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  1. Thanks, subtledoctor, that indeed was the case - all fixed! Just a heads up though, the effect seems to have multiplied itself; this is how many times it has been applied in my much later save:
  2. Sent the saves via a private message. One's directly before Planar Prison, the other right after.
  3. Sorry, I wasn't clear - Haer'dalis leaving the party due to the game mechanics (Planar Prison) affected his memorization slots. Spontaneous casting still works. Here are screenshots: 1. Before Planar Prison (him leaving the party due to the story reasons): Mage 9/Rogue 10 Screens 2. After returning for the Planar Prison: Screenshots taken from my recent saves, when he's Mage 11/Rogue 12 Screens So in essence he has far less spells at his disposal. This is what happens when you try to Prepare Spells after he returns: https://imgur.com/a/JiQSLk5 Now of course the problem is, you can't forgo this quest if you have him in your party - he will eventually leave to do it.
  4. 1. Encountered a problem with Haer'dalis - once he returns to the party after the Planar Prison, his Bardic spellcasting appears to not work: He only gets 1 spell each level. Before he had 4, 4, 3, 2 spell slots. I assume it's because it's not actually the exact same character, that had previously activated Bardic spellcasting via the innate ability. Is there any fix? I've tried to give him the ability again (via NearInfinity), but it doesn't show. 2. Another thing - is it normal that my Bard spellcasters can only use 1 spell from the last level? They've each have 3 spells from level 4 list and level 5 list (which are, respectively, their highest level spells).
  5. Thanks, I just gave Xan 4 pips in the longswords, that does the trick in Scales! As for the song suggestions - yes, I knew that Bladesong is a bard song, but what I was suggesting is that the player could either: 1. Pick up Weapon Focus, allowing him/her to attain 4 pips in a chosen weapon (as per Scales of Balance); 2. Pick up a feat that would enhance Bladesong in some way. It doesn't have to be those songs I've posted about. Although what you're proposing sounds a bit like Song of Fury. The new, enhanced Bladesong could, for example: - Decrease the AC by 1 or 2 points; - Add Protection from Missles Effect; - Add Protection from Normal Weapons. I think that could be potentially an interesting choice to make. Do you want to go more offensive or defensive? Although in that case it might be a good idea to further enhance Weapon Focus, perhaps by adding a further increase in critical chance? 3. On top of that, if you were planning to work on the kits further, I'd also consider trying to gradually give each kit similar choices at higher levels. But I hope you work on the Beast Lord before that
  6. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to recognize Cernd. Is there a way to use a console to fix that? It's as if Cernd is not recognized as a druid at all (despite being a Shapeshifter). I've tried this, but it doesn't work: CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("KishCerndDruidStronghold","GLOBAL",1) CLUAConsole:SetGlobal("KishDruidQuest1","GLOBAL",0)
  7. Thanks! I'll do that, though I'd be missing the one more attack every two rounds (as per kit description), is there a way to fix that as well? Also, if you have Scales of Balance installed as well, does Bladesinger's Mastery mean 4 pips or 3? As for your question - I'd keep it as a feat, but I'd consider adding addtional Bladesinging variants as feat choices as well (from here When novices began their tutelage under experienced bladesingers, they could maintain their bladesong for about a minute's time, two times every day.Throughout the course of their training they developed great concentration that helped prevent their magic from being halted in any manner. Over time they learned how to further modify the magic of their bladesong in order to better suit their needs. These songs were often presented in pairs that shared some close association with one another. A song of defense a bladesinger could actually negate harm inflicted upon them, while song of victory allowed them to attack with greater power. When performing a song of celerity a bladesinger was empowered to cast a spell with great quickness, while the song of fury allowed them to make a swift, "arcane strike" against their foe. With the choir of swords a bladesinger could strike out against every opponent near them, with similar blinding speed. But the player would only be able to pick one or the other - either making their Bladesinger a better fencer, or a better spellcaster. Making hard choices is always interesting!
  8. I can confirm that Bladesinger is missing a Weapon Focus option at level 9. Is there a way to temporarily fix that via adding a proper ability via NearInfinity? If so, which one of these would work properly?
  9. Do the Multiclass Bards (Fighter/Mage - Gallant or Mage/Thief like Blade) benefit from Intelligence or Charisma as far as the bonus spell slots bonus from Scales is concerned?
  10. Seeing your latest kit - The Elegist made me think of how to improve the Doomguard kit further, with unique spell school access. Necromancy would seem to fit, but it also has spells that don't fit the "embrace the enthropy" theme.
  11. Hey there - many thanks for the Mod Order, I've been looking for one for ages! Any problems you've encountered with this one? Does the Scales of Balance component Stat Bonus Overhaul work correctly? Have you tried this one too? https://github.com/GwendolyneFreddy/1pp If not, where would you put it? Is the Cernd mod Cernd Friendship? @subtledoctor Wondering what you think about the improved Beast Lord
  12. Updated Beast Lord proposal: 1. Beast Lord Abilities: - Focus access to the sphere of: Animal. - Major access to the spheres of: All, Exploration, Thought, Vigor, Affliction. - Minor access to the spheres of: Life, Death, Dread, Water and Shadow. - May summon his pack to aid him in battle: 1st level - 1 wolf, 3rd level - 2 wolves, 6th level - 2 worgs, 8th level - 2-3 dire wolves, 12th level - 1 wolfwere, 18th level - 2 wolfweres. - At 6th level the Beast Lord may shapeshift into a hybrid Werewolf twice per day. The Beast Lord gains an additional use every two levels, to a maximum of eight uses per day at level 20. The concentrated effort required to maintain the form makes the Beast Lord unable to cast any spells while under its effect. - The Werewolf form increases in power to that of a Greater Werewolf at 12th level and a Werewolf Lord at 18th. – Can cast Rabies special ability once per day at 9th level. Beast Lord gains additional uses at levels 14 and 18. RABIES: With his touch, the Beast Lord spreads the effects of his lycantrophic condition to a single, living creature. Every two rounds the disease causes a permanent -2 penalty to all stats (up to 6 to all stats) and causes slow. If the target fails a saving throw against Poison at -2, it loses an ability to cast spells and will immediately attack the closest target, friend and foe alike. Restrictions: - The Beast Lord cannot contain his bestial nature completely and is prone to losing control while shapeshifted into a werewolf. At 6th level there is a 25% chance he will lose himself to bloodlust and become uncontrollable, this improves to a 10% chance at 12th level and finally 5% at 18th. - May not wear any armour.
  13. And here's the Haer'dalis kit idea (F/M/T), a mix between an Agent and a Hexblade with some twists. He'd still be a Bard, but with more flavour, fitting his Doomguard background: Doomguard Agent: Members of the Doomguard, often nicknamed "Sinkers", believe that the Multiverse is slowly falling apart, and they delight in its inevitable destruction. Doomguard Agents often take upon the role of actors, musicians, court members or traveling bards in order to gain access to broad and influential audiences. In their travels throughtout all the corners of the Multiverse, they have acquired voluminous knowledge of culture, history and art, which they use to entice any who would listen to give in to the Entropy. As they operate indpendently and often in alien, hostile worlds, they have, in addition to magical powers, acquired the skills of a thief; in emergencies, they can also brawl their way out of trouble. Abilities: – Lore increased by 5 points per level. – May use Emanation: Malison, an aura which causes all enemies in an area of effect to suffer a -1 penalty to Luck and saving throws. – From 6th level, may use Hex Aura, which causes all enemies within 3 feet suffer a 1-point penalty to Luck and saving throws. In addition, each time the bard strikes an enemy (up to once per round), the enemy must save vs. spells or this penalty is increased by one more point, for three rounds. (This aura disables the bard's spellcasting.) – Automatically gains knowledge of the following spells: Disintegrate, Finger of Death, Death Fog, Greater Malison, Emotion: Hopelessness and Ray of Enfeeblement. – While bards memorize spells like a wizard, they can cast them spontaneously, like a sorcerer. – Once per day per 6 levels of experience, may use the Touch of Entropy ability. TOUCH OF ENTROPY: The Doomguard Agent's hand briefly becomes a conduit of the Negative Energy Plane. When the Agent makes a successful melee attack against a creature, that creature receives a +3 penalty to all their rolls, including THAC0 and Saving Throws and must make a Saving Throw vs. Death or be be transformed into dust. There is also a good chance that this will destroy some if not all of the items that the creature is carrying. Restrictions: – May cast spells one level later than a wizard. – May not learn spells from the Abjuration, Conjuration, or Necromancy schools of magic. – May not learn 8th- or 9th-level spells. – Backstab damage limited to a 2x multiplier. – Permanent -4 penalty to saves vs. Death. – May not learn any other Bard Song effects. ---- Comments: - I think that the Death save penalty fits very well with the theme of the kit. - The schools of magic the Agents are barred from were chosen with the theme in mind as well - Abjuration (protection), Conjuration (creation) and Necromancy (disturbs the entropy). - I'm not sure if it's possible to bar the kit from using a spell school altogether, but still give them access to some spells from it (as proposed). - Since most Bard Songs are focused on improving the party, they don't fit very well (Death Ward, Courage, Luck etc.) hence the restriction. This also serves to better balance the inclusion of Touch of Entropy. - Touch of Entropy and Emanation: Malison/Hex Aura should ideally stack their effects.
  14. A small thing I've noticed - once Bladesinger's Bladesong is enabled, the ability that shuts it down is called "Quick Weapon" and has a harp icon. Is that intentional?
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