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  1. Are you trying to saying that spamming remove magic every single encounter on the party is something that is regular?
  2. This is a prime example of what I was trying to say. What was supposed to be a spell CHOICE, is now an inconvenience. The mod maker thinks that because sequencers are very powerful, all mages should have them by default. By his logic, all melee classes should get greater whirlwind at level 5 because melee in the BG games is pathetic. The inquisitor class is explicitly stated as a DIVINE anti-mage class. It isn't supposed to be "fair" to mages. This is isn't world of warcraft. Mages have near god like power, the inquisitor class is balance. The inquisitor gives up almost all paladin
  3. SCS completely destroys classes like the inquisitor, why the hard on for mages? Inquisitor dispel, even in the base game, was the only time dispel magic ever worked. Not a single of the obvious mage overpowered spells are weakened by SCS. Timestop, Improved Alacrity combo, Improved haste, horrid wilting etc, no changes to the big ones. Instead I see stuff like letting all mages have sequencers and putting these spells on the special abilities because mages are such a weak class they need such a boost.
  4. Firkraag battle was just an example, and I don't want to use that mod. What puzzles me about the SCS guy is that he has coded almost every fight in BG2 to spam the party with remove magic with every enemy out-leveling the party substantianly and tries to insist that SCS "plays fair" but now has the inquisitor dispel magic buff enabled by default. The mage/priest dispel magic spell will NEVER work in SCS, ever.. The inquisitor dispel, even in the unmodded game, was the only time dispel ever worked. SCS guy nerf the shits out of the Inquisitor class without giving anything back, and doesn't tell
  5. Too much of SCS in BG2 is spamming remove magic on the party. The only defense is spell immunity: abjuration. In fact, SCS is barely noticely in BG2 if the majority of your party can cast SI: abjuration. The big fights just spam the party with remove magic and the party members who can't cast SI: abjuration just die immediately. It's not an increase in difficulty, it just makes you cast the spell immunity spell. Example. Firkraag. Buff up with the normal spells to kill him. Melee gets strength, fire resist, improved haste. Ranged same. But SCS Firkraag spams remove magic all buffs a
  6. Fairly typical install but who knows. Here's why weidu log. Most likely people either never use the horror spell because web/stinking cloud is superior or those that did never got in melee range, or just never reported it. This playthrough I'm using the item randomizer and have not found a web scroll so I am stuck using nothing but horror for my crowd control. // Log of Currently Installed WeiDU Mods // The top of the file is the 'oldest' mod // ~TP2_File~ #language_number #component_number // [Subcomponent Name -> ] Component Name [ : Version] ~DLCMERGER/SETUP-DLCMERGER.TP2~ #0
  7. Like I said, It seems to be anytime I use the horror spell. I first noticed it in BGEE with the latest version of SCS in my current playthrough with the Morvin ambush. The fighter/mage Halacon guy nearly one-shotted my main character while feared with the horror spell. I saw this same behavior many times in SCS v31 on BG2 Classic. Enemies appear to be acting normally under effects of the horror spell, but they will stop to attack then start running around again. I think they would only attack guys within melee range. It's like they still get their normal attacks per round, but are running ar
  8. Is this an undocumented feature of SCS? Every time I use the horror spell, I see the enemies running around like normal but also attacking my party members at regular intervals. Just now I had giant spiders (with improved spiders) webbing my guys while feared. I noticed this over several versions of SCS also. My party members don't attack anyone while under the effects of the horror spell so I figure it's SCS doing it.
  9. It's not self-extracting, there shouldn't be a default extraction. Just unzip it and put the 2 files in the BGEE directory like other weudi mods.
  10. If anyone is interested, I altered AstroBryGuy's BGEE Leveled Spawns Mod to have an option for having the spawns in BGEE be just like in easytutu (game difficulty based). I've been playing and everything seems to be working fine, all the areas are spawning stuff as they should. Posted on the BGEE forum in the orginal mod's thread as version 0.6
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