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  1. That would be easy enough to do. Not the early access to BG, per se, but allow Rasaad's quest to be done early. You just need to move the events in BG to Nashkel and perhaps, Beregost. Not very complicated, and maybe a nice little mod to get your feet wet. We need more story modders. Come! Join us on the dark side! Since you show no signs of doing this, I'll add this to my Themed Tweaks mod. It wouldn't leave my brain. IT. MUST. BE. DONE. But if you are at all interested in writing it, I'll leave it be.
  2. This might be the same issue with globals not updating inside dialogues ... when dialogues pause the game. Nothing happens to globals until after the dialogue is finished. That may be the same with spells.
  3. Well, I am working v2 of Transitions. Let me ponder this.
  4. bd_player_exiled is 0 when the PC fought their way out of prison, = 1 when the dukes let them go (exiled). Transitions sets it to 2 when the ending is skipped to indicate they have no clue that Skie is even dead. Transitions uses that value to determine the dialogue with the Genie in the Air Plane. Framed Again uses it to determine which wanted posters to put into play.
  5. To be honest, my eyes start to glaze over with too much text and detail. Short distinct questions get answered very quickly, I've found. And I've had a ton of them.
  6. These happen their own anyway. Unless you're changing which dream they at each chapter. Not sure where that would be.
  7. I've never used the PartyRested() trigger, but I've put in a ton of scenes (and dreams) that happen during rest. You just put it into player1d which runs every time the party rests.
  8. Writing the dialogue is what I enjoy most when it comes to modding. I really think you'd enjoy it. It's a fun hobby.
  9. You're so awesome! Last time I talked to you it was SCS only. Bravo!
  10. Sorry for being so late to the party. Congratulations @morpheus562 Wish you made a non-SCS version!
  11. Will do. Here ya go! Let me know if this isn't clear
  12. @MorgothHuh, I don't know what I was thinking. They're available now though I will be revisiting them in V2. You can find them here. I still have them in beta but I've fully tested them. Unless you're talking about Garroen (the relationship between Garrick and Imoen). It's going to take a bit for the full release since it'll go all the way through ToB. I'll be working on SoD shortly and will put up a beta version of Garroen when that content is finished.
  13. Yes, I am. I'm working on Transitions v2 right now and finishing the BG1 changes I have planned for Themed_Tweaks (almost there). Then I'll work on SoD stuff, then BG2, so it will be a while before A Father's Love is available, but unless something unforeseen and awful happens, I'll absolutely get to it. The Imoen tweaks will be in shortly. I'd say no more than a month.
  14. Changes made for version 1.1. Please let me know if I missed one.
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