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  1. on classic BG2 I have found that : The portrait icons for new spells exist but are not introduced by the mod for classic game : the .tp2, function.tpa, STATES.BAM and STATES2.BAM have been updated in order to add the new arcane and divine icons for classic BG2 SR - Spell Deflection blocks AoE spells - does not update Iwdification spells : Subtledoctor solve this issue in https://github.com/subtledoctor/iwdification/blob/master/iwdification/setup-iwdification.tp2 - the tp2 have been updated. The ref for animations are not linked to infinityanimations-b5 mod but to BGEE ref. I
  2. From what I know, you can ignore all those warnings: P&P Celestial: it happens if install after IR (or other mod that override rods04) - install pnp celestials before or don't care about the warning; it won't be game breaking. Tweaks Anthology (Increase Jewelry, Gem, and Miscellaneous Item Stacks & Increase Scroll Stacking): it depends on mods installed before. But from what I know, it won't change anything; you can ignore this warning. in addition, Other mod like AURORA, XPMOD or EET throw the same warnings.
  3. Hi Bartimaeus, I have found strange things concerning scrolls of protection and 1 typo in tra file : SCRL04.spl protection from cold protects from SPPR418.SPL (Giant Insect) SCRL05.spl protection from fire protects from SPPR216.SPL (Cure Moderate Wounds) SCRL07.spl protection from magic protects from : SPWI213.SPL (Stinking Cloud) SPPR302.SPL (Call Lightning) SPPR304.SPL (Glyph of Warding) SPWI502.SPL (Cloud Kill) SPWI614.SPL (Death Fog) SPPR705.SPL (Fire Storm) SPWI712.SPL (Delayed Blast Fir
  4. Hi DavidW, first of all, Thanks for this amazing mod. After installing, on my classic BG2 modded game, "Initialise AI components" I have 2 warnings (in addition those reported in iwdification thread): SCRL07.spl not patched (linked to IR mod), SPPR616.spl not patched (linked to IWDification mod) and the hidespl.2da array is cleared from all spells. After looking a little bit, I have found the following things: SCRL07.spl: in initial.tpa there is a condition (IR (SCRL07.spl) or vanilla(SCRL07.itm)) but the fonction always patch the vanilla .itm : should have been "COPY_EXIS
  5. Hi Jastey, Thanks for your great work on this mod and on others. Speaking of which after installing it I found 3 bugs : The ambient sounds of "ACCEM1.ARE"are not installed - this is link to a typos in the tp2 file (ACBre/area/ambient -> should be ACBre/areas/ambient) ACBre07.cre has an unknown innate spell : ?????????.spl In ARAC06.ARE there are spawn references : 52YETTUR.cre, 52YETTGR.cre and 51UMBR.cre. Those creatures don't exist in my classic BG2 game.
  6. Hi Bartimaeus, Seems to be a mistake from my side. I should have mixing things during my last test... Anyway, thanks for the update.
  7. Thanks Bartimaeus for the update. It seems that ptifab give you a lot of works... I have found only 1 items that seems to be bugged: The Short Sword of Backstabbing +3 : Backstabbing bonus seems to be missing PS : when IRR is installed with stratagems "Initialise AI components", there is a warning links to 1 file of IRR. WARNING: no effects added to scrl07.itm. is this known? is there any way to solve this?
  8. Fist thing first: corrections made here are mostly Typos, I haven't created content (except for +1 charisma bonus for sune kit) as everything was already there; To continue with this mod, I have noticed and corrected different unattended behaviours and issues: There is a mistake in the divine_remix.tra files : entries @10133 is used twice. (corrected in the attached files - tra and tp2 @10133 changed by @10154) holy symbol for Oghma kit in the .tp2 is fixed alignment restriction for holy symbol of red knight (usable only by lawfull) and shar (allow neutral) is fixed
  9. @ALien : That's clearly a mistake. It should have been like the original Tp2. I have attached the right version of setup-divine_remix.tp2 - this version of the tp2 have been test for the sphere system on the classic BG2 (with no mods) with and without all components of divine remix without error. setup-divine_remix.tp2
  10. HI, I don't know if anyone uses this mod anymore and although BWP explain clearly that the divine Remix sphere system is bugged in V8 I have try to install it... and with the last version from GitHub, BWP is right...When you click on the "new game" button, the game crash. So I have tried to solve this issue. As I have no notion of codding, I have dug a little bit in this Posts and find that @Angel has detected the issue - sb_num and sb_delta variable are used in different function in the macro.tph file. One way, for me, to solve this issue was to copy all the cd_spellbook_wrapup function at
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