BG0120.bcs has a bad dlg file name IF Global("C#Grey_Exists","GLOBAL",0) NumInParty(6) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetGlobal("C#Grey_Exists","GLOBAL",6) CreateCreatureEffect("C#Grey03","",[780.1578],S) // Grey ActionOverride("C#Grey",MakeGlobalOverride()) SetGlobal("C#GreyJoined","GLOBAL",2) ActionOverride("C#Grey",MakeGlobal()) ActionOverride("C#Grey",ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,FAMILIAR)) ActionOverride("C#Grey",SetDialogue("c#greyj")) <=== DOESN'T EXIST ActionOverride("C#Grey",AddFamiliar()) ActionOverride("C#Grey",ChangeAIScript("DEFAULT",CLASS)) ActionOverride("C#Grey",ChangeAIScript("",RACE)) ActionOverride("C#Grey",ChangeAIScript("",GENERAL)) ActionOverride("C#Grey",ChangeAIScript("",DEFAULT)) END EDIT: I think this is my error since I unloaded EET_End to speed up development. I noticed all the join dlg files are missing. So MY bad on this one.
  6. LOL OMG - that's hilarious! Love it! EDIT: Sorry if I'm late to the party...was going to ask for a change then figured out I didn't need it. Nothing to see here...move along!
  7. Absolutely! LOL It's a good hobby though. All consuming, frustrating, but feels nice when you finally solve something, like the relief you feel when you stop hitting your head against a wall. Actually, I love it. I think I have issues. It makes me feel stoooopid and I think it's funny. I...definitely have issues. LOL
  8. OMG! My daughter's husband's company does that for companies. He came up with the concept the day lock-downs started. Bet it's his. Too funny! Small world.
  9. I have a dialogue between the PC and a 'bounty' NPC. There are three things the PC can say to the NPC: like the following: IF ~whatever~ THEN BEGIN Quest1 SAY @2220 /* ~You? What do you want?!~ */ ++ @2191 /* ~(in my best Schwarzenegger voice) Come with me if you want to live.~ */ + Quest2 END IF ~~ THEN BEGIN Quest2 @2210 /* ~So my choice is the noose or death by a terminator?~ */ ++ @2211 /* ~If I choose to reply with this option, I want the NPC to have a 50/50 chance of saying 'Die Sucka!' or 'Ok Fine. I quit!' ... or something to that affect.~ */ + Quest3a ++ @2212 /* ~If I choose to reply with this one, they will surrender.~ */ + Quest3b ++ @2213 /* ~If I choose this one, they will attack~ */ + Quest3c END So, how do I do the 50/50 thingie? Do I have to do a cut scene with the a RESPONSE #50 ... #50 and have it go back to the dialogue or can I somehow do this within a dialogue?
  10. I'm rather pedantic, and really hate marker files. I understand they're easy to use. They're messy. I will do my best to avoid them. But again, my issue, I realize that.
  11. I can see that. Thank you.
  12. Well, can always request a feature, no? The answer might be 'no can do - sorry', but would be worth an ask.
  13. Ok, I tested this. Labeling multiple options of the same subcomponent with the same label will make it so that any checks using that label will return false, unfortunately. That would have been handy in case of subcomponents. Oh well.
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