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  1. Hi! I remember reading in an older post (from the V32 release of SCS iirc) that the way enemy prebuffing worked was influenced by the difficulty slider/fine-tuning, and that if the difficulty was set to "Insane", pretty much any defensive spell with a duration of 1 round or more memorized by an enemy spellcaster would be part of their prebuffing when initiating combat. I'm currently in a BG1 playthrough with the difficulty set to Insane and I've seen a very small number of encounters that don't seem to match this behavior. In particular, the chessboard fight in Durlarg's tower featur
  2. Small update on my previous post. After looking through the game files with Near Infinity, I couldn't understand why PfNM would behave differently depending on whether it was cast by one of my characters or by an enemy, despite both my character and the enemy having the exact memorized same spell according to the game files (SPWI311.SPL). It turns out that this issue seems to be linked to precasting specifically: when PfNM is cast as part of precasting, DWSW311.SPL is used instead of SPWI311.SPL. But looking at the effects of DWSW311.SPL in Near Infinity, it lacks some of the projectile i
  3. Hi! I'm currently on a BG1EE playthrough with SCS 33.6 installed, and I've noticed some strange behavior with the Protection from Normal Missiles spell. From what I understand, one of the default changes that SCS brings is making elemental arrows (like arrows of ice and arrows of fire) blocked by PfNM. However, in my current game, it seems to only apply if PfNM is cast by a player character and not by an enemy. So for instance: If one of my characters casts PfNM on a target (regardless if that target is said character, another player character, a friendly NPC or an enemy), the target wil
  4. Thanks a lot for the answers! But isn't the tolerance check made on the difference between 'possible' and 'current' regardless of whether or not that difference is positive (ruleset thac0 is higher) or negative (current thac0 is higher)? In that case, wouldn't that mean that this thac0 adjustment could not just worsen thac0 that are a bit too good, but also improve thac0 that are a bit too bad? For instance, with a tolerance of 6, if 'possible' is at 10 and 'current' at 12, wouldn't the final value be 10 (though I have no idea if such case could ever happen in the first place)?
  5. Hi! I've been trying to wrap my head around the "thac0_tolerance" variable in stratagems.ini, but I'm having trouble understanding how impactful it actually is. Based on the currrent readme as well as changelogs from past versions of SCS, my understanding of it is that: It aims at correcting the thac0 of humanoid creatures that are abnormally good ( = lower than what a humanoid with that class/kit/race/weapon proficiencies should have) The higher the value of thac0_tolerance is (from 0 to 99), the higher the number of affected creatures is The default value of 6 was mean
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