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  1. @jastey about your suggestion of making my own Valen Mod, I guess this a grey zone. I would be glad to do that (even it would require a significant amount of time) but one could still argue it is copying the original mod idea even if the code and the characters are different. Even written from scratch, it would have similarity with the original mod (at least, making the Valen NPC joinable as an evil Vampire thief). I don't know what your "honor code" exactly says about that case but, as rewriting from scratch requires significant extra amount of time and work, I won't start on this unless
  2. @jastey here is a "technical bugfixing update" as you suggested https://github.com/hellmouse/valen/tree/v0.0.1 . I took the original Weimer's code and commit all the modifications from there. I also made a changelog file to sum up everything, if it's easier for you. I did'nt change any of the dialog or script, just the installation and some ressources (ids and portrait) to make it compatible. Also, there is the "priest" component issue. This component makes all the non evil priest hostile to the party (and even some non priest, because it simply uses a very broad regexp) which can break
  3. Hi Jastey, I am really sorry about that. I tried to contact both the author mod (W. Weimer) and one of the modder that got his approval for an extension (Thorium Dragon), unfortunately none of them replied (but if you know a better way to contact one of them, I would be happy to try again). As you said on the shs forum, I don't know what were the exact Weimer words to Thorium Dragon (whether it was just an agreement for his Valen Expansion Mod or for any modder to extend it). I also carefully read this old topic about a Valen DLC on beadmog forum https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion
  4. Hi Jazira! Thanks for your answer! That's great to hear for the French translation! I will definitely go on The Copper Coronet (I remember getting tutos from this forum very long time ago, happy to see it is still active!). Not many changes so indeed there would not be a lot of work my side. There may be the special characters encoding to watch for too. But as the French Translation is not released it would not make sense right now.
  5. Thanks! Don't hesitate if you have any trouble. Nope, but I saw Thorium Dragon worked on a similar project. I tried to contact him, unfortunately he is not very active on shs forum.
  6. Hi! 1. Not hosted on gibberlings3 for the moment (don't know if this is possible for new mods), so everything is on github (https://github.com/hellmouse/valen_ee). You can download the code from this link, and then just follow installation instructions. Don't hesitate if you have any trouble, I would be happy to help. Installation is a bit different if you are on Mac / Linux I can provide help too. 2. Not for the moment (actually it may be but I did not test it). I can work on that thought.
  7. Hi everyone, I am totally new on this forum, but I just wanted to share a mod I have been working on for the past weeks. I am currently writing an Enhanced Version of Westley Weimer's Valen Mod. For those who don't know this mod, this mod makes Valen (one of the Bodhi's sbires) a joinable NPC. She is a chaotic evil vampire fighter/thief with many NPC interactions. This was one of the first mod that allowed you to really play an evil playthrough without disadvantage (lack of evil thief, less rewarding evil path from siding with Bodhi to killing Adalon etc.). Unfortunately, this mod wa
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