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  1. I was messing with some item Flags to make Klogarath (throwing axe) equipable on the off hand but I was not successful. I can make the axe hit from away by changing Item Ability from Ranged to Melee (1) while keeping the range (feet) 20. But then it shoots no projectiles and has no "travel time" since it counts as melee. Did anyone ever try dual wielding throwing weapons like daggers and axes?
  2. This is awesome David!! Thank you!!! Thanks for your work in this awesome mod. Imo the best mod out there by far because it makes druids/shaman into really good classes comparable to mage/cleric and also improves the Paladin, Ranger and Bard just because of access to IWD spells.
  3. The BAD solution was to uncheck UNUSABLE BY DRUID on all 2 handed axes files. The optimal solution, to allow 2haxes only for Shaman and not for Druids, I still can't figure it out.
  4. First, I want to thank CamDawg for this awesome mod. Second, I would like to bring to your attention that in IWD my Shaman uses 2 handed axes and it cannot use them in IWDFication. Thank you again.
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