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  1. Is LL#LiJ dialog file associated with your NPC's script name "Liella" in PDIALOG.2DA?
  2. Now how did I manage to commit so many typos in a single post? Can't even edit it now. Corrected version:
  3. Yes for katanas, just like with any other weapon. It might be possible to add the off-hand animations too, I think. Judging by this post by Andrea Colombo, it would involve adding missing udrz1a7, udrza8, udraz9 bam files for dual-wielding attack sequences, as well as filling in any missing object offhand animations (OA[789]) - probably the same scimitars and flaming swords, for one. But as mentioned in that thread, the scimitars would have to be ported from the non-WQL animation series, which use differently structured/grouped BAM files. So the frames would have to be exported and reimported into a new set of BAMs, matching the WQL series scheme. I'm not sure if any other animation files - like those for walking, getting hurt, etc. - while while dual-wiedling would be needed, didn't look into it too much. It all seemed a bit too much work for little gain, so I just went with undroppable off-hand for Drizzt Saga release.
  4. CamDawg is the mastermind behind the TweakPack (and, I suppose, the OS X package), but he is kept pretty busy right now with BG2EE. Your only immediate option might be to seek help on Mac OS X support forums here: http://forum.baldurs...gories/mac-os-x to narrow down what the issue is, my knowledge of Macs is too limited to be of use in this case.
  5. Try replacing the WeiDU binary (setup-bg2_tweaks) with the latest version.
  6. Can you guys check if you get the same error when trying to run the recently fixed install of Romantic Encounters v8 from this post? You don't have to install it, just see if the setup runs without error. That package has been confirmed to work recently, and if it does for you as well, then it means something is wrong with the TweakPack OS X package. If the Romantic Encounters file launches without problems, then try adding this line at the top of your TweakPack .command file: #!/bin/sh I think this is the line that specifies for the OS what interpreter to use to process the rest of it, and its absence in the TweakPack's .command file might be causing the problem.
  7. Have you also done chmod on the Setup-RE file, or just the .command file? This error message suggests OS thinks you don't have permission to execute the WeiDU binary. This thread has some instructions that might help, although apparently Mavericks (OS 10.9) may have problems still. Sorry, don't have enough Mac knowledge to be of more help in this case.
  8. Found it! Adding the following files (I copied them from katana WPMS3* animations and just switched S3 to SC) seems to remove the crash when equipping a scimitar: WPMSCA1.BAM WPMSCA1E.BAM WPMSCA3.BAM WPMSCA3E.BAM WPMSCA5.BAM WPMSCA5E.BAM WPMSCG1.BAM WPMSCG1E.BAM WPMSCW2.BAM WPMSCW2E.BAM Now if I just can figure out how to cheat him into using off-hand animations as well..
  9. I'm trying to find a way to work around the old issue - crashes happening when equipping certain weapons on Drizzt in vanilla BG2 engine. More specifically, testing shows he causes a crash if equipped with weapons with SC (scimitar) or FS (flaming sword) equipped appearence type into his main hand weapon slot. Also, a crash happens when anything animated is equipped into his off-hand slot, but for now I'd like to at least focus on the main hand and scimitars. I can prevent off-hand crashes by using an undroppable offhand item, but that won't work for the main hand. Drizzt does NOT seem to crash on any of the following equipped appearence types in main hand slot: Long swords (S1), axes (AX), daggers (DD), bows (BW), crossbows (CB), short swords (SS), maces (MC), flails (FL), morningstars (MS), clubs (CL), warhammers (WH), katanas (S3), staffs (QS), 2-handed swords (S2), halberds (HB), slings (SL), spears (SP). I.e. it's fine to equip pretty much anything on him, except the one weapon he has grandmastery with in Drizzt Saga. What gives?.. If equipped with anything from the above list, he'll be drawn wielding that weapon overlayed on top of the scimitars which are embedded into his base animation: http://s3.postimg.or...nj/Baldr000.png ^^^ This mace image he is wielding in the screenshot has to come from somewhere, right? ^^^ I was hoping the crashes aren't hardcoded (why the hell would Drizzt be hardcoded to crash when wielding scimitars?), but are caused by missing animation bams/cycles somewhere, in which case I could maybe substitute dummy bam files of my own during installation to prevent the crash. The problem is finding out where these weapon animations are coming from, and thus how should I name my substitute bams so they'll be noticed and used by the engine when drawing Drizzt. Does anyone have any insight? I've looked into the Infinity Animations docs on animation slots, but the only applicable thing there seem to be the BG1-2 character slots, described as: The BAM naming scheme for base animation seems to match partially: Drizzt's bams are prefixed with UDRZ1* and are split as A1, A3, A5, CA, G1, W2 + E versions of each. But I don't see any weapon animation bams in the game matching this part: As far as I understand, for Drizzt this would translate into either DRZS1A1, or RZ1S1A1 (I'm not sure if the "1" in "UDRZ1" is part of the animation identifier in this case, or what it stands for otherwise). But no such bams exist.
  10. Normal Haste adds one attack per round with main hand weapon. Improved Haste doubles original number of attacks for both main hand and off-hand weapons. Here's a thread with more details: http://forum.baldursgate.com/discussion/7042/when-hasted-if-dual-wielding-does-the-off-hand-still-only-get-one-attack.
  11. Ardanis, I've tried your solution but I can't get it to work any better than the one I posted above: SelectWeaponAbility(SLOT_WEAPON,0) It works in the sense that the character does equip the weapon, but the fist icon still remains at the bottom of the screen, confusing the player. Mechanically the weapon is used fine, it's a UI update issue.
  12. Yes, unfortunately, that is correct. Yes, this seems to always happen after character dies and is resurrected, that's how I first noticed the problem. Fortunately offhand seems to work fine, only main hand weapon slots are affected. I tested this by creating a test npc with an off-hand weapon instantly disintegrating the target. It worked fine in a situation when main hand weapon becomes bugged (being revived after death as above). I think Jastey is not asking about changing equipped appearence, but whether the off-hand slot suffers from the same problem as the main hand slots, i.e. if they get replaced by 'fists' instead of using actual equipped weapon.
  13. I've run into this problem with Drizzt Saga too, it had several NPCs with undroppable weapons which would become "unselected" after they died and were raised. The weapon was in correct slot and the slot was showing as selected on the inventory screen, but item was not actually equipped. This: IF !HasWeaponEquiped(Myself) THEN RESPONSE #100 SelectWeaponAbility(SLOT_WEAPON,0) Continue() END works in a sense - making the character actually use the equipped item, but problem is it does not change the icon from fist to that of the weapon. Which would be confusing for a player, to say the least. In the end, I just gave up and made the items droppable.
  14. No worries, 31 is more than enough for my purposes.
  15. You don't normally create item with new strings already in place, instead you put the strrefs when installing the mod - using SAY as above. Because the values of those strrefs are going to depend on the user's current dialog.tlk (they're appended after the last existing tlk entry).
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