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  1. Could there possibly be a conflict between Sea Tower and New Travel System for BG?
  2. Update: I can CLUA into the Water Queen's Temple, but as soon as I exit... there's a ctd.
  3. Hi all, New here, but been playing BG + IWD since they first appeared in the 90's. (Yes, I still have all the original cd's). I like using my own npc's and therefore tend to install content mods over npc mods. Before EE I had to create my own NPC's for BGT. (What fun that was.) Here is my current Mega installation. I have encountered a few oddities with which I would appreciate advice, or help. First, the mods (PI install): Lots of tweaks, some risky dated stuff, and the big mega mods, in short. First a comment or two: "The Grey Clan" worked perfectly on EET, t
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