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  1. Yeah, I did a full search with NI and that block is actually inside Baldur25.bcs. Don't know the difference, I thought that any file with 25 in it was Tob related stuff? In any case, it's certainly not working. GetGlobal for both "drowtalk" and "slayer1" returns: Doesn't exist I do have Almateria's restoration project v8.4.
  2. There is no such block in my Baldur.bcs This is the second time that something like this happens.. the first was for Yvette, the block just isn't into baldur.bcs, despite installation log saying otherwise. I'm a little worried about progressing with the game; I guess I'll resort to console if something goes wrong. We'll see. Thank you @ABlake for the kind support!
  3. I don't have a specific component for that encounter.. the only one that could change something is SCS improved vampires, but they always change into bats during fights.. This is the bcs of the Bat(Bodhi) in my AR1514.ARE: Anyway, I spawned her with the console, then changed her local variable "J#RealBodhi" to 1 (this is from PPBODHI4.BCS), and that triggered the dialogue with the transformation, then also the imoen dialogue. At this point "AsylumPlot" is set to 44. However, I tried resting a couple of times, and I still don't have the slayer change ability, nor experienced any dialogue despite "AerieRomanceActive" is set to 1. Should it be 2? Is there a timer for this too?
  4. @amber-coffeeCat thanks! I indeed already experienced her dialogues, but one thing that I noticed, is that the Friendtalk would advance everytime Fade bantered with an NPC. After the first talk, she started the second on her own right after bantering with minsc, and for the third and fourth I just talked to her after she bantered again. Kinda wierd, but ok
  5. Allright, I see it. The change depends from the global ("AsylumPlot") set to 42: And also from the timer set by Bodhi's Diaogue: The problem is, I never had that dialogue with Bodhi. Looking at the area, there are three bats near the minotaur statue, that are supposed to turn into Bodhi and two vampires. I think I remember seeing a bat when I got there yesterday, but it just flew away and disappeared... could it be because I was stealthing with imoen? Can I just spawn that bat or Bodhi with console commands?
  6. Hmm, well this is the first time I use this mod (or EET, for that matter) so I wouldn't know about other versions. Is there a way to check what's going wrong? Some global maybe? I remember in the unmodded game the transformation could happen even before encountering bodhi, just by resting... I did that multiple times, but nothing. Is there a particular trigger that I can check? More importantly, will I be able to continue the main story without it?
  7. So, I'm kinda throwing this question just to be sure. I'm playing EET with UB v27, particularly this component: ub:3:"Cat and Mouse" (Bodhi hunts you in Spellhold) by Ghreyfain The problem is, the slayer transformation did not occur. I left the dungeon, beated Irenicus, but still I have no ability to turn into the slayer. Not that I want to use it, but I'm worried if this could have an impact on the main quest. Has someone else experienced this? Bodhi showed up 3 times to attack me, with a couple of vampires and grimwarders (I guess this is from the mod). However, she was not in the room with the minotaur statue (don't know if this is also normal behaviour from the mod). Then, Bodhi spawned a final time, alone, as a friendly unit. When talked to, she says this line: "Your last victory is hollow. You've only delayed the inevitable", and then she turns hostile and immediately repeats the line she said the third time I defeated her: "Well done, child of bhaal. Run faster, and perhaps you'll soon escape!"; then she disappears. Saemon havarian showed up, I got the 'portal or ship' option, so it looks I'm good, even without the Slayer change ability. Not that I was planning on using it anyway. Can someone please assure me that everything's fine, before I decide to move on?
  8. Thank you bro Makes sense. What would be ideal imho, is making the ceremony optional: After the dukes congratulate with the hero (totaly fine in sying 'hero' between them), have someone (a servant or a guard) coming in and saying something like "the people is gathering in the streets, after all the mess with the iron throne, dopplegangers and sarevok they demand an explanation". At that point, the player should have the choice of going out and explaining everything, either humbly("we are the group that stopped Sarevok") or taking all the glory for him/herself ("I am a hero, bask in my awsomeness!"); or, just select a dialogue like this: "I agree with the dukes, this should be kept quiet, Mr. Belt can explain everything to the crowd" and that dialogue should not trigger the ceremony cutscene. I don't know anything about dialogues though, so don't know if this would be too difficult to implement. It's just a thought, the mod does what it says and it is awesome.
  9. Since I would like to do the same, but have 0 knowledge of scripting, could someone please help me with it? I can open E3FADE.BCS in NearInfinity, but where exactly should I type those brackets?
  10. Hello. I'm in the middle of an EET run. I'm using Amber v5. I also installed "cdtweaks:3121:NPCs Can Be Angry About Reputation but Never Leave" The 'demon in Athkatla' quest plays fine - I got the complete form from Brega, talked with Max, got Amber bundle of stuff and can go through her initial conversation without problems. However, as soon as she is in the party, she immediately leaves with the 'unhappy' message: "That's it. I've had it - I will take no more of this stupidity". Can't talk to her (appears busy). After this, she disappears from the game, or at least she can't be found in the Five Flagons - looked everywhere there. I tried this with reputation 19, and 9 - same result. Any suggestions?
  11. Done! Resist fear works properly now. I guess now I need to do the same for every other morale spell, right? Isra's 'remove fear' has the same issue. Thank you Doc.
  12. Hmm, I did that for SPCL104.spl, and nothing changed. I then did that for SPWI210.SPL (there are 5 different resist fear spells in my install) and it changed one thing: the message 'save vs polymorph' was showed for a few party members too. But they get the immunity to fear regardless, while my protagonist keeps getting it only if he doesn't save.
  13. Hmm.. do I have to change every single effect in the spell ability 0 tab? Cause there's a lot of them, and pretty different from each other: Also, how does this explain why only my protagonist has to save? All the other party members are fine (unless they made the save every single time I tried). If it helps, this is the changelog for Resist fear (SPCL104.SPL)
  14. So... how do I check in Near Infinity if a spell is giving a save to a specific class? If I open a spell there's an 'effects offset' line, is that it?
  15. So I noticed something weird.. my gallant protagonist is saving against some of my buffs. I'm asking for clues here to know wether it depends on the feat system. I'm using MnG v4.4.3 on EET. My protagonist has 'mental resilience' and 'unflagging determination' among his feats. Whenever I cast one of the 'morale' spells, he often saves against polymorph and the spell has no effect on him. I tried with Remove fear, Resist fear, Emotion: courage and Emotion: hope. Could this be a bug from this mod?
  16. Hi! Just finished BG1 inside an EET run, I'm experimenting this mod (v2.0) right now and I have to say, it works like a charm. Got all the components, and they all do their job. Love it. There was a small hiccup when the game crashed right after the transition to Sod, at the end of the intro video, but it happened the first time only. I tried again twice, and it worked smoothly. Now I can freely go finish a few things (got NtotSc to tackle and Durlag's tower) without the chapter 7 pressure and flaming fist tools chasing my ass. Thank you @jastey for your splendid work. (and not just for this mod, that goes without saying). There are a few small things I would like to point out. 1) A few typos: Liia.dlg, state 18: "dept" should be "debt". Also, I think "is" should be "was". C#stsrv1.dlg: "verything" should be "everything" C#strfg1.dlg: two typos about the same word, and one suggestion. "save" should be "safe", I feel that a word is missing here: My suggestions are "what" or "all the". 2) In my game after killing Sarevok there is a noblewoman (nobw5.cre) in the ducal palace 1st floor who's clearly a 'leftover' from the coronation ceremony, and still goes on happily about how cute Sarevok is, and how peasant I am. Should be removed, or maybe the dialog replaced with one of the 'ohmygod can't believe that charming Sarevok fellow was so eeeevil' 3) Maybe it's not related to this mod: I rested in the palace third floor, then as soon as I came down Liia Jannath cast teleport field. Kinda weird. *nitpick mode on* I feel the 'hero of Baldur's gate' ceremony cutscene taken from Sod is a little out of place. Not only it feels weird to speak with the dukes, having the ceremony, then resuming the conversation like nothing happened, but you also have Elminster walking up to Charname and literally saying 'they want to keep things quiet' a few moments before the ceremony starts. *nitpick mode off*
  17. Awesome, it works! I activated the aura before a fight, then when a thief went invisible it was dispelled in a few seconds. After that I ran around a mirror imaged mage for a bit and didn't seem to do much, then stopping/reactivating the aura dispelled the images instantly. Pretty cool stuff. FYI, I had to start the hotfix installation a second time, because the first went like this and then stopped:
  18. Unfortunately it doesn't. There is no visual indication anywhere that the scroll is working. Also tried to activate it when standing right next to some mirror imaged enemy spellcasters, but nothing happened as well.
  19. Pied Piper of souls I found a scroll of aura: dispel illusions. My gallant can't learn it, and if I try to use it as a quick item nothing happens. Is it restricted to some bard kits only?
  20. Doc, I couldn't agree more. My protagonist is a gallant, and the combo armor/mirror image/aura: blur has allowed him to rush in front of anyone in danger of being attacked by the scs enhanced baddies. Great versatility, great mod indeed. As far as naming the new necromancer bard.. how about Requiem composer?
  21. Hi, this can be done with the Tweaks Anthology component 'invisible cloak of mirroring', found in the 'convenience tweaks/cheats' section.
  22. Hi. Just wanted to mention that I had the exact same issue in my current game, but with the latest version of EET. Picking up the letters in Tazok's tent did nothing, and I remained in chapter 3 with the 'a hidden base in the cloakwood' journal entry after speaking with Ender Sai. The hotfix v2 from this thread fixed this, both in an earlier save from before entering the bandit camp area, and in the most recent save i have. In the first, the transition triggered normally when I picked up the letters; in the second, it happened as soon as I loaded the save, with cutscene and journal/map updates. Don't know if this is normal, but that's it. Thank you for the fix anyway
  23. Well, I have this component installed: ~CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2~ #0 #1036 // Make Cloakwood Areas Available Before Completing the Bandit Camp -> All of Cloakwood Except the Mines: v9 which is obviously NOT working, since I can't even see those areas, so maybe it's causing some issues. Then again, there's the matter of the rocky coast which that component has nothing to do with: I loaded an earlier save and tried again every area, but the only way is going left from the red canyons area, and it doesn't show up. Kind of concerning if I think about the future, and all the mod added areas I know nothing about. Can someone at least confirm if in EET chapter 3 ends in the cloakwood mines or in the bandit camp? If it's supposed to end after clearing the bandit camp, then it didn't trigger in my game...
  24. Not sure where to ask for help for this, so I'll write here. I'm playing EET (latest GOG versions) with BP-Bgt worlmap (also latest), and a bunch of other mods. Weidu-log is attached. Like the title says, in my game the first Cloakwood area doesn't appear on the map after the bandit camp has been cleared, and the letter from Davaeorn picked up. Also, exiting the FAI area to the left doesn't bring it up either, I tried leaving the other nearby areas from all available directions, but Cloakwood stays hidden. Right now, I'm in chapter 3 (wasn't supposed to be chapter 4 at this point?) and I have the 'a hidden base in the cloakwood' journal entry. Am I missing something, or is this a bug? The most obvious mods affecting this are BP-Bgt worldmap (I had the same issue with the rocky coast, the area with the shipwreck and the nereid that kisses you to death-I just console-traveled there) and EET, since it might be an issue with chapter-handling, therefore I'm tagging @jastey and @K4thos hoping that they might know something about this. WeiDU-BGEE.log WeiDU.log
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