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  1. Hi there. I absolutely love mods like this and wish there was more of them. Item Upgrades has been a long time favorites and this feels like an amazing edition to it. I do have some suggestions for items that could be imported from BG1. Cloak of Balduran I think it's pretty cool to keep items, or recover items from your earlier adventures. I think a cool place to hide it would be in Saerk Farrahd's Estate in the Bridge District. It's only really used for Anomen's Evil Quest. Saerk is also described as Filthy Rich, so I imagine he could probably be a collector of fine "antiquities". So maybe beef up the security or accessible after Chapter 6? Turning the second floor into an another Guarded Compound. (Golden) Sword of Balduran + Upgrades. Bastard Swords are criminally underutilized and I think this would be a great way to include another. And possibly make the detour to Werewolf Island in TotSC worth it. I imagine a SoA-level upgrade would make it a +3. I'm not sure which materials to use myself though. Ring of Wizardry aka Double Level 1 Spells. I'm not sure why this wasn't included in BG2. It makes identifying easier, or just more Magic Missiles or Spooks. An idea is in the Docks District in Prebak's Home on one of the Wizards. Koveras's Ring of Protection This is just an idea, but it would be cool if it turns into a personal ring for CHARNAME. And you can upgrade it in both enchantment level and in features. Like a Perma Protection from Evil to even a Deathward Later one. Just some ideas I had.
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