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  1. Responding, to the OP, I'm not displeased with any of Beamdog's changes, so I would not want to mod the game to roll it back. There are minor gripes, like when two characters get stuck on another for a second because they're occupying the same vertix, but that's really it. And I can't mod that, that's a hard-coded issue.

    Most people play on the new engine anyway. It's not just because it's better now, it's just also more compatible with older operating systems. It took me forever to get Icewind Dale 2 (Poor Missing Source Code) to get to work on my computer. 

  2. Is the second set of InParty/MyArea/StateCheck conditions necessary? I assume the second line is reached only if the first line's condition is true, based on how dialogue pathing works. 

    Also another suggestion I would add is using an ICT where there is not an escape area if it is not strictly necessary. Sometimes its the only line or it doesn't fit anywhere else,  but if it can be moved somewhere where a passback line is not needed, you can achieve what you want with the least amount of additional strings, and I am all for a minimalist approach where possible.

  3. I've not seen any evidence due to the thread Jastey mentioned being  deleted, so I don't really have anything to weigh in as an example beyond what is in this thread.

    I can go read the forums though, and I can't agree with the declaration of unhealthy and poisonous at all. There is always the "Disgruntled about X Bug" that exists on every game's forum, but from what I have seen of the moderators they have been fine, welcoming, and good at bearing the brunt of disgruntlement and moderation.

    It is ultimately subjective admittedly so an agree to disagree situation I guess. But  from reading it in totality, I do not think those who received moderator action are in the right. That said, for those who do feel wronged by the moderators, I hope they can at least get a chance to appeal and have a second chance.

  4. 25 minutes ago, Kilivitz said:

    Yes. What the doctor said. And the point I can't seem to get across to a couple of you folks.

    It's not whether Thacobell's reply deserves a smackdown (it actually doesn't), but the fact that if the roles were reversed (BD critic accuses BD fanboy of being a jerk), mods would come out spinning their banhammers like Thor within minutes. I'm not fixating on it as much as documenting it.

    I strongly disagree, if we are talking about a precise reversal of roles. Because if the critic insults and attacks their fellow forum goer we are now in rule-breaking territory, I.E., some of the examples I saw on the first pages were definitely rule-breaking in my opinion and BD was justified in their actions. The position doesn't matter, the mods don't want an unhealthy, poisonous community. If I'm a rabid Beamdog fan attacking any critic with insults and toxicnesss, I'm going to get banned or a warning or mark. If I have multiple accounts praising Beamdog's greatness, I'm going to get the same punishments.

    That's why I don't see the need to fixate or document or whatever. I just don't think it is the most constructive path forward. What does it accomplish over flagging a post? 

    Personally I would appeal my ban and demonstrate that I would not act in the manner that got me banned again. But posting there is important for me since I do my mod support there and don't have the ability to do it anywhere else. For someone else, that may not be necessary.



  5. I don't see the purpose of fixating on this, but here's my 5¢

    If I were a moderator I would take no action against Thaco, because the poster *was* speaking for others, and was, by definition, being a jerk, which is not being used in an insulting way. I also wouldn't bother responding to the poster if I were the moderator, as their is nothing to gain from engaging with someone who uses a tone like that professionally. Players are welcome to get angry and upset, they are entitled a bit into something they pay for, but wiser people know you will get further if you engage better. You can be harsh and critical without breaking rules.



  6. I wouldn't worry about quantity of a lot of lines until you hit a performance impacting level personally, and I wouldn't hesitate on it being in a .cre file for similiar reasons. Is the player having the Familiar out really going to be out even that much to be of a concern even in the worst-case possibility of tons of creatures around? 


    That said optimization should be practiced where possible, but I don't think it needs to be factored in to a decision on putting a script in the cre file or not.


  7. I always read what is being done to Imoen before irencius takes over Spellhold as just being a prisoner, and not a "Who knows what is being done". The last dialogue line literally is "Rot in spellhold", so to me, that means basically being a prisoner until you know more. It's why I actually don't see the necessity for the petrifying/turn to stone mod. That would be a worse condition to be in, even.

    I can see some people enjoying a more time sensitive playthrough, mind.

    My personal choice to do everything is based out of a completion-style stand point. In my RP the character wants to help everyone. Delay is born out of distraction and other high-stakes going on. Imoen is still important. If anything raising the fund limit is the only thing I would change. But it's not a change I would have advocated in the original game, because as it is it works to cater to many different play styles, and that's perfect.

    I guess that is what modding fulfills, if something isn't to your taste, you can tweak it.

  8. Timewise, doesn't Irenicus not even takeover Spellhold until the start of chapter 3 (At least shown via cutscene.)? So the torturing doesn't really start until then IMO. Storywise, at the start of chapter 2 you just know she's stuck in prison. With some of the stakes of other quests in the area, I can see validity in helping these other people out first and preparing yourself in equipment before attempting to get Imoen away from the Cowled Wizards. After all, you don't know what you're getting into.

    Thus in my opinion, it makes no sense to weaken her or drop reputation, especially the latter, in fact if anything, rushing to Spellhold would seem to have the bigger consequences due to lack of preparation, and that does naturally in the form of your xp and equipment.

    My preference is some mod expanding Throne of Bhaal instead or adding quests or unique content specific to its chapters. 

  9. This probably has a really simple answer, but what is the purpose of CD_STATE_NOTVALID? I see it in a lot in interjects in mods, and am primarily wondering why can IsValidForPartyDialogue not be used instead, where it seems to be used commonly in the game itself.

  10. I think the create invisible creature that does a store interface for identification is too clunky personally.

    I would probably go an item implementation route, a lore potion that I would add to the stock of specific stores, and give it X gold cost and X lore bonus for X time (You could even add X charges if you so pleased). Then I can set it to be used by X classes, and toy with the balance of each of these X's accordingly. +50 Lore would probably be a safe amount to go with. It's simple and immersive. 

    You could even have the spell make such a potion that lasts one day (So they couldn't be infinitely stacked and created), I.E. a Lesser Alchemy Spells or the like. This can be an innate ability of X classes. I think this would be a bit more intuitive if you wanted to go the ability route.

  11. So I am building a very simple multi-class kit, basically a shadowdancer/mage using the QD_Multiclass library. 

    I was able to work around some of the limitations, I.E., Mage/Thieves ignore backstab settings you set for your class, but adding in the backstab as a spell effect works, and it gives you an extra memorization slot when it shouldn't, but you can remove the extra slot you get every level with another spell effect.

    However, for some reason hiding in plain sight always fails. When I used EKEEPER to simply switch the kit to shadow dancer and left all the effects alone, it worked. Switching back once more had it fail.

    So I'm assuming it is not something that can be added to other kits or classes, but perhaps someone else will know for sure?


  12. 1: I am wondering if it is possible to add a custom encounter, or a script that moves you to X area instead of chosen area upon area transition, and what file would control that.

    2: Is there a guide somewhere on uploading mods here, or what are the rules regarding this? I've been wanting to upload my mods to other places to increase the likelihood of sweet, useful feedback, but on a quick search couldn't find anything helpful.

    Thank you for the help!

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