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  1. after playing this mod I dont know how I could play bg without it. Never felt inspired to play cleric main now im rolling a Hoodwinker of Baravar cleric/illusionist with short bow and having more fun than I ever have after all these years. Thank you so much for your thoughtful work!
  2. Very helpful, thank you! I will remove the caps then and refer to this post to check up on how XP is going. Of the mods listed thus far which are highly recommended? (Unfinished Business, FinchNPC, and Sirine's Call, Ascension, SCS, Wheels of Prophecy) I'm curious but don't want to risk messing up the install since I just started modding. Prefer not to use an install tool.
  3. OK thank you! So I suppose will just pay attention through the chapters and adjust as necessary
  4. Hello! Just checking out your mod and had a question. I know now with vanilla EE Ranger/Clerics they don't get access to druid divine spells until they reach the appropriate ranger level for it to unlock ( i.e. they would get level 1 entangle added to their book at ranger level 8 ) I was wondering in the case of the Ranger/Cleric kits available from this mod if they will still unlock the vanilla druid spells like this if they aren't already included in their cleric spheres. I hope that question makes sense, kind of complicated to explain.
  5. So I have read that if you're playing with alot of major quest mods that you should set the XP to 50% for quests and monsters. But I'm about to do a trilogy run with no mods except tweaks and EET itself. So, I was thinking of setting both to 75% to compensate. Is that about right? I haven't been able to find any guidance on an otherwise unmodded run. Also, if I see I have too much experience as I go along, can I change the XP tweak mid game without messing anything up? If so would I have to uninstall EET end, run the tweak .exe to change it, then install EET again? Or
  6. Glancing through some internet resources I see that Corellon Larethian is a major elven diety of several things including warfare and magic. He's the only one so far that could fit the bill for a Fighter/Mage/Cleric. Perhaps "Azureguard" or "Blue Warden"? Corellon's clerics wear silver circlets and gossamer robes of the brightest azure Also could use the evil gnomish diety of urdlen for a Fighter/Cleric/Thief, also giving the chance to roleplay an evil gnome with correct racial diety. Could be called "Spawn of Urdlen". I will keep thinking...
  7. Hi, love your mod! For some reason after installing your mod I don't have triple class F/M/C available as a class selection... is that by design?
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