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  1. The only way I could manage to win this fight on insane was also using a lot of fireballs on the beginning, otherwise the knights would just destroy me in 2 seconds. I know that you already won the fight with a similar tactic, but this video at 28min shows a good example anyways.
  2. I see, guess i'm just going to use it moderately, then. Just one last thing that i didn't notice before: the elemental token deals slashing damage instead of crushing, is there any fix to that? Thanks for the feedback!
  3. The elemental token sets the dex to 10, so you must unequip and equip the dex gloves again to be back at 18. I just wast to know if the ability to change the equipment while in token form is an intentional design choice, basically.
  4. Greetings, fellow worshipers of this wonderful mod! I've never played with druids before and only now discovered that when you equip the token all bonuses from items still applies. Only bonuses coming from the shield doesn't seem to stack. I also tried using belm on the offhand to see if the apr would change, but it only reduced thac0. Reading the Earth Elemental description i thought to myself that his drawback was losing AC and mobility, but I can just equip the dex gloves(this will actually improve your AC) and the speed bots after shapeshifting, making Jaheira a juggernaut. So, It
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