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  1. Hey, glad to hear it! The easter egg videos that I did were the most fun to make
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOr4KG1fWpc I delved into older editions of DND and looked at the mind flayer objectives over the years. Always loved the hidden quest line in BG2 and felt like it could have been so much more...
  3. Guys, I have recently discovered that the image of Maferan doesn't add anything to this theory as all minotaurs in the game have the Mind Flayer sprite! However, I believe the other theories still hold up
  4. Very intriguing theories! Do you mean an alien invasion in a sort of spelljammer context, where the mind flayers arrive on Nautiloids? Yes, I know of the theory around dopplegangers and mind flayers in Durlag's Tower, in fact I was going to put in a conversation that you can have with Finrus in Ulgoth's Beard regarding the dopplegangers, however, I cut it out as I thought it was too much information in what is already quite a convoluted video. Coincidentally, I've actually been on that thread before, but thanks for sharing Edit: Sorry, after re-reading your comment, I think yo
  5. Hi everyone, as I'm sure you're all aware there are many aspects to Baldur's Gate 2 that were left unfinished and although "Unfinished Business" completed a lot of this stuff, many aspects are still unsatisfying. In three videos (sorry for the mic quality in the first, I bought a new one after the first video) I look at possible links between the Mind Flayers and the larger story line of Baldur's Gate 2. I look at the Mind Flayers (Hidden Conspiracy) link to the Guarded Compound in the Temple District, which in turn is linked to the slavers, Nalia's questline, the Jysstev family and the T
  6. I documented much of the hidden dialogue in the first Baldur's Gate over several videos. The first one focuses on Candlekeep and Beregost and most of the dialogue can only be accessed through charming the NPCs.
  7. I went in to the game files using the EE Keeper and turned Jon Irenicus in to a chicken... People are welcome to make up their own stories but one person suggested a mod which changes the whole narrative. What would be the goal of chicken Irenicus? Just some inspiration for any modders out there. I'm not very proficient with modding and I usually make videos about the story and easter eggs within Baldur's Gate.
  8. Yes, sorry I should have mentioned that this is in fact part 2. It's just that part 2 has slightly more content in it and I thought that I'd post that one here instead. Edit: Part One
  9. Easter Eggs I made a video detailing many of the more famous easter eggs in the first Baldur's Gate... I hope you enjoy!
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