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  1. Searched and couldn't find this reported: hard crash with the Improved Shapeshifting component of SCS during BG2EE Chapter 5 once your party has been transformed into drow. Specifically, this is with the druid HLA elemental shapeshifts, although I also tested with a few of the regular forms as well. Running SCS, Ascension, IR+IRR, & SR, and Tweaks Anthology. WeiDU.log
  2. Thanks! I just searched the Spell Revisions forum so missed that report.
  3. I could only find SPPR315B.BAM while I was using near infinity - not sure if that's important or if I'm doing something wrong. That's just the icon with the stone backdrop. It works fine though so thanks all!
  4. @Mike1072 Thanks! I will uninstall the tweaks anthology weapon proficiency component and give Near Infinity a try.
  5. Alright - reinstalled and the icon for cure moderate wounds is still missing. My weidu.log is attached if anyone can help! Weirdly, it also seems like non-Gnome Mage multiclasses default to Abjurer, which doesn't make sense. That's not a huge issue though as I can fix that once with EEKeeper. WeiDU.log
  6. Ah right, no install order was this: Tweaks Ascension SR IR + IRR SCS I'm reinstalling everything now (to install Ascension first) and will post weidu.log if it still happens after that.
  7. Oh really - I didn't know that. Thanks!
  8. I searched around and didn't see this reported - so not sure if this is something particular to my installation or not. As in the attached image, Cure Moderate Wounds lacks an icon, and it also has a bugged name in the description. I have the following mods installed: Ascension SCS SR IR + IRR Tweaks Anthology Any thoughts/easy fixes? Or should I just try reinstalling all of the mods again? Thanks!
  9. I get the following bug when trying to install: I only have Ascension & Tweaks Anthology installed. I had installed Spell Revisions, but I uninstalled it to install Ascension first. I searched around and couldn't find this specific issue. Thought it might be a file permission thing, but I changed the permissions on wheels.tp2 and that didn't help. Also tried removing all the WoP files and re-extracting them to the BG2EE install, but no luck. Any help would be great - thanks! SETUP-WHEELS.DEBUG
  10. Hi - I've been working on getting my modded version of BG2EE working over the holidays. I was hoping that someone might be able to take a look at my install order? Apologies if this is not the right venue to ask. I've gone through a few iterations and tried to follow all of the readmes etc (as well as using this and this for guidance). First few times I missed that I had screwed up weidu.conf and was installing in German. Does anything jump out to anyone as potentially problematic with this install order? This one is still installing (using project infinity), but I can always abort to sav
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