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  1. That did the trick. Thank you so much, @argent77! Lifesaver!! Is there a list of these identifiers somewhere. I couldn't find one in the IESDP docs, not saying they're not there, just that I haven't found them.
  2. And to be more precise, this is how I'm using it: ActionOverride(Nearest([PC.HUMANOID]),MoveToPoint([533.402])) => hangs the script but ActionOverride(SecondNearest([PC.HUMANOID]),MoveToPoint([533.402])) works as expected
  3. There doesn't seem to be a GENERAL or TEAM IDS TABLE in EET so back to my Nearest([PC.HUMANOID])...that should have worked? HUMANOID is in GENERAL.IDS, in case there's confusion.
  4. Right - I was on my way back to fix the brackets. But SecondNearest([PC.HUMANOID]) does work...well seems to. I never could find any documentation on the usage, just looked at how it was used in the game files. I'll take what you've given me and see if I can get it to work. Thank you!
  5. I'm trying to get a script to move the group member that is nearest to an NPC. I can get 2nd nearest, but not nearest, and I can't figure out why. I'm specifying 'HUMANOID' because I want to bypass party members like Grey who are animals. What is the difference in usage between Nearest([PC.HUMANOID]) and SecondNearest([PC.HUMANOID])
  6. I'm looking for a mod that 'fixes' free action, and, being the relative newb I am to mods in general, sure would appreciate links to the Klatu and Miloch mods. And thank you, @Raduziel, for including links to yours in your signature.
  7. I didn't even realize I needed this until just now. Brilliant! Kudos and thank you!
  8. No I did...where along the process I can't say, but I was there. I didn't visit him after dopplegangers were discovered, pretty sure.. Entirely possible.
  9. <CHARNAME> - why are you in my office? Make it quick. My adjutant just informed me that you're threatening the tower's safety. Are you here to threaten my life? This is the line I got from the commander. I didn't get a chance to respond, but I remember using that line 'The hole leads to a seacave', but it might have been after the fight was over in an attempt to clear out open quests. And who knows if I had done a restart after that or not. Gets pretty muddled after awhile. All I know is, I cannot get rid of that open quest and there are no more dialogue lines with which to talk
  10. I figured there was, but I never discovered it. I just walked around and killed them all. They popped up right away. The line I said was there, but the doppleganger adjutant was already in the room and so we went into combat. So that 'my poor adjutant' line was never spoken.
  11. it didn't My bad. I must have reloaded after telling him the first time so didn't try again. It does indeed go away when you talk to him. EDIT: However, the adjutant quest is still open and I have no more dialogue options with the commander
  12. It didn't it didn't It doesn't fit in the bottle case. Tried everything but a key chain because I don't have one. I killed all the dopplegangers, but the powder was timer based...turned into the used up stuff based on time. Couldn't stash either of the in any container, wouldn't have wanted to sell the good stuff, but the unused stuff would have been nice to have it either disappear or allow me to sell it. At the very least let me stash it in one of my containers
  13. At least, yes. But even if the commander has heard my character's name doesn't mean he knows her face belongs to it. A 'are you the ones working with Scar?' or like Scar did 'are you the ones that did such and such?' seems in order. You seem well equipped...are you able to handle such and such a responsibility? I'd check rep and alignment, as well. If they're a bunch of evil schmucks with a rep in the negative numbers, he might not be so ready to work with them? Well, unless that is accompanied by high charisma. Yeah, I like getting picky.
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