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  1. So i'm having a weird thing with the arcanist. Can't seem to get the spellcasting to work at level 1. Not sure if this is mentioned elsewhere. But starting up a new game, test arcanist, pick spells then sleep at the inn. The cast spell icon goes gray and never comes back. I level up, do the same thing, and it works.
  2. Curious why IWDEE was removed as a compatible game for the first component. It seems to be ok in Spell Revisions V18 but removed for the latest revised. Wondering if it will break anything if i add it back as a compatible game.
  3. For some reason i thought it was the advanced AI script used by EE. Honestly just off glancing through the few scripts, my default would probably be fighter2.bcs. The script doesn't use the special actions, but still has Grey acting like a war dog
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or just regular play. But when grey is in 7th party mode, he's passive except when attacked. Is there anyway to have him act according to his script, aka attack when seeing enemies? I'm probably misunderstanding the functionality, so feel free to correct me. But it looks like he defaults to the class script default.bcs when in 7th party mode, instead of the c#grey.bcs which contains the attack functions.
  5. using those spl files, starting with grey already in party. Switched to 7th party mode. Got one effect of protection from opcode 101, then added him back to party. Protection from opcode 101 disappears, which i'm assuming is the intended function.
  6. Playing Baldurs Gate EE with dlcmerged. only mod that looks like it modified it was spell revisions based off backup folders. WeiDU.log
  7. So fyi, any time you switch between 7th party mode on grey, you get an extra set of the C#min5hp effects on every other party member. So i welcome him back to the party, then make him 7th again, i get another set of 'protection from spell', 'protection from spell', and 'protection from opcode' all related to that resource on every party member in the party at the time of switch.
  8. Just tried to install the latest GIT master and was unable to install this component. Tried it by itself besides the mod merge. Attached error log and weidu. SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG WeiDU.log EDIT: It looks like this is part of the DavidW additions, which is maintained by his code. He's already acknowledged it on the GIT, but i'll leave this up as a note for anybody else who ran into this issue.
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