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  1. Perfect, please implement immediately. Would reinstall just for this.
  2. She'd be cooking, think of the last time you were in 40°C heat with no wind.
  3. No item ability appears at any point.
  4. @subtledoctor recreatign the character, occasionally I don't get a prompt to memorise spells at creation, but usually I do. No spells are visible in my spellbook. Also, sometimes I don't even have the innate! Whenever I do get the innate, it does nothing. finally, I cannot write scrolls to spellbook before or after using the innate. Current weidu log in an earlier post if you need it.
  5. Super, good luck. @subtledoctor, my fighter/sorcerer has no spells, I click the innate "initialize sorcerer spellcasting" and it casts, but nothing happens and I do not recieve any spells. I was able to select 4 at character creation.
  6. I think it's the combination of mods I have, basically anything where additional creatures or abilities are added gets compounded by SCS and other tweaks! Mages, Battle Horrors, Greater Basilisks, Wraith Spiders are all problematic. This is further enhanced by my disabling Lock/Trap/Scroll XP and halving murder XP, leavign me pootentially underlevelled for some encounters. It wasn't a complaint, I want the game to be hard.
  7. I'm in favour of universal usability with restricted proficiencies, it's much more realistic and simpler.
  8. Just reinstalled as I had issues to solve (Baeloth missing, Dorn broken, porbably because I'd tried to both passify and relocate them using diff mods), and now have an odd issue. @lefreut, when I use Faydark's Autoroller, it crashes if my character is an Elf or Gnome, but otherwise works perfectly. I've tried a variety of classes and kits, they make no difference. In better news, simple centred dialogue works well. Hidden gameplay options still shows in the BG2 UI though (I have LeUI SoD installed). Also, I can't find any crash files, does EET store them somewhere new? Weidu log:
  9. PC001, PC002 etc. Also, worth knowing that in EE, you only need a single portrait, the game will resize it for you. Resizing can slightly blur it, so you will get sharper small portraits if you resize manually.
  10. Hey @subtledoctor are all of these tweaks designed to work with SR/SRR, or as alternatives to it?
  11. I haven't messed with Soundsets, but for portraits I have a big folder of properly sized and named NPC and PC portraits that I dump into override and my portraits folder respectively.
  12. UB lets you find a brooch (Fibula) that Kagain confirms belonged to young Silvershield. He then also makes comments at the Silvershield estate.
  13. I had an issue with shields too, whenever I clicked on an equipped shield the game froze.
  14. Absolutely understand, and I have been making some effort to report issues with full info. Unfortunately most of my EEex isntalls were done with a list of mods that had other incompatibilities (overlapping quest stuff and messed up kits and proficiencies, probably not the cause of crashes, but could be) and while I was busy with work. I've nuked my install so many times since I'm not convinced I can provide the right .dmp's and weidu logs for you, otherwise I would. Once I have a setup that is fully stable and functional without EEex, I'd like to reintroduce it and will provide reports. All I can tel lyou for now is that with it installed I got frequent but inconsistent crashes after chapter starts and cutscenes or when loading games and areas. After removing it those are gone. I appreciate your commitment to fixing it and am not seeking to deter others from testing, but it's too much of a challenge when managing such a long mod list, so once I knew it was either causing or contributing to the crashes I had, I dropped it and moved on fast.
  15. I am playiong through EET with SCS (almost at full), SRR, IRR and loads of your mods. This topic has come up a lot as the improved mages (and I think some of @Angel's encounters, need to start recording and checking what added who!) are brutal and use a mix of protections. I'm having to cross reference a lot of stuff to ensure that descriptions and notifications match reality and that I understand the effects of potential pierce effects. The system you describe sound much simpler and more sensible to me. Not sure how much of that is just seeing it laid out like this, rather than jumping around readmes and spell descriptions in game though!
  16. I haven't tried multiplayer at all. I don't use subtitles and have not seen any such test issues. Nope, all working fine. Only crashes I've had are from collecting every book i nthe game into a mod added book container (maybe the BG1RE one?), stopped happenign when I ditched them. I'm working on a big list of issues at the moment, will post over the next few days. Caused a few crashed for me so I gave up, can't justify it based on the 3 components it would enable for me. I really want Bubb's Spell Menu, but not enough to run an unstable game.
  17. Hmm, I have it, but installed before FnP, which may be a mistake. I haven't yet played a shaman (or made it to SoD) so I can't comment on compatibility. I'll let you know what I find when I do.
  18. Ready to go. I have it installed already, feel free to send me any updated WIP files or just indicate which ones have dialogue or item files in. I've been taking notes as I play, and will at some point figure out what mod all the characters that need dialogue edits belong to and suggest changes.
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