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  1. I kinda have not seen that support for more than 3 months already, so..... nope. It would be more accurate to say "occasional support". Also, calling "support a mod" a version which is not working properly or the whole section of it is disfunctional - kinda meh. Though, i understand that coding involves a lot of attention, chore and drudgery, and human mistake as a possible factor is always there, and there is compatibility issue with other mods (which are being updated as the time goes) can create additional problems etc. So no big deal here. DawidW's possible life issues, his possible real life problems, possible health issues, possible realation issues etc etc are the perfect explanation why he does not pay more attention to the mod and from my perspective its also perfectly understandable (it may also be that he does not care about the mod at all anymore, and that would be also perfectly understandable). But all that does not cancel the fact the support is shitty. Producing latest version with non functional mage AI and not caring about that for more than 3 months - thats shitty. And waiting for more than 3 months for "fixed version" and not even knowing when it will be done or will it be done at all - thats pretty shitty FOR ME. I am getting those vibes: " please hold, our operator will be with you shortly...." Not a good service. So my rate of this support is clear. I, personally, dont need any apologies from DawidW and dont expect them. I just want that AI issue being fixed asap, cuz its been long time since it has not been fixed. DawidW will probably read this and make any conclusions he wants, i only hope (mind this, not demand or ask) that he shows up more regularly. Its also clear for me that you, modders, should support each other, give each other pat on the back etc (like in any occupation of field of activity) , and its perfectly fine for me. But if some professional, ethical or moral principal or integrity wont let you criticize the work or activity of your counterpart, that does not mean those principals or integrity exist for me. So, i got some perspective. Maybe its not correct to say anymore that "DawidW supports the mod" when he does not.
  2. Thats a shit maintenance, if you ask me. Surely you did not ask, but if you had aksed, i would have said thats a shit one.
  3. speaking of the devil. When is he coming back?
  4. non-round numbers make me feel uncomfortable.
  5. @ptifab wow thats a big list. Thank you for pointing those bugs out.
  6. @Bartimaeus thx for the update. any plans for SRR new version?
  7. wow a lot of new commits, cool stuff. Also yesterday i recalled we had some issues with Horn placement (lich deryl and wrong crit type in file or somethign like that). Just wanted to remind its not fixed. If it is - nothing to worry about
  8. thank you. but i am a bit confused. Should i move that file manually every time i install IRR?
  9. @megapilhas great feedback and i am inclined to agree with most of it. @Bartimaeus yes it was EE version and my constant and never changing installation pack is BG EE, IRR, SRR, SCS (with ascension in BG 2 EE). Nothing else. Also on a sidenote, while doing my runs i am becoming more and more convinced that some potions being indispellable is a cheat. Which ones is debatable but potion of speed comes to mind first.
  10. @Bartimaeus I am on another bg run and Belt of Inertial Barrier still not working
  11. @Bartimaeus Well i dunno, maybe i am doing something wrong, could you help me here. I fresh installed IRR, tested the belt. Either its on or off it does not make any difference where i am being attacked by enemy (no malus for their THAC0: enemy dwarf attacks me for x+3 with the belt and same x+3 without it. Clearly i dont see malus here working. AS i posted about month ago here in previous version (before you attempted to fix it) at least Belt imposed malus on enemy THAC0 (it was visible from hit rolls - x+3 without Belt on and x+2 with Belt on). I did not test AC malus this time (and honestly i spent a lot of time already doing it with previous version of IRR) but i assume it does nto work as well. Its actually very frustrating. UPD. ok i jsut noticed u made another changes in Belt, i installed IRR i downloaded 2 days ago, so maybe it was not the SUPEr latest version of IRR, but it was the one after u said it was fixed. Oh well, another 1 hour to spend to reinstall everything.
  12. Ok, could you please give me the code for the item (the Belt) for console so ill test it in super fresh installation
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