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  1. Hey everyone, I hope you're all safe and sound :) Interestingly the last weeks I actually played a lot of Heroes of Might and Magic 2, haha! I had a great time and set a new personal record on the "Broken Alliance" map with Thundax! @Ankheg Thank you for your kind words :) It means a lot to hear that my map has brought some joy to others! Here's a small update from me. ~ Reghed Glacier ~ This region is not part of the Icewind Dale game. It represents the Reghed Glacier which lies to the north-east on the Icewind Dale world map. I have added a little "oasis of warmth" in the frozen lands. This is inspired by the real region in the Forgotten Realms called "Evermelt". https://forgottenrealms.fandom.com/wiki/Reghed_Glacier ~ Dragon's Eye exterior ~ Originally I already had a version of the Dragon's Eye exterior, but I have reworked it. I wanted it to have a sense of danger, dread and foreboding. You really don't wanna go there, unless you have a death wish that is... ;)
  2. Greetings everyone! Many many years ago I rebuilt the world of Baldur's Gate within HoMM3. I took a lot of inspiration from Baldur's Gate for my scenario in HoMM3 but I also added a lot of twists and turns on my own. Especially storywise I deviated a lot. It is possible to recognize a lot from Baldur's Gate but also to discover many new things. My big goal was to recapture the atmosphere of Baldur's Gate in terms of HoMM3. These two games have accompanied me since my childhood and I hold them very dear. I published my map "Fight for the Sword Coast" under my old name here. Now, I'd like to do the same with Icewind Dale. I already started the project "Icewind Dale meets Heroes of Might and Magic 3" (aka "Heroes of Ice and Wind" as I like to call it) some years ago. Then I went on a hiatus. And now I would like to continue. I am going to use the HoMM3 mod "Horn of the Abyss" for this project, which is an outstanding mod, that feels so close to the spirit of the original HoMM3 that it could have been made by the original developers just as well. I am going to use this thread to post my progress infrequently. I am looking forward to your feedback. And if you'd like to give me feedback on my Baldur's Gate map you can do so here, too. ~ Easthaven ~ ~ Kuldahar Pass and Kuldahar village ~ ~ The Severed Hand ~
  3. I do not wish to participate in this thread any longer. Now with that question, I think I do need to post one last time to let everyone know that, yes, I am alright. Very much so! For any further questions you can send a PM to me any time. But I will not be talking about the subject of this thread or anything similar any more. I've got what I needed to be able to let go. I am free. Onwards, to new heights!
  4. My request has just been granted. All of my content has been deleted from the Beamdog forum. @JuliusBorisov I thank you so much. That is so important for my inner peace. I'm crying right now. This is so meaningful to me. And it is the first gesture of peace and appreciation that I have been granted from you in such a long time. This is the closure I so desperately wanted. I thank you. Edit: And in return I am going to stop talking about you moderators from now on. That's a promise.
  5. [The content of this post has been deleted. This post can be removed]
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  7. Temporary bans are against the site rules. The rules say that bans have to be permanent.
  8. It makes me wonder what would happen if LadyRhian for example showed up here and told her side of the story.
  9. [The content of this post has been deleted. This post can be removed]
  10. [The content of this post has been deleted. This post can be removed]
  11. I will clarify again: I never asked to be reinstated. In fact, I did the opposite: Half a year ago, I contacted a moderator and made a request that my old account be deleted for good. Complete deletion. And I stand by that request.
  12. [The content of this post has been deleted. This post can be removed]
  13. Can you imagine a forum where this thread - as it is now - would be closed, probably deleted, many users getting a warning and some be banned for it?
  14. @JuliusBorisov @semiticgod Then why are you two here doing something that would be prohibited by yourselves on your own forum?
  15. [The content of this post has been deleted. This post can be removed]
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