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  1. Also maybe a related bug: I found a Spell Trigger scroll in the game. Having forgotten that SCS ads it as an innate ability once the necessary level is reached, I ordered Edwin to write the spell into his spell book. He failed to write it, which is good. However, the spell trigger appears now as an innate ability for Edwin, even though he is not the required level. I assume this is not intentional?
  2. It does not protect both directly and indirectly. But it is apparently due to the reason you have mentioned. Thanks for the clarificarion.
  3. I have noticed a bug that Vitriolic Sphere (4th level single target spell, with an 10' radius splash once it reaches the target) is not blocked by Spell Deflection (protects up to 7th level spells). I have the component Spell Deflection protects from AoE effects installed. So it should be protecting my caster surely from Vitriolic Sphere. I have searched the forum and could not find anyone mentioning this. However, there was a post which pointed out that Protection from Acid did not protect from Vitriolic Sphere. So maybe these two bugs are related?
  4. I can also confirm these (playing BGT) with SCS (with SR). I somehow assumed it was an SR bug but is apparently related to SCS?
  5. That makes sense, thanks for clarifying! And yes, they really love to use Horrid Wilting, which is nice I have seen several instances though where the enemy mage uses fireburst (the SR version of sunfire) even when surrounded by allies. They ended up damaging their own allies more than my char. Demons and Death Knights summoned by enemy mages are of course notorious for hurling AoE spells indiscrimienately, but it is in their spell description, so I guess it is ok.
  6. I am currently playing SCS with SR (not revised) on insane (full mage prebuffs), and observe that battles against mages seem to be easier in general compared to vanilla SCS. I alao have the feeling that several mages have quite stupid spell choices. Rayic Gethras in BG2 in the Docks, for instance, had only MGoI as a spell protection despite his high level. So he is very easily killed. Mekrath was also a joke. Tolgerias also was much easier somehow. He did not have significant protection contingencies once his main protections were dispelled. Enemy mages also tend to favour some spells more than others though. They really like summoning or gating. They like to cast single target spells such as vitriolic sphere and disintigrate often, and very rare AoE. I don't remember seeing them use web, fireball or skull trap ever, which could easily destroy an unprotected low to mid-level party. Nevertheless, many of the adjustments of SR and how SCS works with it is very nice and fun!
  7. I have the feeling this is not caused by SCS but due to some other mod, but didn't know where to post it so here it is: When I use Offensive Spin with Haer Dalis he does not gain an additional APR as it is stated in the description of this ability. The Offensive Spin icon appears on the portrait, the avatar is blurred, thaco is modfied and maximum damage on each hit... everything works except the additional attack per round. I have, in addition to SCS, other mods such as Rogue Rebalancing, Tweaks Anthology and aTweaks. However, I could not find anything about this in their readme files, so I have the feeling that this is somehow bugged. Modifying SPCL521 with Near Infinity, I tried to see if increasing the APR of offensive spin would have an effect. It did not. Here is the weidu log file, if it would be of use:
  8. You can directly go to the lich in the city gates sector to test it. In my install, he tends to summon lots of demons, which as mentioned start attacking him after they are summoned. Any other liches (in the temple or docks) would also be fine to test probably.
  9. Nope, I have installed SR before SCS. After SCS, I have those mods in the following order: Tweak Anthology, aTweaks, Almateria's Restoration From aTweaks, PnP Fiends component is not installed. But could it be such that it nevertheless overwrites some stuff?
  10. I actually had posted a strange behaviour/potential bug in another thread regarding this, but will repeat it here: In my game with SR + SCS this is actually what happens when enemy mages cast Summon Fiend or Gate. The summoned demon attacks the enemy caster! SCS is supposed to prevent this, but somehow with SR installed this does not seem to function in my game. (Death Knight always obeys the enemy caster though.) Any idea why this could br happening?
  11. Again playing SCS + SR, I have observed an issue with demons summoned by enemy mages via the spells summon fiend and gate: The demons are hostile to the enemy mage who summoned them! SCS is supposed to make demon summoning spells such that the demons summoned by the enemy mages are not hostile to the enemy mage who cast those spells. (They are allowed to be hostile when the player casts those though in SCS.) So is this an intentional SR thing? Or is it a bug?
  12. Well, I think the summon monster series of spells have been updated by SR quite nicely. They were so trash in the vanilla BG2. They are still underpowered though compared to summons such as skeletons and elementals, but are not utterly useless anymore. I believe death knight would be fine if it did not have acces to higher level spells as mentioned.
  13. If I remember correctly I had a similar problem outside the Clockwood Mines area. As the two enemy fighter types at the front charged, the two enemy mages chilled behind since they did not have a direct LoS. I will pay more attention (now playing thorough BG2) and keep you updated whenever I notice such enemy behaviour.
  14. I have noticed enemy mages really like to summon Death Knights in SR. I like it, as the summon itself is quite powerful and adds a challenge to the fight. However, I think it is in its current state quite overpowered. The problem is while it is a level 7 spell, the death knight itself can cast the level 9 spell Power Word kill, level 8 spells Power Word Blind, Symbol of Death etc. So with a level 7 spell, the caster indirectly gains access to level 8 and 9 spells. It seems to be a huge win-win, no? Or is there a trade-off that I am missing to see?
  15. I have BGT installed and have been playing so far with SCS 32.8 (with IR + SR installed). I have observed several times the following enemy behaviour: When I am facing several enemies and I retreat slightly (15-20 steps), the enemies which directly have line of sight (LoS) on my char pursue the char, whereas the enemies who do not have LoS just stay where they are and do not come to help their friends. (Note that I have the SCS "improved call for help" component installed FYI.) This is not something that happens a lot, but one instance that I could observe was in Durlag's Tower with the 4 dwarven guardians. 3 of them who had LoS charged on as expected, while the one on the corner (Pride, I guess?) without LoS stayed where he was the whole time. I also observed this with summoned cowled enforcers in Athkatla. When I retreated several steps, only one mage pursued and engaged, while the others stayed where they are. Has this behaviour been reported by other players as well?
  16. Just a quick update: I experimented with the cloak of non-detection (using IR + SR + SCS). So, it seems to work as in vanilla: It prevents the Thief stealth from being dispelled, so in that sense acts as a perma non-detection for stealthing thieves. However, it does not act as non-detection for mage invisibility. My sorcerer char's (normal) invisibility was dispelled by true sight while wearing the cloak. On the other hand, the spell non-detection works as expected, and the sorcerer with non-detection + invisibility could not be detected. So, it seems the item description of the cloak is - as in vanilla - not correct, since it implies non-detection for all those who wear it. But is apparently only for stealth.
  17. Thanks a lot for the clarification. @Bartimaeus you are right actually they are both the same thing I think as of now I have understood how the invisibility system works and I am ready to do some buttkicking for goodness!
  18. Iirc Detect Illusions was the only direct way to dispel II with Nondetection in SCS without SR. So having a thief in your party with this skill was very helpful. The cloak of nondetection: It makes stealthing thieves completely undetectable by any divination spell, right? But when worn by mages, it just applies as a permanent Nondetection spell. So they are still susceptible to TS and DI when under II. I would be very glad if you could also comment on ehat exactly the cloak does. Thank you both so much!
  19. Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation of the invisibility system Subtledoctor! Unfortunately, I don't have the EE games so I can't try your mod at the moment. So from what I understand, the combination of II with Nondetection is not a viable defense strategy against mages anymore (as it used to be in vanilla or SCS without SR) since it can easily be bypassed by a Lvl2 spell. So Nondetection allows you rather to keep the AC and ST bonuses you get from the II (and make the lives of enemies without DI or TS harder of course.) This actually makes the Deflection Spells much more important as defenses againsy mages if I understand it correctly. May I ask what the Thief skill Detect Illusion does? From my game with SR so far it dispels illusions but can't dispel invisibility? And is also blocked by Nondetection, right? Sorry for lot's of questions. Due to different documentation versions I got confused initially.
  20. Thank you so much Bartimaeus for the quick reply! Since this is my first time playing with SR, I had installed the latest release (exe version from GitHub) and did not know that SRR existed. I now see that you have made a lot of corrections and improvements in your Revised version. Is it possible for me to install your latest SRR (and maybe IRR also) on top of my current SR version? And would it work properly if I installed them on an ongoing game? (Playing BGT, just finished BG1 and about to start BG2)
  21. I will be reviving this thread, but I have also had problems when facing enemy mages with improved invisibility and non-detection (using SRv4b18). The main problem is that the in-game spell descriptions are unfortunately lacking. However, thanks to the suggestions here by Subtledoctor and other users, I was able to understand how it works. I have tested those suggestions and have observed the following. I am a bit confused by some: - Arcane spell Detect Invisibility indeed allows the caster to target an II mage. - True Sight / True Seeing both also do the same as above. - Cleric spell Invisibility Purge, despite being Level 3, does not allow the caster to target II. The in-game spell descriptions are the same as Lvl 2 mage Detect Invisibility, so why does the priest version of this spell not work the same in this regard? Is this intentional? - I have also tried the suggestion of using Potion of Sight (those purple potions, which have replaced potions of Infravision). Unfortunately, they don't allow II targeting.
  22. Thanks a lot for the reply! 1) According to the documentation here: http://gibberlings3.github.io/SpellRevisions/spells/arcane/ Spell Deflection is level 5, and there is a Greater Spell Deflection in level 7. However, according to the documentation here: https://gibberlings3.github.io/Documentation/readmes/readme-spell_rev_descriptions.html#arcane3 there is only Spell Deflection in level 6 and no Greater. I assume the first link is the most current version. (Note that very important information for Non-Detection and True Sight etc. seems to be missing in the first link though. The second link has that very important information, which I was able to discover today) 2) I have in fact aTweaks installed on my game (installation order: SR -> SCS -> aTweaks). I have not installed any of its Spell change components, nevertheless it can be possible it has messed up some things.
  23. This is my first post, as it is my first time playing SCS with Spell Revisions (and Item Revisions as well) and I love it so far. I would really like to thank the developers of this awesome mod! I have observed a couple of bugs/issues, to which I could not find the solutions by searching the forum so far. First of all, I am using the spell_rev-v4-beta18.exe which I downloaded from the releases section of the SR GitHub page. I hope it is the latest and the correct version. So the issues I observe: 1) I have installed the "Spell Deflection protects against AOE effects" component. Minor Spell Deflection works as intended, and blocks Fireball, Skull Trap etc. However, the 5th level spell Spell Deflection does not. I don't think this is intended, how can I fix this? 2) The Conjure Elemental types of spells are supposedly revised so that they don't have the annoying "wrestle for control for several rounds" aspect. However, in my game, they have the old descriptions and also work as in the old versions of those when cast. Enemy caster do not struggle for control though and seem to conjure elementals directly, as the new version intends to do. Is there a way to fix this? 3) My clerics under Sanctuary are almost always attacked by enemy mages hurling Melf's Minute Meteors. Is this intended? Since I cannot do the same to enemy clerics, I assume it is a bug. I have also a couple of times seen my cleric under Sanctuary even attacked by melee fighters.
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