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  1. Hi, I'm pleased to see the table might be useful ! However, I didn't write some of this mod's item names because I used the recipe file, and not the "new items" one. I will make a new post with the "full" table after your next update, to avoid confusion, and to kill two birds in one stone. Can't wait to see it !
  2. Hi ! I don't know if it is the right place to share this, but I made a table of the recipes for a few item upgrading mods, including this one of course. I posted it on the beamdog forum : here I really enjoy playing with sod2bg2, as I said in my old post on this forum, and it is one of the few mods that make me want to play baldur's gate again and again. Thank you for your work, and I'm looking forward to see the next updates !
  3. Hi, I recently went through another run of BG2ee, and told myself that this mod deserved to be complimented. Not only has it been successfully inserted into the game, but the improvements have made it possible to restore some importance to items that fascinated me during my first games, and then gradually lost their interest as the importance of the role play diminished in favor of the optimization of the characters. Another important point is that we can use it with Weimer's item upgrade mod without having much trouble choosing what we will improve. In example, the use of the heart of the d
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