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  1. jastey is right. Don't confuse this mod with this picture.
  2. Not. I want to make wings for basic character animations that the player can choose. In the same way as in 1pp, wings are made for eriniyes(I don't know exactly how this word is spelled in English ). Therefore, he forbade this race to use helmets.
  3. Perhaps the first version of the mod will come out without animation, but I will eventually do it.
  4. @Ezakimake I don't know how to say it exactly in English, it is the color of the dragon. There will be a selection of all dragon colors from DND. @EndarireI want to make a half-dragon with wings and a tail. Now I'm working on animation.
  5. I am making a new subrace (human: half-dragon). Rate how balanced it is. Or too strong. And please check my english.
  6. @AL|ENThank. I'll know. I apologize for ignorance. I changed all links to github. Thanks for the warning.
  7. @Endarire The link on the google will remain the same as in the first message. I will try to update it too. But my internet is very slow and expensive. It may take time. Or do you think this link should be removed?
  8. @Endarire Ok, I'll add information to the readme.
  9. @jastey thanks for the hint. I recently started posting on the forum, did not know that you can use the @ symbol. I placed the mod on the github and removed the subrace from Korgan. This is my first time using github. I hope I did everything right. https://github.com/tipun81/Subrace-mod/releases
  10. Ezakimake I'll take a look at the links and see what can be done. What other subraces can be added. But I don't know about the alignment limitation. In BG, alignment can depend on the class. I think this will require writing a lot of Lua code. Endarire I have not used this mod. I'll have to look at it.
  11. jastey The mod can be installed after your mod. The main thing is to install it after mods that greatly change the user interface. After those that replace ui.menu. (Like Dragonspear UI and similar ones) Artemius I As for Korgan, apparently I was wrong. Need to check. I added only subraces that are in IWD2. As for additional subraces, you can add. But I need a source where I can see what subraces are still there. I'm not very good at this. PS And it is desirable to install on version 2.5+. Since AREATYPE support in SPLPROT.2DA was added only in this version.
  12. Mod only for Enhanced Edition version. To check the subrace, the local variable SUBRACE is set. You can check the subrace using this variable with TriggerOverride(Player1,Global ("SUBRACE","LOCALS",3)). Available Values: 1: Aasimar 2: Tiefling 3: Drow 4: Wild Elf 5: Gold Dwarf 6: Gray Dwarf (Duergar) 7: Strongheart Halfling 8: Ghostwise Halfling 9: Deep Gnome (Svirfneblin) Subrace has also been added to Viconia(Drow), Baeloth(Drow), Haerdalis(Tiefling), Korgan(Duergar), and Caelar(Aasimar). They can be checked in the same way. There will be no option for the o
  13. I didn't do the DROW race on purpose. Since this will break the romances in the game. Drow is an ordinary elf. Just with effects that make him drow. The mod was created to select a subrace for the CHARNAME. Added subraces for Viconia, Baeloth, Korgan and Caelar. The check can be done using the local variable SUBRACE. I can make this variable for Solafain. And now he will be blind from some fire spells. Not all of them yet. But I am working on it. About the old file. It looks like google doesn't update the date if you replace the file.
  14. Thanks. Here's how to say. I tried to make it as versatile as possible. But how did it happen. Officially, BG does not support subraces. I had to compromise. And only for Enhanced Edition versions of the game. If anything is needed, I can add changes based on your mod.
  15. Mod updated: The link has been moved to the first post. Changelog: Version 0.2 - change of descriptions of subraces - magic resistance for drow and svirfneblin set to 50% - added protection from reducing Charisma to 0 - the thief abilities of ghost halflings are only available for thief classes - change in hair and skin color is determined by the user's choice - subrace icon made transparent (Other options are being tested)
  16. Oh. Thank you, I didn't think. I will try to do this.
  17. Yes, the mod only supports EE due to implementation features. The update will be a little later. Now I have some personal problems. But I will try to take into account all the suggestions.
  18. Good. Received. I would be grateful for further corrections. But so far I do not see an opportunity to remove the icon from the portrait. But if I find something, I will immediately update. I will update by the evening. Not at home now.
  19. What about how much percentage to put on magic resistance? I think it is possible to make an increase as the level up. But need to check for multi / dual classes. And then there are problems with them. It is not yet known how splprot.2da will work, as far as I know, the problem with checking the level/experience points remains.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. I will try to fix everything. About the icon on the portrait. It does not show up in effects, but is used to display a subrace in a Character Record. So far I haven't found another way to display it other than using EEex. But I can make it transparent.
  21. Thanks for the good feedback. I will continue to work on the development of the mod.
  22. No, I didn't. But the mod is compatible with BG1EE, SOD, BG2EE, EET, IWDEE. As for the documentation, I'm sorry. In general, this is the first time I release a mod on an English-language site. I knew that I would forget something.
  23. The link has been moved to the first post.
  24. New Subrace mod. There is a choice when creating a character. Various UIs are supported, only multiplayer and pre-character creation are not supported. Viconia, Baeloth, Haerdalis, and Corgan have subrace effects added. https://github.com/tipun81/Subrace-mod/releases
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