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  1. Yes it work fine IF i place the hotfix before installing EET. Merci beaucoup for your work and your answers.
  2. @jastey Oh... What an accurate precision... When my numerous kids let me some time alone, i will try this with a new clean install. Again, thank you for your time. Have a lovely day Jastey.
  3. @morpheus562 I install the patch and the infinite loop is still present. I have some mods installed (only mods listed here on Gibberlings - Pnj & quests no UI). Does this mods can impact this hotfix ? Thanks for you're work.
  4. @jastey Thanks a lot for your quick answer. I tried this patch but the infinite loop is still here God Damned !
  5. Hello. Hope, it's the right place to ask my question. I'm also sorry with my bad English. I have make a clean installation of EET few month ago and play a few hours (finish Durlag, island in the north, i was in Baldur's gate). When i launch the game, it was broken. I think it's the new version 2.6 who broke the game. So i try a new install with few mods (with the list here at Gibberlings). Installation goes fine, no reports during EET install. But when i launch EET with the icon on my desktop, it launch the Menu of BGII, i have the choice between "Shadows of Amn", "ToB" and "The Pit", when i choose "Shadows of Amn" it launch the first Baldurs Main Menu but when i choose "One player" and "New Game" the game go back to the first menu "Shadows of Amn"/ToB etc. and refuse to launch a new game. It's a know bug ? Thank's for your feedback.
  6. Jastey. It work fine. Thanks for you're answer. Merci, merci beaucoup
  7. Hello, My first post here. I'm glad to join even with my bad english ! I have a bug in the Slime Quest. In Beregost, Alanna came to see my team, i go to the house of her neighbour. Here there is a slime name eltolth. I take his journal- well inside him - and talk to Alanna and she give me an empty bottle. But each time i talk to her she gave me another bottle. I have finish this quest before and i know that she should react with eltoth's journal. Please help.
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