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  1. Can BG1 NPCs who are not normally in BG2 follow you into BG2? For example, if I keep Coran in my party can I keep using him all the way through TOB? Nevermind I know the answer to this now. No the BG1 NPCs who are not normally in BG2 will not follow you into BG2.
  2. In the unmodded game, some of the NPCs receive stat increases when transitioning from BG1 to BG2. How does EET handle this? For example, if I use Viconia in BG1, when I transition to BG2 will she have 15 or 18 wisdom? If I give her one tome of wisdom during BG1, would that tome be wasted? I own BGEE and BG2EE but not Dragonspear.
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