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  1. Hullo Peeps! In order for me to get the next version of my Fade mod released (well, thats my excuse... it'll make me work faster!) I need a new area to be made up for ToB. It's nothing huge (it's a palace - outside grounds and then 3 levels inside the Palace - a dungeon (with cells I can lock people in to), an entry way with a few extra rooms and an lavish, comfortable upstairs. It needs to big enough to stage some big old scraps. Pasha smackdown ahoy!). I have approached someone to help, but he's reeeaaallly busy right now and I don't want to have to keep hassling him, so if anyone else can help, or knows someone who can help, I would be very grateful and vitual sweeties will most liberally handed out! Cheers in advance :cheers: Elysia xx PS. Fades forum is here if you can help me *flutters eyelashes invitingly*
  2. SoA Fade is pretty much stable now - I know exactly where any remaining glitches are (which have been ironed out for the new version anyway!) so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm sure Amber will play like a dream Notes are fine Since it seems to take me an age nowadays to get anything done, I wouldn't fret none! I just like the crossmod idea
  3. Congratulations on the beta, Meira! Since my summer holiday starts next week, although I will be spending time testing Fade ToB, I am planning to play the game through for fun, so I am happy to take Amber along for the ride (A whole party of tieflings - it's what we want!) This may also allow us to both work on some banters for the crossmod pack....? I hope as two thieves, our character will have some interesting things to say to each other!
  4. CoM Fade Mod (BG2) Author - Mistress Elysia Fade is a Fey'ri (elven tiefling) Shadow Thief working in the employ of Aran Linvail. In the past she has been used as a slave, a whore and a gladiator, and all these experiences have shaped her into the slightly fractured character she is today. She is quick to anger and can be cruel and abrasive, but is also loyal, generous and very keen to please people she likes. She also has those who would hunt her down... (SoA Romance NPC released, TOB in progress. Friendship path for both SoA and ToB also in progress.) Homepage Forum Added
  5. And they think there isn't a market for that kind of thing... Although I did once find a website that sold bona-fide chainmail bikinis. Allegedly, they are very comfortable. I have yet to be convinced of this fact...
  6. It could be arranged... *runs off cackling with her pencils clutched firmly in one hand* I've drawn pics of men in scanty leather armour...does that count?
  7. My thief, Fade, is very close to being released (in the next few weeks or so, hoping everything goes alright... *crosses fingers*), and I would love to have her included in this. Added
  8. Hi there...thanks to Cyberquirt I have been directed in this direction.... I personally think it would be more than plausable for Viconia to find women attractive - where there are no society 'stigmas' attached to something, no one feels bad and therefore your curiosity / urges can be explored to your little hearts content, for good or for ill. Cyber and I were discussing this because of a project I am working on at the moment regarding a bisexual female Fey'ri (elven tiefling) character - I really would like her and Viconia to have a 'sordid little affair', but am concerned with peoples reactions to this. I couldn't have said it better myself... Elysia xx
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