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  1. I've been playing through IWDEE and have run into a small issue. Any time my Bard attempts to use the Wand of Armory, which casts Shield or Ghost Armor on the user, they make a saving throw which obviously nullifies the effect. From what I can find, the enhanced edition fixed the saving against beneficial spells quirk, so I'm wondering if the saving throw overhaul portion of this mod may have inadvertently negated that fix given all of the changes that were made to the saving throw system. Anyone else have any experience with this? EDIT: Near Infinity showed that the Wand of Arm
  2. Yep, that fixed it. Made the edit and it installed with no issues. Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am currently getting an error when attempting to install the Cleric kits component on IWDEE. Below is my Weidu log and what I assume is the relevant portion of the Faiths and Power debug log. Let me know if more info is needed. Appreciate any help.
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