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  1. I am 100% sure. There were times when I would leave it alone for an entire day (sometimes over 12 hours) and see that it never advanced and could not be manipulated in any way other than to close the window. I know with certainty that this was not intended functionality or that it was taking long time, because when I would close the window (eg after 12 hours with nothing happening) and then restart weidu via the same exe, it would then instantly work fine and completely as intended.
  2. *reinstall EET_end! Sorry, typo. Uninstalling EET_end, installing a mod, then reinstalling EET_end simply broke my mod installation multiple times. I spent dozens of hours going through this over a three-day period. I guess it is what it is... One concrete example: Doing so caused SCS to essentially forget that the AI and gameplay tweak components had been installed; these were not only completely gone from the game, but weidu showed that only the Icewind Dale spells component had been installed...it was as if none of the AI or other tweaks had been installed at all. I went t
  3. Deeply appreciate the feedback. I am indeed worried because this caused massive issues for me when I was setting up my EET mod order on a clean install. The weidu install/uninstall process would get frozen, crash, or otherwise fail to work, and when reinstalling mods that had been automatically uninstalled (thus keeping mod order), components of these mods suddenly just vanished into thin air. SCS is one example. It took me three days to get everything to work right. Every time I would uninstall EET end to add a mod, reinstall EET_end, and these issues occurred...and it was often as if I'
  4. Just curious, why wouldn't it be okay to simply reinstall EET_end *after* installing a new mod rather than uninstalling EET_end, installing the new mod, and then reinstalling EET_end? I say this because I'm worried that uninstalling EET_end would do more harm than good, especially since I'm using other mods that depend on dialog.tlk.
  5. As per the title, many components of SCS (latest version) say that they're skipped because EET End must be installed first. It *was* installed. To solve, I install EET End *again* and then try to install SCS immediately after, but I still get the same message. EDIT: Strangely, the components that were "skipped" due to the above error can indeed be successfully installed but only if Icewind Dale spells and Gameplay Tweaks are not displayed (typing "n" for these options at the beginning of the install). I did this three times just to confirm; each time, an erroneous message a
  6. I've looked through the readme, but I wasn't able to find specific details on this. I know the readme says that you get the default BG1 menu and can play through the entire game like this....but does the menu not change once you reach SOD or SOA? If not, then what about the menu movies for those games (that play automatically before the menu comes up)? Are those lost completely then? If the menu (and movies) doesn't change, then it seems like it would be easy to fix this in ui.menu ...couldn't something like this code below work in the right spot? enabled "startEngine:GetCampaig
  7. Sorry, just coming back to this after a few weeks. Topic title and original post edited.
  8. Thanks for the reply! "I'd recommend finishing your original BGEE game, then installing SoD, starting a new SoD game and importing your character from BGEE" This was *exactly* my intention all along. After enough experience with mods and save games, I knew that problems could arise doing it any other way. Sadly, I didn't realize that just purchasing SOD on Steam meant that it would immediately install to BGEE. No install options, no pop-up, no warning at all. I'd assumed it would be a completely separate entity. I don't see how it's possible to prevent SOD from installing once it's p
  9. EDIT: Was *not* caused by this mod. I recently installed SOD during a playthrough of BGEE (~70 hours in). I had Romantic Encounters installed. I installed DLC Merger, then reinstalled RE. Now whenever I quicksave, I get a new save file that looks like the name is generated from dialogue (from RE?): "I am planning on seeing four corners of the world, but no matter if I go South or North, East or West, I doubt that I would find anyone more beautiful than you, CHARNAME." After this save file is generated via the quicksave key, if I quicksave again I get a pop-up telli
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