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  1. Well i think i'm a good student cos' i got it right this time. First i run a clean install on my C:\Users\<username>\ Then i had to replace the .exe file from tweaks to stratagems to update wiedu. And after all that trouble, BINGO! Thanks mates! I couldn't work this out without you
  2. Should I try with the lastest version SCS? Will it work on my bg2ee 1.3 version?
  3. Following your step by step i've these nice critical error. I think i will make a youtube video showing what i see on my computer..
  4. Good point, in my BG1EE i see only weidu 23700 in the WSETUP.DEBUG. The thing about more recent SCS versions is that they need BGEE + 2.0 versions, right? Otherwise, i've tried running SCS v30 with Tweaks Anthology v3 and same mistake. So.. i'm a little bit lost here. SOS please haha.
  5. Well first things first: thanks you all for your answers. I forgot to mention that in my BG1EE v1.3.2053 the same .exe files (SCS v30 and Tweaks anthology 9) works fine. Here it is the complete version of the setup-cdtweaks.debug file: https://mega.nz/file/J0A2BIDY#p5b305ojilYQ-wy64fgAa47jziKzXU2wnZ5thMyZuEg Here it is the complete version of the SETUP-STRATAGEMS.debug file: https://mega.nz/file/F8gDSaLZ#cOlaD3F2sD_oxRTbYKONasBoHMJINscQ6yKcZpSy8jk Order instalation: 1) BG2EE 1.3.2064 2) Tweaks anthology v9 3) SCS v30 Other relevant information: I'm usi
  6. Hi! and greetings young ones. I'm having some issues when installing mods in my BG2EE v1.3.2064. Two mods I want to run together: SCS v30 and Tweaks anthology 9. I've tried the following: Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with SCS v30: works fine. Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with Tweaks anthology 9: works fine. Clean instalation BG2EE v1.3.2064 with Tweaks anthology 9 and then SCS v30: error. The file setup-stratagems_autoinstall say: CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 130 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2 8 140 Installed CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWE
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