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  2. I've got a problem with the installation too. Like...at first everything was fine, but then I've got some prob with a game, so I had to reinstall it. And now, when I try to install the mod, I got this message: WARNING: internal label [1] not found in processed DLG [GARDEN] ERROR: COPY_TRANS GARDEN state #1 out of range 0-1, SKIPPED ERROR: Cannot process COPY_TRANS (Failure("COPY_TRANS out of range")) ERROR: processing COPY_TRANS [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/Zakrion_BG1/Dialogues/QI#ZAKJ.d]: Failure("COPY_TRANS out of range") Stopping installation because of error. Every damn time,
  3. You know, during your work on this mod, I managed to be born, finish kindergarten, and school(I will get a certificate tomorrow). Funny.
  4. Oops! Sorry, forgot to write it! My game version is 1.2.2030
  5. Ok,so... Error message: [AjantisBG2\Scripts\c#ajan_ee.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 3 column 8-41 Near Text: ) [CheckSpellState] not found in TRIGGER.IDS [AjantisBG2\Scripts\c#ajan_ee.baf] ERROR at line 3 column 8-41 Near Text: ) Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [AjantisBG2\Scripts\c#ajan_ee.baf]: Parsing.Parse_error Stopping installation because of error. Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Sir Ajantis NPC for BGII], rolling back to previous state Mod version 20. I'm playing BG2: EE WeiDu
  6. Hi there! Sorry for my english,it's not my native language. I joined this forum recently mostly because of Aklon! Want to say that i wait for release! Everything i reed in this forum about this mod makes me really exited! Hope everything fine and lovely. Wish you all the best, BigRob!!
  7. Hi there! Sorry about my english. Not my native language. I've got a little problem with installing this fabulous mod! No idea why, it just does not install. It says something like "not found in Trigger.ids". Could you please tell me what should i do? It would be lovely to play BG2 with Ajantis
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