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  1. Hello DavidW, While updating the french translation of SCS, me and Gwendolyne have come accross a few lines in mage.tra linked to the Wish spell like this one : @1212 = ~It shall be done, my master!~ Since Gwendolyne is far more competent than me i prefer quote him. "There's still a big problem with the mage.tra file: you'll have to add the strings of version F for the scripts. But as you should be able to use the Wish if you're not CHARNAME, it poses a coding problem (you have to detect the gender of the person casting the spell), I left it pending." Is there something you can do about it ?
  2. Hummm. This is a strange coincidence that both french & russian translator have made the exact same mistake. @jastey are you sure about @926 = ~...Aster warns me, though, that the asylum...~
  3. Hello @Austin, did your translation error is "Aster" being called "Aran" at @292 ?
  4. Here we go @jastey, I also took the opportunity to correct a few typos of the old translation. Have a good day. dialogue_french.tra
  5. I hope the proofreading of the major french update for SCS v32 will be done before your next update. Can you keep me updated please ? I don't want to miss the opportunity to publish it.
  6. The "new" translated lines in french are ready, i just wait for Galathée (the original translator) to proofread it.
  7. Thanks ! Minor problem : The github link of bg1re point to Lure of the sirine's call. For the frenchies wondering wich components are translated or not here's the list, because the setup isn't translated yet. Pour les français qui se demandent quels composants sont traduits ou non voici une liste, puisque le setup n'est pas encore traduit. 1. Bardolan's Briefing - traduit 2. Scar's Spare Time - traduit 3. Kim's Preoccupation - traduit 4. Extension of Bjornin Encounter (Personal Wound Treatment) - traduit 5. No Starch in the Maypole - traduit 6. Duke Eltan's Spare Minute 7. Husam's Personal Preparation - traduit 8. Laurel's Post-Hunting - traduit 9. Bartus' Seduction - traduit 10. Lina's Massage - traduit 11. First Night with Quentin - traduit 12. Chatting Niklos Up - traduit 13. Slythe and Krystin - traduit 14. No Regrets - traduit 15. Purchased Love - traduit 16. Hull: Heavy Duty - traduit 17. Late Night with Jaheira - traduit 18. Sil's Blessing - traduit 19. Melicamp: The Poultry Boy - traduit 20. Reading with Rinnie - traduit 21. Molly the Husband-Grabber - traduit 22. The Mourning of Centeol, the Spider Lady - traduit 23. The Essential End - traduit 24. The Harvestman's Lair - traduit 25. The Great Zudini - traduit 26. The Messenger - traduit 27. Ender Sai: The Hero's Reward - traduit 28. The Novelists 29. The Honest Lies of Two Riversides - traduit 30. Necromancer's Trouble 31. Dinner with Thalantyr - traduit 32. Girdle of Gender Reactions - traduit 33. The Surgeon's Dream - traduit 34. All That Left Was 35. A Childhood Friend 36. Arlene the Working Girl - traduit 37. Della May from Thay - traduit 38. A Dirty Guard in Candlekeep 39. Phoenix Flame - traduit 40. Mikala the Monk - traduit 41. The Messenger 2: Rain or Snow or Gloom of Night 42. Camryn and Tamah 43. Minor Disclosures - traduit 44. Cloakwood Lovers - traduit setup setup_game
  8. Thanks for the explanation. You can send to me, Graoumf or Le Marquis the updated c#eltan.tra when it's ready.
  9. Well, most is an exageration ok, let's say some, i regurarly see roxanne add pull request on different projects so there is some contribution, at least on some mods i'm working on. It's been years that I witness a lot of hostility toward her, (or anyone using any of her mod/tool ... yeah), for promoting her own mod on the tool she maintain, if i've been her i would have done the same, and most of you too let's be honest. Maybe not in the same way but still. My mod, my sweat, my time. Self-promotion isn't a crime especially considering all the time and effort put into a public service. Then things escalated, fixes that should have been called tweaks, misinformations, little revenge and such. Let's be clear, i'm not defending everything Roxannne have done in the past, and this baldurian's sea tower case is just unfair. I'm just giving her credits for what she contributed, for maintaining a tool that, like it or not is very popular for newcomers. I repeat myself, I'M NOT SUPPORTING HER ACTIONS, especially the latter. I am not aware of half of the story here, and i doubt everything is on her, some of her detractor have a responsability too, for this whole situation because it crearly have started years ago, not just with this baldurian's sea tower case. I just wish the better for the community. I'm done with this subject, i'm sorry for opening old wounds and if i have offensed anyone.
  10. Ah thanks, mystery solved. I didn't know that such files could contain dialogs, is this common ?
  11. Hey, sorry for hijacking this thread, not sure about where to post. I got a question about TICam.tra ; i've found a few stringrefs (@284, @285, @286 and @287) not linked to TICam.d Can you tell me from wich .D these lines are ? Thanks.
  12. You better tell that to common players, let's not be fooled, most use it because Roxanne's BWS tool work fine and it's easy to use. You can manually bypass those unofficial versions and replace them with whatever you want, it works. I doubt it makes me anything dumb. Using something coming from Roxanne is not a crime. Otherwise we all better uninstall half our mods, cause she has contributed for most of them. I didn't know about this Balduran's sea tower case, that is beyond limits... I mean publish an updated version of an abandoned project without having the permission for me is totally ok, but stealing assets from an active development team and put your name on it is fucked up. Isn't there copyrights attached to mods ? Any possible legal action ?
  13. I second this, things are complicated enough without having to deal with several versions of the same mod. We're a small community, and we need to avoid this problem getting out of hand. Today thanks to github or such tools we can altogether easily work, fix and translate on different centralized project. I don't care about the overweening ego of some modders, and their disguised, ridiculous childish war.
  14. Alright, it's ready then. I opened a pull request on github.
  15. Hey Jastey ! Proofreading is done, i'm really close to a release ! But i've found something strange while checking files before sending to you the updated french translation. In english c#q10001.tra : stringref @38 is commented (/* @38 = ~He said something about "going North", but that's it.~ */). But in german, for exemple it's not. Should i comment it as well ?
  16. If the party is allowed to assist to the experiment, i expect some kind of... failure of the experiment, undeads turnings against Sylar and the party. But Silence's shop is not the perfect place. Or Sylar himself turn into... something while practicing his experiment. Or a simple, empty house that you might discover later, filled with zombies and on the ground lay a dead necromancer without further explanation. Maybe a journal on him. Or, Sylar got caught by the flaming fist, you can meet him later in one of the cells. You can try to help him, proving his good will, or not. That's how i expected the quest to end up. EDIT : Was a bit tired yesterday, let me change a fews things.
  17. Well, while translating this part of the mod i asked myself why is there no follow-up of this quest. Might be a cool idea, just sayin'.
  18. SCS v32+ french translation is actually being updated, but there is still some work to do so you just have to wait for a bit. If you want to be of any help you can reach the translators here : https://www.baldursgateworld.fr/lacouronne/la-chambre-des-scribes/
  19. Hi, Just to let you know that the french translation update is over and actually being proofreaded by Le Marquis and Elisabeth. It should be out soon, so if you have planned any new update you might want to wait a little bit. While i've done the translation i believe to have found a fews typos in the english version ; bgqe\tra\english\wasylar.tra @10 discedit -> discredit bgqe\tra\english\tremains_son.tra @0 scheeming -> scheming bgqe\tra\english\bgqe_game.tra @118 oblidged -> obliged bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @26 pushkart -> pushcart bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @28 attone -> atone bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @79 tial -> trial I'm not english native so i might be wrong on some. Thanks to you for making such a great mod (My favorite alongside BG1 NPC), Brage's sword is a smart finding !
  20. Hello Jastey. It's just to let you know that i've taken back the french translation of BGQE, the previous one was v15 (i believe) made by Le Marquis. The previous translator (Le Marquis) is already busy on an another big translation project, i asked him and he agreed, he is kind enough to do the proofreading. There is around 400 lines, so it won't take too long. If you have planned any news lines for v22, you can also send them to me in pm.
  21. I've found the problem, i checked any mods who got a songlist.2da file into it. So i found Fading Promise and The longer Road. To test wich one bring the bug i've done 2 full installation ; - One with Fading Promise wihtout The Longer Road. - One with The Longer Road and without Fading promise. The result are The Longer Road one is working as intended, and the Fading Promise one add the Inn-music at each banters of BG1 NPC Project. I believe you also maintain Fading Promise so i inform you that a BG1NPC + EET + Fading Promise installation might cause this problem. But someone else need to investigate and try to replicate the bug to be sure (It might also be something comming from files downloaded by EE/EET Mod Install Tool). Thanks for your time. EDIT : I compared the file EE/EET Mod Install Tool use and the official one (https://github.com/SpellholdStudios/Fading_Promises/releases). It seems like the wieght of the files are slightly different. No Readme or version clearly specified either...
  22. So i've done another new installation with only BG1NPC & EET installed (+ the various mandatory stuff from eet install tool ; Dlc merger, EE mod fixpack, EET fixpack, v25 area patch) using EE/EET Mod Instal Tool. No inn music with the banters from BG1 NPC anymore, so i suppose it's not coming from BG1 NPC, EET or EE/EET Mod Instal Tool (As some might suspect ). No doubt on that. Any guess on wich mod might cause this ? My bet is on The grey clan episode 1 : In candlelight, it take place on bg1, most content happen in friendly-arm-inn, i don't understand how it can broke BG1 NPC banters but who knows... I will try without it and keep you updated. EDIT : It's not TGCe1, the only mods containing a songlist.2da file are Fading Promise and The Longer Road. I will try without them.
  23. Thanks for answering me. I installed BG1 NPC in BGEE first, then EET. It is a completely new installation, I deleted the folders of the previous one. Since BG1 NPC Project and EET are not the only mods i am using, i give you the entire list below. Here is my Weidu-BGEE.log, sorry it's mostly in french : And my Weidu.log The installation was made with EE/EET Mod Instal Tool, (yeah, yeah i know...). I'll try to make an installation with only BG1NPC & EET together to see if those are the problem (with and without EE/EET Mod Instal Tool), i'll keep you updated.
  24. Hello. I don't know if it's related to v24.4 but i got a problem. The last few days i tried to make an EET installation with BG1 NPC Project 24.4. It's not the first time i play with it, and usually i also instal BG1 NPC Project Music Pack. But it seems like the music pack did not work anymore, because of copyright issues. Alright, no problem then, i choose to remove the music pack but keep BG1 NPC Project, and make another new installation. But something weird happens ; Each time a banter from the mod happen, an inn music is triggered. Not any music is supposed to be triggered with banters from the BG1 NPC Project if the BG1 NPC Project Music Pack is not installed right ? I tried with a sole installation of BGEE and BG1 NPC Project, and it work like a charm, so i don't get it.
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