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  1. Subtledoctor, Not to hijack the thread, but since we're on the topic of 3E stats - Just curious how you came up with your version of 3E Constitution? "Everyone gets an extra hit point at 15 CON and 16 CON (like vanilla), and warriors get an extra hit point at 18 CON. Everyone also gets an extra hit point at 20, 22, and 24 CON (so stat-boosting spells and effects can actually increase non-warriors' hit points)." 15 : +1 16 : +1 18 : +1 (warriors) 20 : +1 22 : +1 24 : +1
  2. From subtledoctor's Scales of Balance (which I personally use):
  3. Bartimaeus, When you play with 3E-style stats, do you adjust NPC scores to keep consistent? For example, Safana with a 13 Strength would receive 0 THAC0/0 Damage in 2E - but +1/+2 in 3E. Do you reduce her Strength to 10 or 11 so she continues to receive 0/0?
  4. My bad - should have read better: "Her helmet, which she refuses to remove even when ordered" How about the poison resistance?
  5. Looks like the "droppable" flag is unset: Also, the description doesn't say anything about poison resistance - is that a hidden feature?
  6. Subtledoctor, Just want to clarify additional weapon proficiencies. Component 122 states: "Warriors receive up the 3 more proficiencies, chosen by dialogue, if their INT score is 11 (+1), 12 (+2), or 13 (+3)." So a Fighter with INT 11 would receive 5 proficiencies, in total. But in Component 200, the Intelligence table states: In other words, a Fighter with INT 11 gets no extras (and thus 4 total). Additionally, where do Bards fit in? 4 to start? "Warriors, rogues, and priests start with 4 proficiency points; wizards, sorcerers, and shamans start with 3."
  7. Attempting to install "Revised V1.3.478" errors out: ERROR: error loading [item_rev/itm/dvdharm.spl] Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Item Revisions by Demivrgvs], rolling back to previous state Unable to Unlink [item_rev/backup/0/OTHER.0]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "item_rev/backup/0/OTHER.0") Full debug:
  8. Actually, that works out great - Now Minsc (with his 8 Int) can use Protection scrolls. I like it!
  9. Gotcha - Thanks. A small request - Any chance you can add a toggle in "settings.ini" to swap Potion of Restorations for Genius/Mind Focusing? Kind of like Spell Revisions' Blindness/Obscuring Mist setting?
  10. Unable to install latest (Revised V1.3.430):
  11. Looks like Minsc/Dynaheir is broken. Dyna offers option to join w/o Minsc - but Minsc does not.
  12. Both Kobold Guards & Commandos have "Class = Kobold 122".
  13. Ah, ok - I see it: But then why were Kobold Commandos coded with them?
  14. Noticed a few things about Kobolds with 33.4: Kobold Shamans will only cast Mirror Image - and then engage in melee. Kobold Guards and Kobold Shamans have no Weapon Proficiencies (Effects in NI)
  15. Yeah - I think you're onto something. Only 2 bats averaging +4 to-hit: And then there's the generic freak bat doing +127?
  16. Not to change the subject, but any ideas on bats from "Animal Summoning" and their outrageous hit bonuses?
  17. Hi marcnivar, Some random thoughts: I would recommend "Rogue Rebalancing" and "Song & Silence" for thief/bard refinements; it's always included in all my builds. I really like the Amazon kit for Sharteel (part of Turambar Mod); adds a lot of flavor and seems to fit her perfectly. Similarly, I like the Priest of Tempus kit for Branwen (again, part of Turambar); adds ability-based progression (i.e., new abilities at 3rd/4th/10th levels). You may want to revisit "Dark Side of Sword Coast" & "Northern Tales"; latest versions (4.1 & 4.2, respectively) were released on 12/13/20. "Ascalon's Questpack" is now at v3.0. If you're going to play an evil Fighter/Thief, why not simply recruit Montaron? That frees you up to choose something different. If you want to backstab mages, simply tone down the SCS difficulty; in other words, "Mages (advance casting of spells before battle) > TACTICAL". Then enemy mages will not automatically come buffed with Mirror Image. IMHO, beserkers & barbarians are slightly overpowered in BG1. Many of the typical challenges (e.g., sirines, shamans w/ Rigid Thinking) are cakewalks with Enrage; just some food for thought with White. You don't have a dedicated utility thief (i.e., thief focused on Find Traps/Open Locks), and as a multiclass, you will progress more slowly - Again food for thought.
  18. Yep - and discussion starts at the bottom:
  19. Hi Ser Thomas, Below is my list: Notes I used the following as the foundation for sequence https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/28894-ir-revised-v13300-2021-january-5th/?tab=comments#comment-254949 Only focused on BG1 - no BG2-specific mods SCS v33.4, as opposed to latest (33.7) due to "mages standing around" bug Stable for the most part; random crash-to-desktop once a blue moon
  20. For example, you install the following component: ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1252 // Move NPCs to Convenient Locations: Move Eldoth to the Coast Way: v9 Eldoth becomes available right from the start; do you keep his 2526 xp? Or scale back to something more in line with Montaron/Xzar (approx 50xp)?
  21. I don't think Item Revisions' "Sensible Lore System" is working with Song & Silence's additional bard kits. Sensible Lore System states: Lore Table: Fighters/Paladins/Rangers (+1 lore/level), Clerics/Druids (+2 lore/level), Thieves/Blades (+3 lore/level), Mages (+4 lore/level), Bards (+6 lore/level). But my Acrobat is using the standard bard lore (10/level) to calculate the penalty to lore (Acrobat Disadvantage : Only has one-half normal lore value):
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