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  1. Did you try the Insane difficulty? I think you will find the challenge you are looking for. I never got past the first dungeon on LOB, but I did read it isn't very balanced. It is a flat increase that actually causes TOB to be somewhat easier than Insane while BG1 is much much harder pointlessly. I do not have all of the specifics.
  2. True Jarno, from the wiki here are the details: Also, DavidW it is a pretty clean component and functional. I'll keep reporting the issues I find so you can at least add it to the notepad, maybe? I'd rather it be in its current state than removed, personally
  3. Hey, I picked up Haer'Dalis and notice due to the re-leveling, he does not get his extra pip in short swords. It is a special trait he gets according to the wiki. I have not re-leveled many NPCs. I know I can fix this in SK if I choose to, but no idea if he follow normal pip allocation and just added the extra to short swords or if it was just an extra pip. Regardless of that, it is all I have noticed from my limited experience with recruiting NPCs. I also notice obvious bonuses, like leveling them all again with Max HP turned on, which is a significant boost to HP in some cases. Do other miss out on anything? Will Mazzy get her special abilities like LOH, even if I re-kit her? Do any other NPCs miss out on a special trait, I honestly do not know what they all are. Maybe Dorn... can he still be re-kitted back to blackguard? Thanks for all of the help you provide David and this fantastic mod.
  4. It sounds like you already know about the experience bugs with switching kits, but if not I will post one here. When in the first dungeon with 500,000 XP on my fighter, I changed Imoen to a Thief Swashbuckler. I wanted more than 7 levels in thief, so did the New Class to Thief then leveled up to 11. I dual classed to Mage all with AI on, and she ended up Level 11 Swash with 220,000 xp and level 12 mage with 750,000 xp. Since I was seeing this should not happen with AI turned on, I figured I would report it here. Maybe it is just with the first Imoen? Maybe it is anytime you dual class? I was using the portion of the mod that lets NPCs start with a new kit at level 1.
  5. I am about to start a new game, and do have a save file to import. But I wanted to change my class and may opt to just create a new character if this adds in all SOD items that would have been obtained by importing.
  6. Should I be afraid something didn't install right if I get an invalid string right when I start up the game?It is the first dialog section of the game when Imoen lets me out of my cage:
  7. Under improve minor encounter, this is the error that came up: Installing file(s) dw#dkmg1.baf dw#dkmg2.baf Compiling 1 script ... Compiling 1 script ... SFO: Applying patch(es) to CRE file(s) spmugg2... ...done SFO: Applying patch(es) to CRE file(s) spmugg spmugg3... ...done FATAL ERROR: Sys_error(".\\lang\\en_us\\dialog.tlk: Permission denied") Ugh, Should I try to just uninstall that part? I think I was almost done. *Edit: Looks like that file had read only permissions as the user I am logged in as, maybe that caused this? Trying again but it takes a while to get back to that point. *Edit2: So... the first reinstall I said Yes to the first 4-5 questions which even when I press 'N', caused a full reinstall of each section. When I pressed only Y to the tactical section, pressing N skipped the various sections. So, maybe it had to do with using a lower case n on the first option, or possibly just from saying y to the first few sections caused a full reinstall. Looks like the minor encounters was the last section, and it worked this time. I am all set! Edit3: I tried to reproduce the issue, but now each time it properly skips when I say 'No Changes'. Is there a log file for previous installs?
  8. Hey! I just finished the basic BG1 and am very excited to play BG2 with SCS! I have my character ready to import and started installing! The reason I am posting is because I ran into an error. The install.exe for stratagems couldn't read/access a file. It was around the Drow section of the install. I decided to close and skip back to that part with administrative privileges to see if it helps. I found that even when I select n or N for no changes, it still drops and reinstalls that portion with no way to just skip back to where I was at. This is causing the install process to be, in my opinion, unnecessarily long. Maybe there is a way I can just skip back to that part and just don't see it? If not, I really wish there was, because as this long process of updating files is happening, I still do not know if that file is going to have problems again with administrative mode.
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