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  1. Never finished my massive install, but still looking to do it. Actually, i figured it would be too much of a pain to go through the difficult install process more often than necessary. So... Just waiting for this mod to be fleshed out. People will still follow you in 2021. Happy New Year (OOH01 here).
  2. Many thanks for your answer !I can help with English >> French translations, or French >> English ones, but i am most definitely useless when it comes to German, a shame. Well i may end up learning german when i'm done with Japanese and Spanish There is at least one more mod i really want to try. The Balduran's seatower, from this very forum. Maybe, if i manage to get a working BGT install as it is, i will make another one from scratch when both mods are completed Good luck with the translation.
  3. I'm interested in that mod. Actually i have a whole LOT of your mods in my 'To Install' folder But, even if i can make do with english somehow, i don't know a single German word (aside from 'danke'?). And i may start my install pretty soon. I don't know how annoying i am right now, since i don't know how much efforts it would take to add the translated bits to the installation process, but i believe than an incomplete translation is better than nothing. I could install the mod in German, and try to install the translation afterwards. But i am unsure about the feasibility of such a thing,
  4. This b-word... Is it... Balance maybe? I had finally found a readme, which seemed a bit outdated. It answered a few of my questions. The scope is much more ambitious than i thought, and everything i saw seemed interesting AND somewhat balanced/believable. The design view for 'Faiths and Powers' looks to be solid. On the other hand, the modifications are pretty deep and will undoubtedly change the whole feel for divine casters, gameplay-wise, making BG2 a mix of BG2 and something new. Some will love it, some will need to try it to get a feeling of how it plays, and some will look for a
  5. Lately, while looking to finally get a large BGT install working (that would be a feat), i started to remember old mods. Azenmod, COM Encounters... The Grey Clan... At this point (2005), Divine Remix appeared. And in the 2010's, came the 'Colours of Infinity' mods, which shared a common ground with Divine Remix: a new, involved, more subtle, committed to balance and quality way to create mods... And now, i just strolled around the never yet published second add-on for BG. As i thought... Modding for BG has changed quite a lot in the last 15 years It's seriously promising. I guess i will
  6. Lately, i have seen more than a few mods stating in their readme and such 'It is meant for EET'. Reason is: the EE gives more tools for modding. One great modder which work i value a lot doesn't develop for BGT anymore (Lava, author of the acclaimed 'Colours of Infinity' series). I am no coder. That's why i said 'DR was meant to be used with BGT'. and not 'DR was developed specifically with BGT in mind'. The end result is that i know for sure DR's design makes it compatible with BGT, and that's a great feature for every player who don't plan on getting their hands on the EE versions. While 'Fa
  7. Yes, that's exactly what i meant. I may be a scum by saying that, as if i was the one who poured the work into DR... But there are so many great things about DR, it's so frustrating. The good points about the mod: -1) It was, to my knowledge, the very first one to attempt something like this. While other mods only added spells to the party members, or items, and such... DR actually had a serious designer view on improving the divine spells system as a whole. It is one of the first mod that didn't planed to just 'add content', but tried to improve 'core content'. -2) DR was meant to b
  8. One thing is for sure. And it's that what tried to initiate Divine Remix is something that is much needed. I'm no coder, and i'm unsure how much of a pathfinder system could be imported in a 21 years old engine for a D&D 2 RPG. But from the sounds of it, it is interesting, on a conceptual level, at least. I still hope, in 2020, that some talented and proficient people would get interested to try and tackle these matters. As of now, my best hope is Divine Remix.
  9. That is what i expected. Thanks for getting out of your way to answer. That will make things more simple for me
  10. Yeah, i pretty much thought as much. By the way, is Divine Remix compatible with ScS? (like in: does ScS uses the DR sphere system for its clerics NPC? I think that, probably, making these divine casters consider the presence of DR sphere system would ask for major tweaks of their IA in the tactical components of SCS, so i'm not that hopeful). SCS in another of my Must Have mod by the way. Let me grab this opportunity to tell you how wonderfull this mod is. I understand (i think) how creating balanced kits using the core sphere system is difficult. Considering that it is so difficult and
  11. Maybe nobody will care, but it is something i felt like detailing for quite a long time, so here we go. First of all, i really love the sphere concept and i am dying to use it ever since i discovered this wonderful mod 2 years ago. However, i've never installed it due to various reasons. 1) I just launched a new BG2 game on an unmodded original BG2 game. I wanted to do some testing before reinstalling a large BGT install. For testing sake, i created a NG cleric, and looked at the default spheres for cleric spells as described ingame. I won't detail why, but i planned to play a Fitght
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