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  1. Hi, I recently went through another run of BG2ee, and told myself that this mod deserved to be complimented. Not only has it been successfully inserted into the game, but the improvements have made it possible to restore some importance to items that fascinated me during my first games, and then gradually lost their interest as the importance of the role play diminished in favor of the optimization of the characters. Another important point is that we can use it with Weimer's item upgrade mod without having much trouble choosing what we will improve. In example, the use of the heart of the damned with Vexation (the short sword) is really an interesting alternative to the improved short sword of mask. And the idea of elemental gems inside Watcher's Keep is really amazing too ! I really appreciated SoD, and I doubly appreciate the insertion of some of its new items in BG2, since these items already have a story with us in addition to their fictitious history. It's really a very good mod, thank you for taking the time to do it! I hope that you will continue to improve it, and that other mods related to SoD will be released, even if the opinion of the players is divided as to this DLC.
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