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  1. Okay as promised I have finally got SOME of my work public. Still working on getting more done. I will get the assets setup for download soon so we can work on some sort of installer hopefully. I should add the screens below are 2k not 4k. Going to do that soon. Near Infinity video Please join in if you can. Right now I am trying to focus on work in Near Infinity, but I have some GemRB changes I will upload soon. https://github.com/Goddard/Project-IE-4k
  2. Going to focus on GemRB first and then maybe EE, mostly because EE requires more work since I don't have access to the engine code.
  3. Really the main take away from the last two images is the area. Look at the different sizes. I haven't perfected the GUI yet as I have only just started the project. The resolution in both the images is 4k. They are both the same areas, but the one on the top is much larger and more clear. This is without any zoom functionality. Now for the bottom it is just the original. I am thinking this is simply modification to GemRB adding an extra setting called "UpScaleFactor". Then we can create a "mod" that would have all the upscaled assets we need. I am working on tools
  4. Here is an example of the visual quality from AR0111. Disregard the visual elements still on the screen. I am messing with some stuff. Obviously the characters are the wrong size and other things, but this is at 4k. Here is the original just so you can get an idea of the improved fidelity.
  5. I looked into this for the last few days and I am going to start the project. I think the first bit that makes the most sense to start with and would honestly be pretty simple is only upscale the interface. Then potentially add zooming. This would enable people to use the larger interface and then also not be worried about the areas being so small. Then we could slowly work out the methods to do all the other bits. Here is an example of what the start screen looks like at 4k. Excuse the ugly fonts. I just grabbed the first I could find for testing. It is at 48px.
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