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    Completed: cases library and Transitions v1, Framed v1 and Multiplayer Tweaks v1
    In Beta: Themed Tweaks mod v1
    In Progress: Garroen, Framed Again, Multiplayer Tweaks, A Father's Love, Follow the Gold, Fair Play

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  1. Dude! Glad to see you here. I watch your stuff up on YouTube. You have me hooked.
  2. Multiplayer Tweaks by Lauriel This mod is to put forth fixes for multiplayer sessions. Components: Take it outside (not for IWD2) - mobs may follow the party through doors NEW pause game when NPCs turn hostile during dialogues The mod has been tested in EET, but should be compatible with all IE games v2 added Designated statements to the TP2 file and the new Pause Game component Download: mptweaks latest version Forum: G3 Forum Thread Readme
  3. That gives an easy in-game way for the player to turn off the functionality if they desire. I'm ok with that. Thank you!
  4. I'm adding a script block and would like it to be universal to as many games as possible. I've put the block in DPlayer3 but thought maybe Baldur.bcs would be better. I don't own original Baldur's Gate so I can't check.
  5. He always shows up at the Promenade for me
  6. Correction: Sort of works - I mean the dialogue files are all updated correctly, however the pause doesn't happen. The PauseGame() action might not work in dialogues. I've only used it in scripts before. So I'll change my code to call a cut scene script that pauses the game instead. That would work better anyway. I can test for multiplayer that way.
  7. I guess I can go through all the actions in each file directly without using a normal .d file to update, do some sort of string comparison on each action, then if found, append 'PauseGame()' to the end. I'll try this.
  8. In a normal game, if you have the game set up to pause when you see an enemy, the pause works fine when an NPC turns hostile during a dialogue. However, it doesn't pause in multiplayer games. I'd like to add a PauseGame() to the end of the action list in these cases. I can't use a simple search and replace for ~Enemy()~ ~Enemy() PauseGame()~ because it could be inside an ActionOverride. I'm at a loss on how to accomplish this. Any ideas?
  9. So...if for example, I want to see if SixofSpades Extended Sarevok's Diary is installed, I'm sort of reliant upon the players using the newest version of BG1NPC. I can't check for both component 31 (old number) and 130 (new number) because 31 in the new version is something entirely different. You guys hate me, right? LOL
  10. Thank you for the log. I'll investigate. My initial stab in the dark would be ARESTORATIONP. I guess it doesn't matter, though. The fix that I put in place doesn't care if he's there or not.
  11. A new version of Framed has been released fixing this issue.
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