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  1. The Tweaks Anthology used to work for me it no longer does no matter if I completely uninstall it, Baldaur's Gate II Enhanced Edition, and Steam the result is always the same... But is there anything else before I go to these extreme measures? (I have to get a new OS reinstall disk for one and I don't know how to format my only working SSD (my HHD broke). I posted this already but I am doing it again because I really don't want to reinstall Windows (or format).
  2. Okay, I'll do that but where should I put the steamlibrary for the games that I will have to store on my SSD (C:) Which is the only functional storage drive I have besides my flash drive.
  3. I uninstalled steam using IObit Uninstaller and THEN went and deleted every thing (even hidden files) in the Steam program 86x folder then I reinstalled it and it didnt work (the game does but the Tweaks Anthology still won't). Is there ANYTHING I can try before I try RESETTING my PC in the Recovery tab of the Update & Security section of Windows 10 settings.
  4. okay so I completely uninstalled steam then deleted the folder that remained then I redownloaded steam and installed it in the c:\program(x86)\steamapps\common\baldurs gate II EE and it did exactly the same thing. Did a new version come out that might be giving me problems? Any ideas at all? Thanks for listening.
  5. Okay I copied it so its c:\baldurs gate II enhanced edition and the Weidu was extracted into that then I ran weidu.exe and it had so many options I couldn't figure out which ones to choose can you tell me step by step which options in the weidu.exe program that I am supposed to type in? (sorry for asking but I've been trying to do this for a long time). Also as far as putting it on another partition I COULD do that I know how to make another partition but I'm hoping I don't have to.
  6. I have tried copying and pasting the folder from steam to program files x86 but the same thing happened... I don't know how to check to see if an auto update broke it is there a way to check and if it did roll it back?
  7. what the hell are you talking about moron? I am allowed to run the god damn program because I bought it you god damn fool. Same with the other programs you are talking about.
  8. Sorry didn't know i wasn't logged on on my account when i answered but no even when i used to be able to get tweaks anthology to work it only had 2 languages i think.
  9. It was installed on a windows 10 system and the window was selected when I pressed 0 (english) + enter. still nothing happened. So you're saying I should edit the game path in steam to what? Because I told it to install to the exact baldurs gate ii ee folder before it installed. (also uninstalling the game AND steam I think has been one of the things I've tried before.) the folder is something lice c:\mypc\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\baldurs gate II enhanced edition that is right right?
  10. This time it didn't give a permission warning but it gave the same result when I tried to run the installer and I chose the proper baldurs gate ii ee steam folder for the ap to go to this is what I get (After it does some pre installation stuff before you get to the baldurs gate questions) the picture it wont let me proceed from is included.
  11. It does not give me permission and I know how you are supposed to install mods which was what I was doing. Of course I installed it to the profile folder
  12. Thanks for your reply. It was in the program x86/steam directory but I just tried putting bgIIee on the desktop and running the tweaks there but that didn't work... I have had "permission" problems with steam games before even thought I'm literally the only admin (or account of any kind) on this computer... is there anything I can do besides reinstalling Windows 10?
  13. Okay, thanks I figured that probably wasn't the reason but the only thing left that I know how to do that I haven't is reinstall Windows and what if that doesn't work...
  14. Is there an alternate place to download it? (Last time I got it to work it was downloaded from here but I am at a loss as to where to go from here.)
  15. I waited longer than I ever have when installing this program, like 30 seconds (might not seem like a lot but my PC is fast and like I said this used to be so fast of an installer that there wasn't just no freezing it had no lag either.) Thanks for looking at my question. But yes I only had 2 language options (this isn't abnormal to me though because even back when it worked just fine I think it only gave those two options if I'm not mistaken.
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