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  1. Here we go : https://github.com/Gibberlings3/Tweaks-Anthology/pull/30 Hope everything is ok for you, tell me if you want me to change/revert anything.
  2. Thanks a lot ! Last thing : about lines @500000 to @507007 (end of file) from setup.tra, ex-SCS components, thoses lines are duplicated (exept @507008 for some reason). Do you want me to delete them or they are usefull ? I also made a quick proofreading for english files (with mostly whitespaces, tho).
  3. Hi, some proofreading is made on french translation, but before PR anything, I need to know what is the context about this line ? Thanks @322001 = ~Atta Girl~
  4. That was unexpected. I'll send you the proofreaded one as soon as it's finished. Thanks for coming back and spending some time to update this mod.
  5. Got an answer from the proofreader, he already started working on it. He told me this should be done by this weekend, however, I don't want to make any promise. Is it ok for you to wait till then ?
  6. Anyway this is just a detail. I doubt this is a real matter, and there is no clear answer to "Did Balthazar knew ?". I thank you for the time you spent for me and this translation. You have enlightened me for nearly all my questioning regarding Ascension, and that wasn't a small task.
  7. That is very kind of you. I'll tell you as soon as I can if it's worth for you to wait our translation (waiting for proofreader answer). I don't want to hold hostage the whole community just for the French one. Or maybe I should PR you the translation as is, and PR later the proofreaded one ? I'll keep you up.
  8. Great, thanks @K4thos. Updated French translation have been sent to proofreader. It should be soon PR.
  9. Sorry, was on a trip at the Pyrenees. You still don't get what I mean. I do have understood that sentence entirely. What I mean here is that it sound like some inconsistencies. Because if "the taint never visited itself upon charname" he/she would not been at Candlekeep at all, Gorion would not have adopted him. He adopted him/her because he/she is a Bhaalspawn. I'm 99% sure about that. But... maybe Balthazar didn't know this fact. And that's what I'm asking. Does Balthazar be supposed to know that ? Great, thanks ! Then the way it was translated is correct, thanks. It may sound odd because of English -> French -> back to English. Don't take it personally, the more feedback I get, the more confident I am. You sound like an English native, so you must be right. I'm not, sorry.
  10. The fact is that Gorion & Winthrop adopted Charname & Imoen BECAUSE they had the taint. Without it, I doubt they would have been adopted at all. So the real question here is : Does Balthazar knew that ? My bad I should have put the whole line here : "The choice is your own. You know yourself better than I. I simply ask that you consider the life you might have led, the mortal life, had the taint never visited itself upon you back at Candlekeep. I look forward to my own." Thanks for the reminder, that effectively help me. Can't provide any context, this is just a single word, but if I got to bet, I'd say it's an effect (from spell and such). Yeah I knew, my question here was : What god are we talking about ? Bhaal or the one Charname is becoming ? My bet is The one charname is becoming for balth.tra and Bhaal for iren_bodhi.tra. This is Irenicus talking to Charname. Ok thanks, that's helpful. Ahhhh, interesting, I didn't understand it that way. Someone else can confirm, just to be sure ? What mod are you talking about ? Ascension ? This is not my mod, I'm just a humble translator. If you have any recommendations, you better ask them directly to DavidW.
  11. Hi, I got a few questions regarding a few lines inside 2da.tra (from @4000107 to @4000115), does those lines can contain special non-English characters ? Those line aren't displayed ingame but in command prompt window at installation, right ? /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Setup.tra @900008 ~%col1% BG:EE mod is not recognized by EET, so it can't be imported to BG2:EE with EET~ What does %col1% mean ? Is this an array created at installation ? It just shows the Mod's name that is not recognized, right ? For example : ~BG1 NPC Project BG:EE mod is not recognized by EET, so it can't be imported to BG2:EE with EET~ ? Thanks.
  12. /!\ Spoiler below... English typos I've found : Am I wrong for any of them ? Then for inconsistencies I might have found : "had the taint never visited itself upon you back at Candlekeep." Gorion would (maybe?) not have adopted Charname without his taint... But maybe Balthazar didn't know why & how Gorion & Winthrop adopted Charname & Imoen with the help of Elminster ? What does charname mean about "for the third time" (killing sarevok) ? I thought it was the second time. Maybe I'm wrong, haven't played bg2 for a long time. Solved ! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// French translation, I might appreciate some help to be 100% confident before sending to the files to the proofreader That mean something like frozen/rooted, rather than fascinated/astounded, right ? What god are balthazar/charname talking about ? Bhaal or the god Charname is becoming ? It matter for female version. Solved ! Not 100% sure about that one, right now it is translated like that (deepl) : "The first thing I'm going to feel in an eternity is pleasure as I watch your remains turn to dust." Is it ok ? Solved ! What does he mean about "In her own hell" ? Her vampire soulless state, something like that ? Solved ! Could someone reformulate and explain like I'm 5 years old . Even with the context knowledge and the .D, I'm really not sure about it. Right now it is translated like that (deepl) : "You've got nowhere to go, kid. I didn't bring (or summon, rather than call) you here, after all... I'm just coaxing your essence." Is it ok ? Those words are really simple, but I've got a hard time making a connection with the context.
  13. Thank you. Very nice translation skill, you should try to translate/proofread mods. Before : @1102 = ~Je pensais que vous vous tueriez après que je sois mort. Et ainsi vous ne verrez plus le mal une fois Mélissane morte, n'est-ce pas ? Hmmm, vous feriez certainement un bon Seigneur du Meurtre...~ After : @1102 = ~Je pensais que vous vous tueriez après que je sois mort. Êtes-vous sûr que vous ne trouverez pas plus de mal à combattre une fois que Mélissane sera éliminée, elle aussi ? Hmmm, vous feriez certainement un bon Seigneur du meurtre...~ ~Je pensais que vous vous tueriez après que je sois morte. Êtes-vous sûr que vous ne trouverez pas plus de mal à combattre une fois que Mélissane sera éliminée, elle aussi ? Hmmm, vous feriez certainement un bon Seigneur du meurtre...~
  14. https://github.com/InfinityMods/Ascension/blob/master/ascension/lang/english/balth.tra I have a hard time to get the sens with this sentence, the one in bold. Can someone reformulate it for me please ? Does it mean "Are you sure you won't see more evil once Melissan is dead ?", as I understand it, or it's more like "And so you will no longer see the evil once Melissan is dead, right ?", as it was translated by my predecessor ?
  15. Yeah, French installation, that must be the reason. Converted NI in French fixed the "no such index", but there is still some "no text" around, why that ? On the left side, where there is all the DLG listed, the one written in bold is all the mod-edited DLG I guess ? Because it's only main ToB characters DLG that are written in bold locally, with only Ascension installed. Another question, with this example it's seem obvious that Melissan is talking to CHARNAME, with the number of response available. I don't have any example right now but, what if not ? What with just a sentence taken out of context, without an explicit dialog name file, how to know who is talking to whom just by looking at the "dialog tree" ?
  16. Hi, thanks for answering me ! So, if I want to know who is talking to whom, for example, @422 of this file : https://github.com/InfinityMods/Ascension/blob/master/ascension/lang/english/dream_mel.tra The D of the TRA : https://github.com/InfinityMods/Ascension/blob/master/ascension/balthazar/d/dream_mel.d I know this is Melissan talking, but I do not know to whom, CHARNAME, Balthazar ? How do I find the DLG, and the exact stringref I'm looking for ? There is no dream_mel.DLG, I've found a MELISS01.DLG, as written in the D, I've looked for "state 14", as written in the D, and found one but it's "No such Index". screenshot : https://ibb.co/r24H4rZ What am I doing wrong ?
  17. Hello, I wish to know if there is a way to easily identify interlocutors within a .D/DLG? file ? Lately I'm working toward an updated French translation for the Ascension mod, and I have a hard time dealing with the .D files of the mod. They are a bit more complicated than usual, this is often snippets of texts that adds up to already existing banters of the original game. Making it sometime really difficult to know who is talking to whom, and the context is often missing, too. I heard Near Infinity is capable of doing so, providing some kind of "dialog tree" with different colors for each interlocutor, but I'm a complete beginner with it. Well, all I've been using this program for was to export some dialog.tlk, but that's it (and people had to explain to me how to like I was 5, just to let you know how I'm bad with it). Can someone provide me a little step-by-step guide, ahem... ELI5, I'll be grateful.
  18. Ok thanks, both were translated with the same name by the previous translator (Puiser dans la puissance divine = Draw Upon Holy Might).
  19. Hey, I'm actually updating the French translation of Ascension with Selphira. Are Draw Upon Holy Might (ascension.tra @2002) / Divine Gift (description.tra @21) the same spell ? I suspect them to be the same but the name and the description doesn't exactly match, it might have been missed out with the 2.0 update. If yes, which one is the last updated one ? I will keep asking my question concerning Ascension in this thread.
  20. I was thinking like you before, what with all the hate about Roxanne ? She seems to be a nice person, with a helping hand. But that's just a facade, her BWS version is just to serve her own agenda and promote her own mod. Half the mods downloadable with it are unofficial version hosted without the creators consent. And the cherry on the cake... : https://baldursextendedworld.com/Baldurans-Sea-Tower/ If stealing other people assests and call it your own is ok, then yes, Roxanne is "a great ambassador for the hobby".
  21. I like to mix up good/evil guys in my team. For example Jaheira & Khalid with Xzar & Montaron. Or Ajantis, Yeslick, Eldoth, Viconia. Also, the classic Minsc & Dynaheir, Kagain & Edwin. For some reason I always keep my... best friend, Imoen. With the BG1 NPC Project there is always some funny banters full of drama. And some very rare original voiced lines, too.
  22. https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/81309/road-to-2-6-is-the-baldurs-gate-2-6-2-0-patch-ready-to-release/p2 Done. I edited a bit your post, hope you don't mind.
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