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  1. I have completed the Italian translation for this mod. Can't wait for the SoD content!
  2. Yes I did, and I was astonished to see there was actually a mission involving those poor sirines. I suppose I slayed them in each and every of my playthrough towards that juicy tome in the cave and so never got it.
  3. I am happy to say I have completed the Italian translation for all the new content. I have also revised the previous translation, fixing typos and adding content for female Charname.
  4. I have completed the Italian translation of both these packs. I hope it will be possible to include it in any future update of the mods.
  5. Never mind I see it has been moved in the Tweak Anthology, it is strange that was working before since it seems it has been moved from 24.0 included. Maybe I had a beta version wich sill had it? Anyway I will take this week to wander in the game with the new version installed just to be sure nothing strange happens, and I will than send you the files.
  6. I have finished to update the translation to the 24.9 version. I don't know why but it seems I cannot install the NPC New Starting Locations component, I don't think it is a problem in the translation since neither the english version is working for me. Was this component removed in this version? It was working fine with 24.0 Thanks again for your time.
  7. I see, I hope everything will be ok for the non-enhanced version too. Since I have also completed or completing the Italian translation or revision of a few other mods may I ask you if it would be better to open a new topic for each one or it will be simplier to post everything here? A thousand and one thanks for your help and patience! P.s. No hurry anyway, I spent so many months on this work that some more waiting would not be a problem at all.
  8. Thank you very much for your fast answer! I will start immediately to update the translation to the latest version, it seems fortunately there is not too much to change and the tool you linked above is awesome. The encoding should be fine since I made extensive in-game testing without any problem but I will double check everything one more time just to be sure. All the files have been proof read by my brother in the last couple of months (he is, like me, in a lock-down region, so lot of free time, unfortunately). I will message you back at most by the end of the week, when I will hopefully have everything ready. The credits will be the funny part, since I know a lot of Baldur's Gate mods have been translated in Italian by a guy called Andrea Colombo, and my name is Andrea Colombo as well! But I am not him! I suppose Coland will be fine to avoid any misunderstanding.
  9. Hello everyone! I am an hard-core old fan of the Baldur's Gate saga and I spent thousands of hours playing it with this wonderful mod installed. Although I am pretty fluent in english I always found strange such a huge mod for such an incredible game was never translated in my language so, around 1 year and an half ago, I decided I would have done the translation all by myself. Although the job was hard I can finally say I am ready to give to the public a first playable version of it. It translates everything available except the player initiated dialogues (A massage in the setup warns the player about this). I have used as reference the french version of the mod and the .tra files use the same ANSI codification in order to properly show accented characters. Since the translation required so much time to complete, I am not sure if it is up to date with the current version. My work is based on version 24.0. I would like to know what should I do next to have the Italian translation available in the installation package so that all my fellow Italian Baldur's Gate lovers can appreciate this masterpiece of a mod in their native language. Thank you very much for your help!
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