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  1. Oh sorry, now i remember, that you could donate gold in temples in IWD: EE. I just played IWD: EE some time ago and i simply forgot about that fact. However, i didn't know that temple donations in IWD: EE work in the way you described. You are right: strange gameplay mechanics to say the least. In BG1 the party reputation mechanics was made more clear for the player: you increased reputation points by completing certain quests, donating gold to the temple and decreased by killing innocent NPCs, Flaming Fist mercenaries, bad morale choices. The only drawback of that system in my opinion was the
  2. So, why they even bothered with writing about this in IWD manual? Doesn't make any sense. Unless donating is possible in Enhanced Edition... So far i only checked temples in Eastheaven and Kuldahar in IWD1 - no option for donate. I didn't check the Heart of Winter temple yet (still having low-level party).
  3. Thanks for the info! Meanwhile i made a small experiment with Near Infinity. I changed my starting reputation (savegame edited) from 12 to 20 and checked the price difference in Pomab's shop. I wonder only, how we could increase the party reputation, since i.e. temple in Eastheaven doesn't have the "donate to the temple" option? Does it matter, when i play only one character? Anyway, this seems a bit strange, because even in the official IWD manual they mentioned about the donating system in temples. See the attached pictures below.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply! Do you know what is the highest reputation value in IWD for a party? I assume 20 - like in BG1, but maybe i am wrong.
  5. So, i opened my earliest IWD save (made just after game start) in Near Infinity (ICEWIND.GAM file) and the reputation value was 120. Does it mean 12 (without the 0)? I have only a paladin in my party (i started new game only for testing purposes).
  6. AD. 3 Just like killing chickens in Skyrim, lol. It seems, that the reputation system in BG1 is simpler than in IWD1. I mean you have all necessary info right there in the manual and the game itself. Anyway, thanks @Jarno Mikkolafor additional info regarding reputation system in IWD1.
  7. Hello everyone, i recently started my playthrough in Icewind Dale with Heart of Winter and Trials of Luremaster addon installed. According to the game's manual there is a party reputation system implemented (just like in the BG1). I have few questions regarding it: 1) Where i could find info about my current party reputation? 2) Is there any way (except donation in temple) to increase reputation (i.e. by completing certain quests like in BG1)? 3) Can the reputation goes down (i.e. by killing innocent NPC, etc)? 4) Does the reputation impacts the prices in shops (
  8. Hello everyone, i installed the Full Plate & Packing Steel v2 mod on my Icewind Dale + Heart of Winter + Trials of Luremaster install. Where i could find those enchanted armours listed on the table from the mod's readme? Do i need to purchase a service to upgrade the basic armour type to the enchanted version (like upgrading items in the Thalantyr Item Upgrade mod)? The readme wasn't clear about that.
  9. You were right. I simply didn't know that and all my party members had no scripts assigned to them. Now they react to enemy presence. I played BG1 for the most part, so i wasn't aware about that option. Thank You for help!
  10. Hello everyone, i recently installed Saga Icewind Dale Extra Klasyka PL, so Icewind Dale 1 + Heart of Winter + Trials of the Luremaster (game patched to 1.42 version). Unfortunatelly, my party AI is bugged, because they won't react / stop fighting to the enemy with the AI turned on (!). I checked that few times to be sure. I have installed the following mods in this particular install order (recommended here: https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/24870-iwd-mod-install-order-thread/) : 1) The IWD Fixpack 2) One Pixel Productions High-Quality Music 3) Item Upgr
  11. Could You name please those "very nice things not covered by other mods" - that BG1 Fixpack adds? In case, that i will change my mind in future and return to BG1 Fixpack. It is sad however, that we cannot install the BG1 Fixpack components separately (like in the case of BG1 Unfinished Business) to avoid those problematic parts. I am just testing now various mods compilations for BG1 + ToTSC. Meanwhile I also tried BG EE, but i have mixed feelings about it (maybe I'm too sentimental, lol). Speaking of HoMM2: I played few times Heroes of Might and Magic III and this is one of my
  12. Looks like one of the TWM versions might have component that impact this quest. Quote from TWM readme: "1/DONE+@68 eliminacja Die() z liczenia stworzeń w 10 questach BG1" (removal of Die() parameter from counting creatures in 10 BG1 quests) Anyway, i got rid off BG1 Fixpack in favor of Baldurash Fixpack, BG1 Unfinished Business and TWM which together have the same content as BG1 Fixpack. Thanks for both of you for your time!
  13. Thanks for a quick reply! Is there possible to unlock the "broken rats quest" also through cheats command line? I did that in order to complete the Stone of Askavar 2.2 quest: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/60930-stone-of-askavar-compatibility/ I noticed, that BG1 Unfinished Business / TWM fixes few things that Baldurash Fixpack / BG1 Fixpack already fixed. Honestly it's hard to not get lost in all those BG1 fixes made across all those years, lol.
  14. Hello everyone, i am new on this forum, but i am already using many mods hosted here at Gibberlings Three website on my BG1 + ToTSC game install. Unfortunately, one of these mods is bugged: BG1 Fixpack and its component ISSUES-BetterRatQuestCount.tph What the component does according to the mod's readme: 1) Addresses a random issue where the rats for Reevor's quest aren't properly counted even tho all five have been killed. Files modified are: rat2.cre, ar2606.bcs For some unknown reason, it did the opposite - even when i killed all 5 rats Reevor still orde
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