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  1. Hello, is this mod compatible with 'deities of faerun' ? They both seems to use the sphere system component. I'm only interested in the new paladin kits btw. Thx!
  2. Transferring my character wasn't so pleasant unfortunately as I've met few bugs. First of all, after importing the final save from BG1 my character in BG2 wasn't displayed as a 'painbearer of ilmater' but regular cleric, thus he lost the access to few spells... Secondly, he has received the +2 CON bonus AGAIN... so his condition was kinda atrocious And lastly his remove fear 1/level feat (in total: 8 uses at lvl 8) was reduced to just 1 use total. Nothing of it was game breaking as i simply fixed everything via EE-keeper but just wanted to let you know @Raduziel, if it
  3. What a tremendous work, that completely outshines the beamdog cleric kit's. I just created an account to say thanks. I'm running cleric of ilmater in BG1 and it's suprisingly refreshing after so many years in to this game. Well done
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