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  1. My second monitor actually is a good bit smaller and also offset, which is why I didn't even want to try spreading it across both. And yes, my hope was to get it to where I could have the game fullscreen on just one monitor, effectively ignoring the other one. I'm able to do that with most games and didn't expect to be unable to either give the game focus (preventing the mouse from leaving the game area unless alt-tabbed) or to configure alternate map control keys. However it should be moot now, I read up more on the EEs and they seem close enough to what I'm after and they're currently o
  2. I reinstalled and confirmed that the only thing it asks for is the resolution, but maybe you thought I meant that I was trying to get it to go across both screens? I just want it to fullscreen on on one monitor and leave the other monitor as-is. Am I misunderstanding what the mod is for? I thought it was just to enable widescreen resolutions, but is it intended to spread the game across all available screens?
  3. Hmm ok, I'll re-run it and see if I messed something up, but to my memory I just gave it the 1920x1080 dimensions of my main monitor and that was all is asked. Ingame it says it's running fullscreen (and can't be toggled), though I don't know if all that is completely supplanted by the mod. I'm not trying to get it to span across both screens, just to have it fullscreen on my main monitor. Thanks!
  4. I'm having a problem where my mouse is not locked to the BG game screen, meaning that when I try to pan to the right, my mouse just leaves the game rather than move the map in that direction. As far as I can tell there's no way to get the game to actually be fullscreen in the usual sense (locking the mouse to the window unless alt-tabbed), it's just fitting a window to the screen using the same resolution. An alternative is that the arrow keys work fine, but I can't figure out any way to rebind them to WASD which would also resolve the issue. Does anybody have a fix or suggestion
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