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  1. ChangeEnemyAlly it should update creature's EA as it does for other values such GOODBUTRED or ENEMY... etc. but it does not do that for CONTROLLABLE or ALLY, creature remains uncontrollable, that means it is not true what you said. ... i cant explain better. And the spell of course it is custom spell which i made, it bypass her immunities and her "Protection from Petrification".
  2. BG2: EE v ChangeEnemyAlly() will change circle color but creature is stil not controllable, i casted some buff spell to update her EA. Save/Load works also... IF HotKey(T) THEN RESPONSE #100 CreateCreatureObjectEffect("_!BODHI1","",Myself) // Bodhi Wait(2) ActionOverride("_!BODHI1",ChangeEnemyAlly(Myself,CONTROLLED)) Wait(2) END Spell Immunities, i did not modify her belt in any way nor i did not remove any protection
  3. When cut scene is activated with CutSceneMode() opcode #126 (0x7E) Stat: Movement Modifier, #176 (0xB0) Stat: Movement Modifier (II) does nothing, affected creature moves with normal speed instead until EndCutSceneMode() is called. There is several opcodes that work differently in cut scenes eg. creatures inside MAZE #213 are visible, Stun effect are ignored etc.. Haste #16, Haste2 #317 opcodes seem to work inside cut scenes also. Note: about opcode #318 Protection from Resource From my testing it seems, this is not true what is written about #318 (0x13E) Protection from Resource, effects from eff files cannot be blocked by this opcode #318 nor even spells effects can't be blocked if the effect is added outside of "Special ability". Effect outside of "Special ability" is applied immediately after appearing casting glow (immediately after clicking on spell icon). I think reason why someone thinks eff can be blocked is, because the name is same as spell but in reality the spell itself is blocked not the effect. Any effect inside "Special ability" is blocked also doesn't matter what is the name of the effect. So simply say only effects inside "Special ability" can be blocked by #318 (0x13E) Protection from Spell Resource. (word "Spell" is missing) Same with #101 (0x65) Protection: from Opcode, this effect cannot block effects from EFF files, EFF files are applied by affected creature itself therefore are immunities ignored, eg. when mage cast fireball active Spell Immunity: Evocation, he is hurt by his own "Fireball" or "Incendiary Cloud" spells, mage is immune only against evocation spells casted by other casters. ChangeEnemyAlly() doesn't work properly with BG2:EE 2.5 IF HotKey(T) THEN RESPONSE #100 CreateCreatureObject("Bodhi",Myself) Wait(2) ChangeEnemyAlly("Bodhi",CONTROLLED) // doesnt work with BG2EE 2.5 same problem like AddFamiliar(), this can be used to update action bar SelectWeaponAbility(SLOT_WEAPON1,0) //ActionOverride("Bodhi",SelectWeaponAbility(SLOT_WEAPON1,0)) Wait(2) ChangeEnemyAlly("Bodhi",ENEMY) // this worked on BG2EE 2.5, because bodhi attacked nearest Player END Simulacrum SpellBook Bug: Cast Simulacrum, then select created Simulacrum image and click to second or first weapon slot to switch weapon, open wizard book W and now you see spell book of your Simulacrum image, repeat same with your mage who casted Simulacrum to get your SpellBook back, casting spell also return original SpellBook (= same update action bar bug).
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