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  1. @jastey Sorry for the delay! You can find the Italian dialogue attached here. I translated it from @923 line, is it correct? dialogue_italian.tra
  2. Hi there, I just finished translating EET and EET-Tweaks into Italian language. I attach the TRA files to this topic, if you are interested in downloading and adding them to the main setup. (Please note that "movies" folder is empty due to size limits of attachments... anyway, my game is in Italian language, but I can't find the original BG1 movie dialogs... err...) @K4thos Thanks for your awesome mod! EET-TWEAKS_it_IT.zip EET_it_IT.zip
  3. Noted that. Thanks for the info
  4. Hi guys, I am new to the forum but I am a regular BG player. I just finished translating Alternatives mod into Italian language. I tried sending @berelinde the TRA files directly, to add them to the mod's setup. However, I didn't got any reply. So I'm attaching them to this topic. I hope I am not breaking any rules! Enjoy :) alternatives_mod_italian.zip
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