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  1. I like to mix up good/evil guys in my team. For example Jaheira & Khalid with Xzar & Montaron. Or Ajantis, Yeslick, Eldoth, Viconia. Also, the classic Minsc & Dynaheir, Kagain & Edwin. For some reason I always keep my... best friend, Imoen. With the BG1 NPC Project there is always some funny banters full of drama. And some very rare original voiced lines, too.
  2. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/81309/road-to-2-6-is-the-baldurs-gate-2-6-2-0-patch-ready-to-release/p2 Done. I edited a bit your post, hope you don't mind.
  3. Have you reported this misfunction in "the road to 2.6" Beamdog forum section ? Do you want me to do so, by quoting you (I know a bunch of modders got banned there, maybe you're one of them) ?
  4. The OP on Beamdog forum have been edited January 13. Beside that Julius Borisov published a more detailed .docx document (WORD) today : Direct link : https://us.v-cdn.net/5019558/uploads/editor/kj/l2ng6x6am1za.docx Forum link : https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/80867/road-to-2-6-planned-patch-items-windows-macos-linux/p7
  5. Noted, thanks. While I was checking the new changes from v6-v7 I realized a lot (10) of French TRA files were still encoded in UTF-8. It is now fixed, so I made a PR on github. Sorry for the inconvenience. I also proofreaded 3 files of mine, fixing a few typos. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG1_Romantic_Encounters/pull/6 No new content on this PR, but the work on the remaining files to be translated is advancing at a very fast pace.
  6. Then, how do we update a single line without sending a file ? I tough the files needs to be in UTF-8 from now on (If the HANDLE_CHARSETS function got updated internally).
  7. Hello Alien, Thanks for this HANDLE_CHARSETS update. That's a very good news ! And tons of setup already translated to proofread. I don't really get it, could you explain that one a bit further ? The translator could provide the line via forum, and the modder could copy/past without worry about encoding, that's it ?
  8. Thanks for the answers, I'll read that this week-end.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm starting this thread because I have a problem using this amazing tool. Most of the time, things go right, but sometime while I do a commit, the whole file seems to be modified. This commit of Unfinished Business is the perfect example of what I'm talking about. Github detect that the whole file have been modified, but the only change I've made is to change @-1065 at line 1026 ("à" to "a"). I didn't touch the encoding (ANSI), nor the carriage return line feed (CR LF), the only ways I do know to do that on purpose. This file is the exact same file that I have pulled
  10. Don't worry, it's fine, I understand. I blame it on the Germans' order love. On a serious note I can't wait to play and translate it !
  11. That's how I translated your content in French, with literal translation of my interpretation in English. @35 = ~Moi ? Je suis aussi sérieux qu'une envie pressante de bon matin.~ // Me? I'm as serious as an early morning urge. @184 = ~Mais trop c'est trop, trésor. Finissons-en. Je t'emmène au septième ciel... une dernière fois.~ // But enough is enough, precious. Let's get it over with. I'm taking you to seventh heaven... one last time. I guess this is ok, considering the puns didn't work in French ? Thanks for coming over here to clear this out.
  12. It's a completely selfish act, I wanted to play it in french. And I got to say that I do like this story a lot, it's a bit heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.
  13. It's not uncommon, I lately worked on a list of all the translated mods in french and i came upon a lot of them. I'd say 1/8, maybe less have some translated readmes (Mostly french and german one but also some other language.). But I don't see the point of translating them, too much work for too little purpose. And it gets easily outdated as you say, most of them were already.
  14. Thank you for the confirmation.
  15. Great ! Congrats to all the team members behind this mod, it looks really promising !
  16. Haven't noticed it, but Jastey is right, It's a bit unethical without the author's permission. I'll just add the nuance that your content is welcome if it's as a separate add-on/mod.
  17. Hello Hellmouse good to know that you updated this mod to work with EE's. I just want to tell you that your github repo doesn't have any official "release". It could be a bit confusing for some. BG2EE will have the french translation released soon, it's actually in the beta 2.6. (It's not writen anywhere but SoD too got it's french translation on the patch.) https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/80867/road-to-2-6-planned-patch-items-windows-macos-linux If you want to work on any french translation or other french modders i'll suggest you come see us on the french community si
  18. @Austin & @Coland, i'll add that a very fews changes has been made to the english version of friendlysil.tra in a recent pull request that have been merged. https://github.com/Gibberlings3/BG_Quests_And_Encounters/commit/8e6e004b1cf24601a9b215284a6bc7a12bbe9cf0
  19. No need to apologie, you were trying to help. I'm gratefull for that.
  20. You are right, I started to ask myself if i was trolled by Endarire. I was very confused, no offense Endarire. I feel like you were trying to help, but i am so confused by your attempts at explaining me. Thank you anyway. Thanks a lot Almateria.
  21. Ok, it seem like you havn't read my actual question. It make sense now. So i'll just quote myself. ^^
  22. Obviously. But before translating, or transliterating, you got to understand your subject first. Wich i still don't, unfortunatly.
  23. Of course, that's the same thing with, i believe, every langauge. With the same example (heavy raining) in french we say : "Il pleut des cordes." It literally translate as "It's raining ropes". I do already use this search tip. I am usually succesfull with it, but not this time (like the other one, serious as a privy...). The only sexual meaning i've found is swapping sexual partner, wich is clearly not the case. I still don't see how i will translate this, because i still don't understand the sens of this sentence but i will find a way. Thx anyway.
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