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  1. [_!MG1.DLG] created from [_!MG1.DLG] [_!MG1.DLG] LEXER ERROR at line 47 column 1-16 Near Text: - invalid character [-] [_!MG1.DLG] ERROR at line 47 column 1-16 Near Text: - Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [_!MG1.DLG]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: [_!MG1.DLG] -> [override/_!MG1.DLG] Patching Failed (COPY) (Parsing.Parse_error) Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [EET end (last mod in install order) -> Standard installation], rolling back to previous state Unable to Unlink [EET/backup/end/0/OTHER.0]: Unix.Unix_error(1, "unlink", "EET/backup/end/0/OTHER.0") The problem is not with exclamation symbol "!" or with _! prefix, reason why _!mg1.D mg2.D compiles with errror is, WEIDU removes or does not use ~~ after EXTERN so if value has negative symbol - it will give error when weidu decompiles "_!mg1.dlg" file -1 value remains without ~~ so possible fix is change value -1 to positive eg. 0 or Termination dialog is also possible so replace whole EXTERN ~None~ ~-1~ with EXIT Original _!mg1.D ~-1~ is enclosed by ~~ when weidu decompiles dlg replace files _!MG1.D _!MG2.D in the folder and uninstall/install mod: ...\Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition\Dimension_Gate\NEW\DLG\ _!MG1.D_!MG2.D.rar
  2. #72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State Important: Only reliable timing mode is Timing Mode 1 (all others are bugged and can convert to this timing mode under various circumstances). Timing Modes 1/4/7 will permanently set the creature(s) IDS value, leaving no removable effect. This bug occurs eg. when an item, ranged weapon as bow has opcode #72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State when you equip arrows opcode become permanent and unremovable To prevent this bug (marked red), use opcode #177 (177) Use EFF File timing mode equipped or instant limited, and eff file with opcode #72 (72) IDS: Set IDS State timing mode instant limited 0 is ok. in most of case is duration in the eff file irrelevant.
  3. More details about trigger: 0x4092 InLine(S:Target*,O:Object*) Can return true even both S:Target, O:Object are invisible, range for S: Target seems to be unlimited, O:Object must be in visual range Returns true if O:Object is "blocking" sight line to S: Target Eg.: IF Detect([GOODCUTOFF]) InLine("Imoen",LastSeenBy(Myself)) THEN RESPONSE #100 DisplayStringHead(Myself,2) END
  4. Hi, i imported unpaletted npc as [character_old] with false_color=0 until this everything fine, but what i did not expect weapons still use false colors so sword colors are completely messed. I have defined custom WPXXX bams I choosed [character_old] because animation has 8 direction and i wanted armor levels also. Is there animation type which supports armor level (armor_max_code)? beside [character] anims are 9-dir unmirrored ... [monster_icewind] supports objects like weapons only no helmets or armor levels allowed [monster] support objects like weapons but not helmets or armor i guess... Is there way to force WPXXXXX bams to not use false colors?
  5. So make your conversable item as you wanted you will have "Make Poison" button as you wanted, and script actions will be executed by invisible npc spawned from dialog file,... (add to dialog CreateCreatureObject(....) If you don't want to spam save game file with global variables, you could use local variables instead, to let know what action should be performed by invisible npc add to dialog actions line after npc creation: eg.: ActionOverride("INVSNPC",SetGlobal("ALCHEMY","LOCALS",12)) or set variable via opcode as spell... or without variables? ActionOverride("INVSNPC",TakePartyItemNum("BBERRY_#",30))
  6. yes ranged weapons are penalized in melee combat, projectile can hold 1 sound only while ini can have slash, backslash, jab sounds + alternative sounds are not limited to 3. But if you plan to make some mass patch for all weapons you would end with countless number of files, i had 1 sword and i limited it to thiefs only, because each race/class has special paperdol, human can be mage/cleric/thief,monk.... each has own ini file
  7. the only way how to play melee weapon sound is attach it to creature XXXX.ini file, and then change id appearance to duplicated XXXX.ini... or make fake melee weapon which is in fact ranged weapon with projectile, with attack rage 2, and attach sound to projectile. I used the first method, i made duplicates of thief ini files so after equipping lightsaber thief transformed to duplicated anim of jedi_thief with special lightsaber sounds.
  8. Instead of conversable item spawn invisible npc with opcode #151 (0x97) Summon: Replace Creature, Parameter2=3 (dont remove), attach dialog to npc and it should work. OR.. why dialog, why not make recipes with ingredients, click recipe it will set global variable eg alchemy = 12 , it will spawn invisible npc, npc will check block with value 12 and add item to players inventory, last script block will always set variable alchemy to 0,, npc DestroySelf(), and also good practice attach to npc opcode delayed #168 (0xA8) Summon: Remove Creature self, bad things may happen npc will not destroy self eg, cutscene or party maliciously entered to other location...
  9. #174 (0xAE) Spell Effect: Play Sound Effect attached to item is played only on successful hit, exception is ranged weapon where you can attach sound to projectile itself. I solved similar problem when i wanted to play hm hm lightsaber sound, even if target missed, melee weapon header ignores projectile field
  10. It is possible to define new custom Item animations. Last time i tested it with wizard robes , default robe armor levels are 2W, 3W, 4W , new 5W 6W robes appeared in the game same for character as for paperdoll, therefore i guess it is possible to define other custom values eg. for weapons eg. PB "plasma blaster"
  11. First Item created by action CreateItem(S:ResRef*,I:Usage1*,I:Usage2*,I:Usage3*) is not visible in the inventory, if creature dies by normal death, item is dropped if creature dies by disintegrated, petrified death, item (with flag: critical) is dropped if creature dies by frozen death, item (with flag: critical) is immediately destroyed, removed from inventory even its CRITICAL (even victim is still in one piece). If creature leaves party critical invisible item is moved into Protagonist's inventory, item is normally visible. This action always puts newly created item into Magical weapon slots instead of inventory, if Magical weapon slots is already occupied items are created in the inventory as they should.
  12. Small bird is not problem, i guess, best not bumpable and immune to wing buffet, theoretically the invisible npc could work like a trap with use of script or opcode #232 to detect range of enemy. I did little test with Exploding Trap SPCL911, map note did not display after setting trap. When i copied opcode 252 from spell SPCL911B to spell SPCL911 into spell Extended Header map note displayed on the map and also was removed when enemy target triggered trap. If 252 opcode is put to spell SPCL911 to Spell Header, map note will appear but is not removed when enemy trigger trap)
  13. with script yes but you need to know exact coords x,y and with opcode add yes but to remove with opcode spell need to be casted to same position as map marker I wanted to use it for trap spell, to remove map marker some invisible creature should stay there which will hold exact x,y coords to remove marker opcode.
  14. Dice field Dice Thrown / Maximum Level and Dice Sides / Minimum Level are not limited to first class level only, work with LEVEL1 LEVEL2 LEVEL3 if creature is dual-class of multi-class, if creature is single class LEVEL2 LEVEL3 are ignored, if creature is eg. FIGHTER-MAGE LEVEL3 is ignored. Spell Effect is applied if Dice Thrown / Maximum Level >= LEVEL1 OR Dice Thrown / Maximum Level >= LEVEL2 OR Dice Thrown / Maximum Level >= LEVEL3 Spell Effect is applied if Dice Sides / Minimum Level <= LEVEL1 OR Dice Sides / Minimum Level <= LEVEL2 OR Dice Sides / Minimum Level <= LEVEL3 Spell Extended_Header Level Required, caster level for Special, Innate, Psionic spell type spells is calculated as average , again LEVEL2, LEVEL3 are IGNORED if it is single class. RoundUP((LEVE1+LEVEL2+LEVEL3)/3), eg, 11,33333 = 12 level Spell Extended_Header Level Required, caster level for Priest, Wizard spell type spells is checked as ClassLevel eg. FIGHTER_MAGE_CLERIC, LEVEL1=3, LEVEL2=2, LEVEL3=9 0x4094 Level(O:Object*,I:Level*) trigger will return average level from all 3 classes, (3+2+9)/3 = 14/3 = 4,666666666666667 = 5 level Target will not be killed by Death Spell SPWI605.SPL becacuse LEVEL3 is higher than 8, for script is better to use: CheckStatLT(LastSeenBy(Myself),9,LEVEL) CheckStatLT(LastSeenBy(Myself),9,LEVEL2) CheckStatLT(LastSeenBy(Myself),9,LEVEL3)
  15. Spells like Skull Trap, Cloudkill, can bypass opcode #102 (0x66) Spell: Immunity (by Power Level) eg: Mage with Globe of Invulnerability can harm himself when casts Skull Trap SPWI313. Setting spell header bit 2 (Hostile) will prevent self-damage. This works for single target spells also, like Magic Missile SPWI112, with Hostile flag Magic Missile don't harm mage protected by opcode #102, when he tries to kill himself.
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