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  1. In case Google ever leads someone here: You can cheese this fight at least on Tactical difficulty by pausing the instant you are teleported to the board, then queuing up your entire party to hit the center of the board with Fireballs or potions of explosion. Unpause to let the dialogue trigger. Close the dialogue. Everything but the king dies. Occasionally a knight survives, finish it off with missiles or whatever. Cross the board to dispatch of the lone king. Terrible from a roleplaying perspective since you have to know what to do in advance, but after the fifth reload, I don't care anymore.
  2. Then maybe I am doing something fundamentally wrong. Even if I get an entire buffed, invisible and lightning-immune party across the board, surround the king and have at him, the other pieces still take me out before the king dies. Sarevok was a cakewalk compared to this.
  3. I love this mod, but bloody Hades is that chess game ever brutal. I've never liked it much to begin with because it teleports you into a fight without a chance to prepare, but with SCS installed, is there actually a way to win this thing without cheesing or flat out cheating? (I found some forum topics on this, but they're from 2007, so like thirty SCS versions ago.) For reference, I am going in with a level 8 group headed by a Kensai and Minsc, with Imoen, a cleric and two mages. I do not usually have to reload at all (though Durlag's Tower really is a lot more challenging than in the va
  4. There can never be too many Boo jokes. There's a reason I never have the heart to kick Minsc out of the party. If you need any logs or something, give me a shout. For now, I'm keeping the little buggers safe in my pocket. (The little boogers? No, that's not what I keep in my pocket.)
  5. So, this time I made sure I have the current mod version installed (v21 from the github page). However, there is severe strangeness in the Hamster Dilemma quest. When you first ... acquire Tai (as I've dubbed Boo's beau, you know, the hamster lady he's booholden to), the merchant tells you he is going to the Friendly Arm inn, then leaves. However, three days later he reappears at the Nashkel carnival. The conversation he offers there is clearly meant to be had at the Friendly Arm. If you return Tai at this point, the merchant vanishes for good. This seems like a bug to me. The second
  6. This raises a followup question though: How are mods' quests stored? Reinstalling all mods seems to have erased all non-vanilla quests from my journal. Are they stored somewhere other than the usual save files?
  7. Installing the newest version of UB did indeed resolve my problem. Thankfully I still had a save where I had not entered the map yet.
  8. Thank you! Serves me right for downloading from anywhere other than the project repo, I guess. I'll report back once I finish reinstalling, which due to SCS might take a good while.
  9. Ah dang, I had already scrubbed my game files to do a clean install when I read your message. I have attached the new weidu log. Upon installing, UB still asks me whether I want to install the Prism fix. I replied no this time. This leaves me with the "'twas all for naught" outcome. (I do have the correct mod version, right? I downloaded UB from pocketplane because I could not find a git repo for it.) Edit: Never mind. I found the github project page, and my UB version is horribly outdated. I am so sorry for bothering you. I'll go stand in a corner while it reinstalls.
  10. Odd, that is the version I have installed. Might have to try again without mods at some point.
  11. Is it really fixed in BGEE? If I uninstall the "Prism and the Emeralds Tweak" component, I just get the "Alas, it was all for naught" ending where Prism wanders away and vanishes, leaving the sculpture unfinished. PS: I have also tried meeting Prism without any party members who interject into the conversation, but without success.
  12. Hi all! Does anyone have experience on running the NPC Project alongside Unfinished Business? I am currently unable to help poor Prism complete his sculpture. After Greywolf's death, Prism simply becomes unresponsive, uttering [PRISM 2] from the .tlk file ("Soon... my work will be done"). Nothing else happens. Though if I pickpocket him at this point, then give back the gem, I can summon another Greywolf, thus farming an unlimited number of Varsconas. Which, don't get me wrong, is nice, but I would much rather see Prism's life's work complete than have six characters dual-wielding Varscon
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