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  1. Not all of them are sold by vendors it seems, so do they have fixed locations or just random drops?
  2. Well guess what, turns out you can use NearInfinity to edit your save file, and GAM is saved in save file! I found Tiax(showing as *iax), changed his location, and there he is in the zombie village!
  3. SCS doesn't offer this tweak anymore, and Anthology also requires a new game. I think I could write a simple script to spawn Tiax next to my character, but the original Tiax would still be inside Baldur's Gate. I guess it is a dead end. Thanks for your patient helps
  4. I set him at the entrance of zombie village, but failed to make him appear, should I also directly place him on that map? Edit: Tiax appeared in his new location in a new game, I guess you just have to do that to make things work
  5. I'll take the risk, I'm still in chapter 1, so it wouldn't be that funky. I want to move him to the zombie village, thing is, I can't find his reference in his original area(AR1100), now I'm stuck.
  6. I want to move Tiax out of Baldur's Gate, but I don't want to start a new game, is there anyway to make it happen?
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