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  1. It says this is not a game directory press ENTER to exit (it is in my baldurs gate folder which is in my steam common apps folder
  2. I am planning on getting a level 20 kensai (I'm cheesing this time around so I checked max hp rolls on level up and the hp level up until level 20) at least and the rest of the 30 levels would go to just being able to get me the use any item special ability. is there a way around this? - PS thanks for answering my question guys
  3. The Gibberlings tweak anthology lets you get up to level 50 but I'm wondering if there is a way to raise or eliminate that.
  4. Im wondering if I should alter this in cd-tweaks anthology so it can get through level 20 or does it normally go higher than that?
  5. this is a mod for baldurs gate ii enhanced edition bty
  6. My hard drive was fried and while it worked before I don't know why I can't get it working now... I download it into my downloads folder and then click install and it says in the command prompt that there was an error... can anyone help me?
  7. I want haste to be on constantly (otherwise it's painfully also) I also want there to be a no cap on experience that you can achieve (keep in mind I have downloaded something from this site before that did this but my SSD had to be replaced and I don't remember what file to download... please help me...
  8. Do I download the .zip ones (if so which one) or the .exe version and if so where do I download them to? is what im talking about
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