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    Is BG1 NPC still compatible with BGEE since Beamdog released version 2.0 with so many alterations including the VI, Journal and Spell Books?
  2. Alboy

    Download not working

    Thanks for fixing the download, it works fine now. The readme on the main webpage for the Gibberlings still says v2.6. not v4.0.
  3. Alboy

    Download not working

    The version 4 download for Amber is not working, it says Internet Explorer can not open it or it is missing. Any idea what to do? Also on the mian webpage when you check the readme it says version 2.6?
  4. The Readme for version 13 still says it is version 11.
  5. The readme is still for version 9, will it be updated soon.
  6. Alboy


    Is there a updated readme for version 4.
  7. Alboy

    The Readme

    Thanks for the latest version for PST. Will you be updating the readme to version 2.31 or will you leave it as 2.30.
  8. I updated my AVG Virus yesterday & have 5 Trojan Horses they are all Agent.AYMl. They are. RE v4 Assassinations v5 Level 1 NPCs v1.1 Xan BG1 Friend v5 Bonehill v226 Patch All of these were fine until l updated yesterday. I sent the list to AVG & they sent back a email saying all files were detected correctly. Has anyone any idea as to what is happening.
  9. Alboy


    Hi, Still not updated, says version 8 Alan
  10. Hi, Just thought l would let you know the readme has not been updated yet, it still says version 8. Alan
  11. Hi, Is there any reason why these 3 mods are not listed in the Easytutu Mod list. Drizzt Saga Gnomes Beregost Crash Fixer Alan
  12. Hi, Not everyone wants to use TutuGUI, so for those people that dont use TutuGUI is the mod compatable with Tutu, can it be included but mention the cosmetic problems for people that want to use TutuGUI. Alan
  13. Hi, Is there any reason as to why the Widescreen mod is not included in the Tutu Mod Compatibility and Order of Install page. Alan
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