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  1. Hi Bartimaeus, I have found 2 effects, that seem to be missing in IRR (classic BG2) : ICONBLND.eff (SW1h64 and SW1h65) DVEFREET.EFF (MISC3C.itm)
  2. Hi, Thank's for this great addition. In v26, with bgt mod installed, the issue with 'x#ajr1.are' and 'x#ch11.are' Areas is still present. North, south, East and West are FW0007 instead of ARA007.
  3. Hi, Intriguing addition, I can't wait to try it. For the bug report... martial lore does not work on classic game: [cdlore/baf/martial.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 3 column 1-29 Near Text: ) [ProficiencyGT] not found in TRIGGER.IDS
  4. I will (bug report), don't worry !! In the same time, thanks for the involvement it is much appreciated.
  5. Hi Gregor, This bug reminds me of this thread opened some times ago :http://www.shsforums.net/topic/61008-random-treasure/?hl=aurora#entry610359 I can't tell you what causes this bug in your case -- most probably SCS --, you will have to investigate. However, if you install the component [Realistic random treasures] from Aurora mod, it will solve it (http://www.shsforums.net/files/file/831-auroras-shoes-and-boots/)
  6. Hi Bartimaeus, Don't know if it is for you to fix it but, for the record, in lib/compatibility.tpa, item rev v4b10 check for ~atweaks/setup-atweaks.tp2~ 600 instead of ~atweaks/setup-atweaks.tp2~ 510 Thanks for the great work on IRR and SRR.
  7. Hi Jastey, On BGT, I have this bug when installing Mur'Neth v13 : Installing [The Mur'Neth NPC Mod] [v13] Appending to files ... Appending to files ... Appending to files ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Creating 1 directory Copying 5 files ... ERROR: error loading [mur'neth/sounds/IMOEN28.wav] Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [The Mur'Neth NPC Mod], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 8 files for [MUR'NETH/MUR'NETH.TP2] component 0. Uninstalled 8 files for [MUR'NETH/MUR'NETH.TP2] c
  8. Hi Temnix, thanks for this great addition. for the record, this mod is not compatible with classic BG. could you please indicate it or remove opcode from spl that does not exited in classic bg ? It is not totally true, and it is better installing this mod early and before mods that change scripts, spells and creatures. Maybe a simple way, is to force all bandits to have a bandit.bcs script and avoid creatures without this script to replace bandits; for exemple BANDIO_#.cre don't have this script. On technical level, why do you use sometimes OPCODE 135 (polymorph
  9. I think that you have not extracted mods in the root folder of bgee but in separate folder. Try to extract every mods in bgee root folder : you should have all setup-mod.exe files directly there.
  10. After testing a little bit, I have found my answer: The WSW, ESE... come from face.ids of: FFT. So, If the face.ids from FFT have been changed maybe this issue is closed. I will test it when I put my hand on FFT v3.2.8
  11. The strange things, in those warnings are that normally, classic bg should use integers for directions, not letters... but after installing mods that changes actions.ids by adding dir.ids or face.ids like in this mod, I've got warnings like WNW, ENE, ESE and WSW does not exits. This is maybe why BGEE introduce a dir.ids. Normally in internationals conventions, you write ENE and not NEE.
  12. Hi, As you speak about face.ids, would it be possible to harmonized this file? It is not game breaking but it may leads to double entries in action.ids and warnings with classic game. As you know, in BGEE (also in SCS and ascension), its name is dir.ids and action.ids entries are for exemple: 7.CreateCreatureEffect(S:NewObject*,S:Effect*,P:Location*,I:Face*Dir) In addition in classic BG2, this ids file (dir or face) leads to warnings: the BGEE denomination is not the same as the classic one. BGEE use SEE instead of ESE, SWW instead of WSW, NEE instead of ENE and NWW instead of WN
  13. I have two issues when installing the last version : setup.tra is in russian Component 2. First Calimport Bank Pack (by Scheele & Austin & Arcanecoast Team) does not install correctly : [HerThiMoney/dlg/ANStash.d] PARSE ERROR at line 682 column 1-19 Near Text: DO syntax error [HerThiMoney/dlg/ANStash.d] ERROR at line 682 column 1-19 Near Text: DO Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: parsing [HerThiMoney/dlg/ANStash.d]: Parsing.Parse_error ERROR: compiling [HerThiMoney/dlg/ANStash.d]! Stopping installation because of error. In addition ANLAMP.itm a
  14. on classic BG2 I have found that : The portrait icons for new spells exist but are not introduced by the mod for classic game : the .tp2, function.tpa, STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM have been updated in order to add the new arcane and divine icons for classic BG2 SR - Spell Deflection blocks AoE spells - does not update Iwdification spells : Subtledoctor solve this issue in https://github.com/subtledoctor/iwdification/blob/master/iwdification/setup-iwdification.tp2 - the tp2 have been updated. The ref for animations are not linked to infinityanimations-b5 mod but to BGEE ref. I
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