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  1. @Endarire BG EE is version and BG 2 EE is version, so both are still 2.5. It is strange though. Despite deinstalling and reinstalling them for a clean install, they are not 2.6.
  2. I had been using this guide, for when to install mods. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vislrHkbvsqlN0m5jtDxDcSzlnA5D6ABSZy5TG1O8FQ/edit#gid=1194891517 Also, I wasn't aware that EET end had to be installed for to complete the merge. All I know was, that it was heavly recommended to install all mods before EET End. Therefore, I went on to take a look on the game to check, if anything was correctly installed. Now, before I spoke with Lauriel on G3's discord server, I made the mistake of deinstalling everything for a fresh install. So, thank you so far for all the immediate responses.
  3. I have been wondering why BG2 Imoen appears here, with the Spellhold dialoge. These here are my WeiDU files.
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