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  1. Basically, this mod would not exist if it weren't for @jastey. It isn't possible for me to thank her enough.
  2. Thank you! If you have Sarevok equip his new armor and helm, they will make him a more magic resistant in the fight at the Undercity Temple. They will drop as normal loot and can be worn afterwards, though the armor is very heavy. But because he'll be more magic resistant, the final fight with him in the Undercity Temple will be slightly more difficult. The sword is not equipped since it's not as good as the one he already uses in the fight but doesn't drop. The sword that is given to him is the one you see in BG2, but it is confiscated right away by the Flaming Fist so you won't be able to use it until BG2.
  3. @jastey has one for SoA already called Endless BG1 and she's planning on one for ToB as well (see I'm adaptable! LOL) Mine requires EET for now. It's my first mod and I had no clue how to set it up for other games.
  4. I'm looking for beta testers for my new Transitions mod. The current (beta) release can be found here: https://github.com/lzenner/transitions/releases/tag/v0.2.02 General Description of the mod: The Transitions mod's main purpose is to provide seemless transitions between campaigns. It will provide a mechanism to remain in the BGI "world" after Sarevok is defeated and BG2 "world" after Irenicus is defeated. It also allows for skipping ahead to BG2, skipping all or the remainder of SoD, as suits the player. Progressing through to SoD or BGII areas of the game is accomplished by talking to Duke Belt inside the Palace and/or by using a custom item he provides after the clean-up quests are finished. Progressing through to ToB is accomplished by using the Amulet of Selderine provided by Queen Ellesmine. After Sarevok has been defeated, the protagonist can take up residence at the Ducal Palace, thanks to Duke Belt. If the protagonist rescued Duke Eltan, he will show his appreciation by awarding the keys to a home. There is also the possibility for a number of new clean-up quests, depending upon which of Sarevok's followers have been previously eliminated. BGI and TotSC quests can be finished after Sarevok's death, giving the player control over the order of events. In order to plug the plot hole dealing with Sarevok's sword, he can be given his equipment, either equipped or just in his inventory, so that it can be looted and confiscated after his death. If you choose to equip his items, the final fight with him might be slightly more difficult. The possible plot hole dealing with Imoen's ability to cast magic missile can also be dealt with. There is an option for a new bhaal-spawn ability that will be added during the first rest period after defeating Sarevok. Good and neutral aligned protagonists will receive Cure Serious Wounds and evil aligned protagonists will receive Cause Serious Wounds. They weren't my first choice. I wanted Greenstone Amulet's Mind Shield and Algernon's Cloak Charm Creature, but that's a bit more complicated than I can take on at the moment. It is my desire to put those in at a future time. Changes:
  5. I had to use: REQUIRE_PREDICATE !(MOD_IS_INSTALLED ~c#endlessbg1/c#endlessbg1.tp2~ (ID_OF_LABEL "c#endlessbg1/c#endlessbg1.tp2" "EBG1_ElminsterAppearance_jastey")) But at least I got it to work...
  6. Trying to use a label in my tp2 file like: FORBID_COMPONENT ~c#endlessbg1/c#endlessbg1.tp2~ (ID_OF_LABEL "c#endlessbg1/c#endlessbg1.tp2" "EBG1_ElminsterAppearance_jastey") @19 WeiDU doesn't like me using the parenthesis. It doesn't like me not using the parenthesis. It doesn't like me using quotes. It just doesn't like me at all it seems. How do I do this? The docs are sparse at best on this subject.
  7. That's what it does - one for each OS My bad. I'm wrong. It puts all the different versions into one zip file. The other file is for something else.
  8. I'm the only one (apparently) that is having problems with this. So, what am I doing wrong? Run failed for v0.1 (585e28e) Repository: lzenner/transitions Workflow: .github/workflows/InfinityAutoPackager.yaml Duration: 24.0 seconds Finished: 2020-08-13 02:53:14 UTC View results Jobs: InfinityAutoPackager failed (1 annotation) — You are receiving this because this workflow ran on your branch. Manage your GitHub Actions notifications here. Annotations Check failure on line 1 in .github github-actions / InfinityAutoPackager .github#L1 ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat 'transitions-v0.1.iemod'
  9. Ah, good. Irenicus is still a dead man, though.
  10. What? oh no! Irenicus kills my dog?! I swear, this is war! If it's good enough for John Wick, it's good enough for me.
  11. I understand that, I'm just asking for it to be included for completeness sake. I just added my own definitions so I could use in my function.
  12. Nothing, just means a little more work for me as a modder.
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